Pantyhose dolls

If you want to please your child with an amazing gift, find an exciting hobby and realize creative ideas, then making dolls from tights will help to realize these desires. A handmade doll made of pantyhose is not only a gift, but also a wonderful toy with which it will be pleasant for any kid to play. And in beauty it will definitely not yield to industrial designs with their uniformity, therefore do not rush to throw out old nylon tights.

How to make a doll out of tights?

Dolls of tights: master class

Dolls of tights: master class

Dolls of tights: master class

Dolls of tights: master class

In order to facilitate the process of making dolls from tights, it is worth getting to know a few secrets that will help you master this skill.

  • The best option is to use tights from 20 to 40 dan. They stretch well and are easier to work with than with tighter tights and with the addition of lycra.
  • Winding the fingers around the doll, twist the sintepon tightly, turning the wire always in one direction, this will help to make the fingers not loose and not very thick.
  • For the handles of the doll, do not feel sorry for the wire, it is better to cut off the excess, than they will become too short.
  • Use pins to mark in advance the location of future utyazhki.
  • Do not cut the synthetic winterizer with scissors, but rather tear it with your hands. This will give the entire doll a flat and smooth surface.
  • Dress sew, measuring the length in advance, it is undesirable that it was too short or long.

Dolls of tights: master class

Material for dolls from tights

  1. For the manufacture of dolls usually need scissors, pantyhose, a spool of thread of the same color as the pantyhose, 2 long needles, it is best if they are sewing, sintepon or cotton, but it is better to use sintepon.
  2. Also, do not forget about tailor pins, if not, the usual ones are not very large, well bendable, thin wire, it should keep its shape, since the handles will be heavy.
  3. It does not hurt the glue, you can choose any and polymer, and PVA, and a hot gun, and even the moment.
  4. Colorless nail polish will help to cope if a hole or a hook appears on the pantyhose.
  5. Prepare a lace and fabric for a dress, cilia, eyes, hair yarn and a sewing machine.
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Handmade pantyhose doll

Dolls of tights: master class

  • To create the future doll's head, make a cylinder from the padding polyester and cut a circle out of it, assemble it into a string, put the cylinder in there and tighten it. Insert everything into a pantyhose.
  • Now go to the spout. Twist it from a synthetic winterizer and insert into the right place. Do all the necessary utyazhki, starting from the back of the head, and then withdraw the needle with the thread on the face. Each stitch do 2-3 times. Form the nostrils by flashing them diagonally. To form a spout, thread across the face from the first entrances and walk into the nostril. Do this on both sides.
  • Add synthetic winterizer to the cheek area. You can proceed to the formation of the mouth. Remove the needle from the neck to the left corner of the mouth. There, make a short stitch and again go to the back of the head. After that, run the thread across one face from one corner of the mouth to the other, going back to the back of the head. At the corners of the mouth, make a small stitch, with a slight slope perpendicular to the line of the mouth. When you finish the utyazhka mouth, from the inside with a needle, scoop a synthetic winterizer onto your upper lip. Pave above the upper lip. Make a chin and make a hole on it. Under the eyebrows and forehead, add sintepon.
  • Sew the buttons in place of the eye. They can be made from clay themselves, painted with varnish or acrylic paints. To make the eyelids, glue together the folded small pieces of tights over the eyes. Attach the hair from the yarn, creating a beautiful hairstyle.
  • Fold the body of the doll from the wire, creating a skeleton. It should start from the head, then go to the neck, diverging to 2 sides with separate wires. Using them, draw shoulders, arms, fingers, then return to the body, and then create the legs and secure the wire to the belt.
  • Wrap the entire frame with a padding polyester, then trim it with tights. Sheathe each finger on the hand and foot. Then put your head on the frame and sew it with hidden stitches. Sew the doll dress. Put on and decorate it with beautiful beads.

Pantyhose dolls: master class. Video

How to make a doll out of tights: 3 options

  1. For the first option, prepare cardboard, buttons, pantyhose, thread and needles. A cardboard box doll is one of the simplest versions of such toys. Draw the details of the future doll on the cardboard and cut them. Then tie them with pantyhose. Tights fasten the back of the thread. All the details of the head, arms, legs and torso stitch secret stitches together. Use buttons instead of eyes, so pick them dark, green or blue, and small in size. Using colored threads, make the hair doll. You can even think of her hairstyle. Draw a mouth and a nose with a felt-tip pen. Sew her beautiful dress. If you want to give it a volume, use foam rubber or cotton wool. If you leave such a doll flat, you can use a magnet by attaching it under the tights, then the doll will become a souvenir on a magnet.
  2. Another option is also quite simple. Sew out the details of the doll from tights and tamper them with any filler to give shape. Then connect them with hidden snowballs. Make a hairstyle or tie a scarf on your head, prepare a dress or a sundress and dress a doll. Sew two buttons in place of your eyes, and thread your mouth with a stitch, pulling it a little at the place where your mouth should be.
  3. For the third option you will need a wire frame. But such a doll of tights can move, change position and keep the shape. Therefore, first twist the base of the future doll from hard wire. After that, paste it with filler. It can be vata or foam rubber. Put tights on every detail and sew all the hidden stitches. Now make clothes, glue your eyes, put it on the place where your nose should be, a piece of cotton, pull the place of your mouth with a thread to create a smile on your face and attach hair.

Making dolls from tights is not only an unusual hobby, but also very exciting. This is a whole world where everyone can realize any creative fantasy.

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