Pattern dress with a smell and robe-kimono

Every woman wants to create a unique and unforgettable image. And what makes the fair sex feminine? Of course, properly selected outfit, makeup, hair and accessories. A universal part of the wardrobe is a dress: it can be worn to work in an office, at a secular reception or for a walk. Many women prefer to sew dresses by themselves. It is very easy to sew a dress with a smell, which is also called a kimono dress or a bathrobe.

Led dress patterns in this article will help you create a beautiful and unusual outfit.

Pattern dress with the smellPattern dress with the smell

How to sew a dress with robe: the pattern for beginners

Dress with the smell fits perfectly on the figure of any type. There are several models of tailoring such dresses: you can simulate the smell on the chest, skirt or along the entire length. Before you begin to create patterns, determine the length of the future product. Kimono dresses can be sewn to the knee or to the floor. It all depends entirely on your preferences. It is best to choose fabrics that can stretch a little - so you can sew a dress that will look beautiful on your figure.

Necessary materials:

  • fabric of the desired length;
  • threads;
  • sewing machine;
  • scissors;
  • chalk or special marker;
  • mesh paper;
  • needles and pins.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Before you start creating the pattern of a kimono robe or a dress with a smell, take all measurements. Be sure to consider the shoulder length, chest volume, hips and waist, as well as the total length. If you want to sew a dress with a long or quarter sleeve, then measure the length of the arm.How to sew a dress with a smell
  2. After you have taken your measurements, you can start creating the pattern of the dress with the smell. Cut all the details on paper and be sure to seam allowance of at least 5 cm.How to sew a dress with a smell
  3. If you are planning to sew a dress to the floor, then simply lengthen the bottom shelf and back according to your size and height.
  4. If you are sewing a sleeveless dress, measure the length of the shoulder from the base of the neck. Make a little overlap so that the fabric completely covers your shoulder and falls a little on your arm. Be sure to mark the slots for insertion of the belt.
  5. Mark the cut line, that is, the smell.

    How to sew a dress with a smell
  6. Transfer the cut parts to the fabric. To do this, fix the pattern on the tissue cut with needles or pins and circle with chalk. Then you need to cut out all the details. Do not forget to make seam allowances.How to sew a dress with a smell
  7. Mark out all the details, take a good look at the seams. Then proceed to create a belt pattern.
  8. The belt in a kimono robe or in a dress with a smell, as a rule, should be wide and long: cover the waist and reach the chest line.
  9. Cut out a long, wide strip of paper and transfer it to the fabric.
  10. In the next step, stitch all the details together. Pay special attention to the belt. It needs to be stitched from the wrong side, and then twisted and stitched with a hidden seam of the edge.
  11. Belt thread in the holes made on the dress, due to what you get the smell.How to sew a dress with a smell

Modeling robe kimono

You can model a dress with a smell at your discretion. If you wear a bat-type dress with a long sleeve, with a wide belt and a huge bow, it will be a kimono robe. Depending on the fabric chosen, a sewn kimono robe can be a wonderful evening and even casual outfit. You can model such a dress in different ways: add darts, drape, enlarge the incision on the chest, make a deeper neckline, lengthen the product or sew it in several layers. It all depends on your skill level and desire.

As with sewing a dress with a smell, prepare all the necessary working tools and a piece of fabric, the size of which is chosen in accordance with your measurements.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. First, take your measurements and make a pattern according to them. You should have several parts: the back, shelves, sleeves, bei and belt.Dressing gown kimono: pattern
  2. Be sure to overlap all seams. Sew a robe kimono need from the shoulder line.
  3. Then it is necessary to sew shelves, main parts and insert sleeves. Edging bakes can be done on the front side.
  4. The belt is best sewn following the example given in the pattern of the dress with the smell. The wider the belt, the more elegant looks kimono robe.
  5. The finishing fabric must be in harmony with the color of the robe. Finished product need to properly iron.Dressing gown kimono: pattern

If you have the necessary skills for sewing products, then you will be able to simulate an original and beautiful dress with a smell. And if you want to look irresistible at home, then sew a robe-kimono. A little fantasy and create a true masterpiece.

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