Partition for zoning rooms

Interior design in an apartment or private house for many of us becomes a task with an asterisk. This is primarily due to the small living space. To conditionally divide the space into several separate zones, a partition is installed for zoning a room.

What should be considered when installing partitions to divide the space in the room?

Partition for zoning rooms and spaces

Often, the installation of structures for the separation of a dwelling into several zones is carried out in small apartments or houses. Zoning a room with a partition is performed in such cases:

  • When you need one room conditionally divided into two parts, performing a different functional load. For example, a sleeping room and a play corner for a child.
  • To separate the working area from the rest room. Often, the various partitions are installed in offices or living room.
  • In order to save space, for example, in one room there can be a living room and a bedroom. The sleeping set in this case is veiled in a decorative design and extends only at the time of sleep.
  • As a designer jewelry. You can install partitions that do not have any functional load, but serve as a regular element of decor in a particular room.

When zoning a room, there are several aspects to consider:

  • Furniture and equipment in the room should be placed rationally.
  • When dividing the space into several zones, each of them must fulfill its functional load, and people in different rooms should be comfortable and cozy.
  • The ideal option is that one room should serve as one zone. If it is not possible to divide the space in this way, then the combined zones should be similar, for example: a living room - a guest room, a children's room - a play corner.
  • Zoning can be carried out using ordinary furniture set, shelving, sofa with high back and sides.
  • When zoning a room, it is important to consider color. For example, to divide a studio apartment into a living room and a kitchen, you can use different floor coverings, different in color and texture.
  • The bar counter can perform the role of a partition, especially when separating the dining room from the kitchen.
  • To select a separate zone, you can install the podiums.
  • If you want to divide rooms into closed areas, then you need to use opaque partitions.
  • Give preference to lightweight construction, since it will be convenient to dismantle them later.

Experts advise to carefully plan everything before dividing a room into zones. Conventionally, the entire living area can be divided into 8 zones:

  • input;
  • for storage;
  • bathroom;
  • for cooking food;
  • dinner;
  • for relax;
  • working
  • for sleep.

To design everything carefully, take a plan of an apartment or a private house and try to conditionally divide individual rooms into zones, and then proceed to the installation work. It is not always possible to install a brick or concrete partition, so it is better to choose drywall or other lightweight materials. If you want to tear down one wall, find out if it is a carrier. In addition, in apartment buildings for redevelopment of space, as a rule, the permission of the competent authorities is required.

In some areas of the wall, you can glue the wallpaper in different colors. In the nursery, when delineating space, a floor covering of different texture is used, for example, carpet and linoleum or laminate.

It is possible to divide one living room into sectors with the help of a hedge from live curly flowers. But such a partition would rather play the role of decorative interior decoration.

What are the types of zoning partitions?

What are the types of zoning partitions?

Modern designers and experts offer their customers countless designs for zoning living space. Installation of partitions must be performed taking into account the characteristics of the layout of the room, as well as the material from which the walls are made. It is important to choose the dividing structure correctly, it should harmoniously fit into the interior and fulfill its immediate function.

There are many types of designs for zoning a room, in particular:

  • decorative;
  • tissue;
  • from drywall;
  • glass;
  • metal forged;
  • brick;
  • wooden;
  • shelving;
  • openwork;
  • sliding

Sliding partition

Often the room must be divided into separate sectors so that they are isolated. Basically sliding partitions for zoning of space in a room are mounted in one-room apartments, where you need to make two separate rooms, for example, a living room and a bedroom.

Sliding designs perform the function of interior doors. In addition, they can be used for the design of the wardrobe. Sliding partitions, as a rule, move along special rails-rails or on hinges.

Sliding partition for zoning rooms

If you do not want to visually reduce the area of ​​the living room, you can install a sliding partition made of glass. And during sleep it can be closed with original textiles.

Sliding partition for zoning rooms

Plasterboard partition

Drywall has become one of the most popular building materials. It is considered quite durable, but at the same time easy. The drywall construction is easy to install. From this material, you can build a blank wall.

Partition for zoning plasterboard rooms

To distinguish between the bedroom and children's playroom, you can build a rack or shelves of plasterboard. They can be through or closed on the one hand. This design will also perform the function of shelves on which you can put souvenirs, books, decor items and toys.

Partition for zoning plasterboard rooms

Decorative partitions

As already mentioned, the construction for dividing a room into separate sectors can serve as an interior door, wall, or simply serve as an element of decor in the interior.

If you want to decorate your room in accordance with the design innovations, you can build a decorative structure to distinguish the living space. Recently, brick partitions have gained unparalleled popularity. They are difficult to install, but they look original, especially in the style of country, Provence or loft.

Decorative partitions for zoning the space in the room

This design may not perform any function, and serve as a simple element of the decor, for example, in the hallway. You can make an original coat rack on it.

Decorative partitions for zoning the space in the room

Glass constructions do not visually reduce the area of ​​the room, but they should always be rubbed with special means so that the glass shines and shines with clarity.

Decorative partitions for zoning the space in the room

Classics of the genre remains a wooden structure. It is unique in its ability to fit into any interior. Most often, lining or timber of various widths is used for the construction of such a partition.

Decorative partitions for zoning the space in the room

It is possible to divide the room into separate areas with the help of dense textiles. For such designs should choose dense and weighted fabrics. You can hang them on the usual ceiling cornices.

Decorative partitions for zoning the space in the room

Elegant, original and very gently look decorative designs made of metal. Forging a metal partition must be entrusted to professionals, its installation takes a few minutes.

Decorative partitions for zoning the space in the room

Openwork structures for dividing living space into several separate zones can be made of solid wood, plasterboard and other equally strong materials. Such partitions perfectly complement almost any interior. On this design, you can emphasize and paint it in a bright color.

Decorative partitions for zoning the space in the room

As you can see, partitions for zoning a room can perform a different function. Before starting the installation work, carefully plan everything. Do not forget that the partition should fit harmoniously into the interior and comply with the chosen design style.

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