Papier mache

Papier-mache is an art form, thanks to which you can create a variety of decorative figures: toys, figurines, voluminous still lifes. Such crafts look incredibly beautiful, and to make them yourself, you do not need to have special skills.

What is needed for papier mache?

  • First, you need to decide what kind of figure you will make. If you decide to make an exact copy of the figurines you already have, then you will need this figurine.
  • PVA glue. If there is an opportunity, it is better to buy PVA glue with the posts “Super”, then your craft will be more durable.
  • Newspapers, white paper and toilet paper.
  • Vaseline or very fat cream.

  • There are several layers to do. (in classic papier-mache there is up to 100 layers of paper!).
  • When you have made all the necessary layers, leave the craft to dry. But no need to wait until it dries completely! Otherwise it will be very difficult, almost impossible, to separate papier-mâché from the figure.
  • When the work becomes semi-dry, take a very sharp knife (it is best to take a clerical knife), and cut the papier-mâché into two parts. You may not be able to cut the figure into two parts the first time. If the parts are bigger, no big deal, they will all come together later. Cut the hack we remove from the original figures.
  • For further work, it is best to take white paper, like "Snow Maiden". We tear it into small pieces, and begin, with its help, to glue the places of the cuts. We do everything carefully, slowly, carefully connect the seams. Do not forget to level the paper so that it does not wrinkle.

  • When the work is finished, and the figure has acquired a whole look, we leave it until it is completely dry in an inaccessible place. Pay attention to very important information: in no case should you put papier-mâché on different heat sources to dry - on batteries, heaters or near a gas stove. If you do this, your whole figure will be cracked, and everything will have to start over.
  • And last, The final touch of the work is coloring of the figure. It is necessary to start it only when the work has completely dried out. You can paint with gouaches, but the best will be painting with acrylic paints. When your drawing is completely dry, you can admire the beauty of the work you have done!

You can do absolutely anything you like with papier-mâché. You can perform kitchen decor, for example, by doing from papier-mâché a beautiful plate of fruit mayo to decorate the nursery, having done with the child, from papier-mâché, fantastic heroes!

Useful ideas can be found in the presented selection of master classes on paper mache in video format.

Good luck to the creative process!

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