Paper scrapbooking

Scrapbooking offers unusually interesting gift options for loved ones. These are amazingly beautiful family and army albums, postcards, boxes for trifles, diaries for young girls. All this beauty is done by hand, each - in a single copy. Surprisingly, such an interesting hobby can also bring a stable high income.

Paper scrapbooking

What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking in the modern world is very popular. In America, every third inhabitant devotes himself to this occupation, but in Russia he is just starting his movement. Scrapbooking is the art of saving photos, newspaper clippings, memorabilia in a special way, in albums, folders, made and decorated with their own hands.. The lesson is amazing, interesting, exciting and providing a huge field for imagination and creativity.

Scrapbooking can get involved in everything: from student to businessman. This activity relaxes, distracts from problems, sets up in a positive way. In addition, great treats depression. When the spleen rises, just take a sheet of thick cardboard, fold it in half. Get plenty of bright, even screaming paper with your flowers, and just make a collage, cutting out paper figures and sticking to the base. As a result, all your emotions will result in an unusual, motley postcard, which will become a bright spot in the gray landscape. Now is the time to try yourself in the scrap.

Useful terms in scrapbooking

So, a few useful terms.

"Sketch"in other words - a sketch. On the sheet we mark the location of the elements: inscriptions, photographs, decoration elements. Sketches can now easily be bought in stores for scrapbooking.

Paper scrapbooking

"Scraper"- a person interested in scrapbooking, performing products in this style.

"Scrap"- what we get as a result of the creative process. Postcard, photo album, diary, folder for newspaper clippings, etc. The most interesting thing is to arrange a family album. It will be unique, beautiful and will radiate the warmth of your hands.

Scrapbooking tools

The first and probably the most important tool is scissors. There should be several of them. Scissors for paper, for fabric and a pair of nail scissors, with straight edges and with curved. We will need pencil, marked HB (firmly - soft). It can be easily wiped off the paper without leaving unnecessary marks. Naturally useful ruler, with it, we cut the paper, some decorative elements. Next, we need paper.First of all, thick paper for preparing postcards or sheets of the album. Then, colored paper, a variety of colors and density, glossy and velvety.

Paper scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is unique in that you can use a variety of materials, including the most unusual. Beads, ribbons, glass, rhinestones, glass beads, nail polish, glitter, etc. Of the necessary devices there is still glue, far without him. You can of course afford to buy special blanks and paper for scrapbooking in a specialized online store, but you can start with scrap materials.

Feel free to fantasize! Now selling amazing beauty napkins, very bright, colorful. You can glue the child's medical card with these napkins. Just for fun. It turns out fun, bright, unusual. Later on, flowers from velvet paper with butterflies and beads can appear on the card. Here doctors will be surprised and happy baby!

Paper scrapbooking

It will be very nice if you begin to comprehend the basics of scrapbooking with your child. This lesson helps to develop fine motor skills of the child, as a result we get active development of speech.The absolute space for creativity stimulates the child's imagination, perseverance, abstract thinking.

And if you make scrapbooking a family Sunday ritual, then it will certainly bring together the whole family, give a lot of unforgettable moments. For those who, after reading this article, will certainly want to learn more about the scrap, begin to actively learn its subtleties and tricks, there are many excellent sites on the Internet.

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