Pattern dresses with high waist

Ever since ancient times, it was believed that the woman in a dress was considered the standard of beauty. Time passed, beauty standards changed, but the dress remained an essential attribute in the wardrobe of a modern woman. The world famous Coco Chanel said: "Look for a woman in a dress." Recently, high-waisted dresses have become very fashionable. Needlewomen can create a unique outfit on their own, and the patterns given in this article will help simplify the process of cutting and sewing.

What is the feature of dresses with high waist?

turquoise high waisted dress

Originally, the dress with high waist was worn by Greek goddesses. Due to the fact that the waist line is biased upwards, the owners of such a dress can emphasize the bust and disguise the belly and hips if necessary. To date, leading designers offer a wide variety of models and styles of such decoration. Dresses are sewn from various fabrics. The best looks models made from light, flowing, for example, chiffon fabric. As a rule, the bottom of the dresses has a straight or trapezoidal shape.

dress with high waist interesting

Due to its versatility, the dress with a high waist is suitable for all the fair sex, regardless of age and body type. You can adjust the model of the dress and choose a dress with wide straps or with a sleeve. Many women, especially young girls, prefer baby-style cocktail dresses. From the other models with a high waist, they are distinguished by a fluffy skirt.

dress with high waist lemon

Each woman can choose a suitable option for themselves: a sheath dress for a business meeting, evening or cocktail attire. Recently, wedding fashion dictates just such trends. On the covers of world famous glossy magazines, you can see pictures of brides dressed in high-waisted dresses.

dress with high waist

Patterns dresses with high waist

Many women prefer to create their own outfits. If you have enough skills and knowledge in cutting clothes, then you will not be difficult to sew a dress with a high waist.

Let's look at the three main options for the patterns of such dresses:

  • long models (to the floor);
  • for pregnant;
  • with smell.

Long dress to the floor

Pattern dress with a high waist to the floor

Before you start sewing the dress to the floor, you need to pick up the main and lining fabric. It can be any: it all depends on your preferences and style of dress.

Pattern dress with a high waist to the floorPattern dress with a high waist to the floor

Preparatory stage

At the preparatory stage, you should certainly take all measurements. To make a dress with a high waist, you must take into account the following parameters (volumes):

  • breasts;
  • waist;
  • hips;
  • hands (if the dress is supposed to be sewn with a sleeve).

For tailoring you need to prepare:

  • fabric (main and lining);
  • thick cardboard for the manufacture of patterns;
  • a pencil (chalk or laundry soap);
  • hidden zipper or buttons for decoration;
  • measuring tape;
  • ruler;
  • threads to match the fabric;
  • a set of needles of various sizes;
  • sewing machine;
  • mannequin (for modeling a dress on the figure);
  • scissors;
  • iron.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. After removing the measurements go to the construction of the pattern. On thick paper (cardboard), draw a sketch of the future dress with a high waist in accordance with the measurements taken.
  2. Modeling start from the neck. Split the front part in half so that a connecting line can be drawn from the top point of the dart above the chest.
  3. Make a cut along the line to the cut-out point.
  4. Glue the resulting halves of the pattern.
  5. Open the area on the neck round on the pattern.
  6. Select the bottom point of the armhole and set 10-12 cm down from it.
  7. To the selected point draw a line (it should turn out horizontal).
  8. Pattern the front of the cut.
  9. The front side of the upper part of the dress is transferred to a separate part of the pattern.
  10. Along the dotted lines that correspond to the folds and seams, cut the pattern. To increase the number of folds do allowances.
  11. It is best to carry out the modeling process on a dummy. So you can see all the flaws of the cut model and align the shoulder line.
  12. A secret zipper can be stitched in the middle of the back or on the side.
  13. At the bottom of the dress make 3-4 cm of overlap, and 1-1.5 cm at the seams.
  14. We sweep away all the details and only after that do we perform the machine line.
  15. Basted threads are removed at the end of the process.

How to sew a dress with a smell and high waist?

Pattern dress with a high waist to the floor

dresses with high waisted wrap

For tailoring a modern dress with a smell that has a high waist, you will need a fabric cut to fit your size and all the tools listed above. The dress with the smell looks very stylish and beautiful, and most importantly, it is very easy to sew it, even to beginner seamstresses.

dresses with high waisted wrap

Step-by-step process description:

  1. On paper we cut out the details: the front part consists of 2 parts, the back is one, the skirt is two.
  2. Separately we cut the sleeves (also 2 parts).
  3. The width of the neck with facing is 3 cm.
  4. On the hem you need to make an allowance of 3.5 cm, and on the seams - 1-1.5 cm.
  5. If for sewing you took an elastic fabric, then you can not stitch a zipper.
  6. Lower assembly is performed on all shelves step by step.
  7. Further, the shoulders and sides are grinded.
  8. Allowances are handled in basting steps. The sleeves, the neck and the smell are ground in the same way.
  9. The front right side is applied to the left, this is how the smell comes out.
  10. Along the edges of the skirt is grinding parts.
  11. Further folds are made, the skirt hem is tucked.
  12. Separately along the waistline sew the top and bottom of the dress.
  13. Sleeves sewn along armhole.
  14. All seams are stitched on a sewing machine.

Features tailoring dresses for pregnant women with a high waist

Features tailoring dresses for pregnant women with a high waist

Dresses for pregnant women should be universal, because depending on the period of a woman's tummy increases. To not have to constantly change your wardrobe, you can sew a beautiful and stylish dress with a smell and a high waist.

Dress sewing is slightly different from the above model. The main thing is to make darts and an allowance on the tummy of about 10-15 cm. The smell can not be fixed, but can be made, for example, on ties or clasps. In the chest the dress should be free, for this purpose deep darts are made.

Features tailoring dresses for pregnant women with a high waistFeatures tailoring dresses for pregnant women with a high waist

Fashion Tips:

  • as a cocktail dress it is better to choose the style of baby dollars;
  • for sewing summer attire such fabrics are ideal: chiffon, light silk, flax;
  • under the dress in the form of a "case" you can pick up a shortened jacket;
  • evening dresses must be with a cut of any depth;
  • the dress with a high waistline can be supplemented with pumps and a cape;
  • sandals look great in combination with a short dress;
  • handbag and other accessories should be selected in accordance with the tone of the dress, so that all components of the image are in harmony with each other.

Variety of styles

Dress with high waist blackDress with a high waist red

How to sew a dress with a smell and high waist?How to sew a dress with a smell and high waist?

Dress with high waist for fullDress with high waist

Dress with high waistDress with high waist

Any girl can sew a dress without necessarily having professional sewing skills. The main thing is to take measurements correctly, choose fabrics and make a pattern. High-waisted dresses have already become classics of women's wardrobe. Many models on the catwalks are dressed exactly in such outfits.

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