Pattern clothes for dogs of small breeds with their own

Every pet owner makes sure that his pet is good, and this means not only food and proper sleep and rest. If we talk about dogs, then they need regular walks, which gives rise to a small problem. Representatives of small breeds in the cold season necessarily need warming.

Of course, in stores you can find various options for clothing, but much better to do their own sewing.

Detailed construction pattern clothes for dogs of small breeds with their own hands

Pattern clothes for dogs

The bulk of things that are sewn on dogs, is divided into single cut overalls and separate sets of pants and shirts. It is better to take measurements at once: your imagination may at some point be clogged with the key, as a result of which there will be a desire to completely renew your pet's wardrobe. Before starting work, put a collar on it to have a point of reference: this is equivalent to installing a belt or elastic band at the waist when measuring a person. By the way, most of the parameters are identical to those that you would remove from yourself.

  • First, find out the length of the back (DS): it is a segment from the withers (the location of the collar) to the tail. After that, lay a centimeter tape around the collar - this will be the girth of the neck (OSH).
  • Immediately under the front paws, you need to determine the chest girth (EG), and closer to the back - the girth of the lower abdomen (OJ). The line between them should be smooth, while you do not make the product tight, but still, if there are any knocking out points (for example, sewing is carried out on a pregnant dog), the girth is also calculated on them.
  • Be sure to measure the length of the side (dB), which is taken from the front paw to the back, i.e. segment from exhaust to coolant. After it, the girth of the front paw is taken, and from this circumference the height of the paw is measured, as well as the height of the chest (up to the collar) and the distance between the front paws.
  • Next you need to measure the girth of the hind legs. If in the patterns you will meet the width of the thigh, consider it as 1/2 of this parameter. Also be sure to find out the height of the hind legs.

Pattern clothes for dogs

In addition, consider the type of pattern that you plan to build. For example, if you want to make a T-shirt with short sleeves, you will need to measure the girth of the paws at the point where the edge of the sleeve will be. For overalls, covering the legs completely (to the heel), take the girth of the lower part, respectively.

  • The pattern of the jumpsuit is built in the form of a half part, starting from the horizontal long line, which is equal to the length of the back. The arc at the neck is 2/5 of its circumference, the vertical lines to the abdomen are the chest girth and the abdomen girth, respectively, from which the distance between the paws is taken away, and this value is divided in half.

Starting the construction of patterns for dogs of small breeds, keep in mind that the thing should not hinder movement, otherwise the animal will constantly try to get rid of it. For this reason, at the time of construction, the gains in the girth of the paws and torso, as well as in the neck girth, are laid, however, they are only 1-1.5 cm. The only exception is the girth of the front paws, where you need to take 2-2.5 cm

Features of work and professional advice

After you have built the pattern you need or have found an interesting option in the open source, you need to think about choosing the fabric. Experts recommend the use of materials with water-repellent property, if it is a overalls type demi-season. However, for the winter you can take the same fabric, but already on the top layer - due to the fact that it does not heat itself, you should buy wool or at least fleece under it. The latter is very convenient in operation, since it does not crumble, does not deform.

Pattern clothes for dogs

Pattern clothes for dogs

  • If self-construction gives you bad, take off all the necessary measurements and use the ready-made patterns. Those given in this article can be easily transferred to the graph paper, if we consider that 1 square in the figure is 1/8 of the length of your pet's back.

When connecting parts, be sure to consider the need to add zippers or buttons, which are best placed on the back or under the abdomen. In some cases, it may be lacing, as well as velcro.

Pattern clothes for dogs

In conclusion, it is worth recalling that after the part is cut, it is necessary to try on the animal and immediately pin up how it should be sewn. If necessary, all amendments are made directly to the pet. After this, the basting is necessarily carried out, and the product is again tried on so that the dog can move in it.

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