Panel of threads and nails with their own hands

Why not just invent a needlewoman! Their works constitute a separate trend in fashion. The last couple of years have become especially popular panels of threads and nails. It would seem that such an original can be made from such familiar and ordinary materials? And, nevertheless, the most exacting judges of handmade adorn their houses with such things.

String Art: new - well forgotten old

Panel of threads and nails with your own hands: animals

One of the directions of nitrography, in addition to drawing threads on glue and embroidery, is considered to be the “thread of art”, or string art. The essence of creating crafts comes down to the fact that nails are packed at the same distance from each other on a hard surface, and then threads are attached to these supports. As a result, you get pictures, toys, accessories (for example, gloves), clothes decoration - and a lot of fun!

There is still no exact data on who and when came up with this activity. According to one of the versions, an English researcher by the name of Buhl tried in this way to develop spatial thinking in children and also to train skills in solving geometric problems. The “thread of art”, according to another version, existed in the second half of the 17th century and was used to create lace.

Necessary materials

Materials for panels of threads and nails

For the manufacture of panels of threads and nails with your own hands, as for any kind of needlework, above all, patience is required. But without special "tangible" materials, of course, can not do. It:

  • solid base. This can be a thick cardboard or corkboard. For large paintings, you can take foam blocks;
  • support. For weaving threads need support with fixation at the top. Both big-headed pins and nails will work. It is important to note that the protruding part of the support should not be higher than 25 mm;
  • thread. They can be different in quality: floss, silk, sewing, synthetics. The texture should be chosen depending on the subject of the image. So, for a romantic heart, you need straight threads, but for a rose or another flower, you can take twisted ones;
  • hammer, pencil, stationery scissors;
  • decorative elements (beads, rhinestones, etc.).

5 schemes of panels of threads and nails

Today, child psychologists are studying the benefits of string art, since working with threads:

  • develops abstract thinking;
  • positive effect on fine motor skills, and hence on speech;
  • trains sensory perception;
  • introduces the elements of modeling in the mirror image.

So attract your kids, study our instructions together and enjoy the beautiful crafts!


Owl made of thread and nails


  • wood plank (about 30 x 40 cm);
  • thread (you can iris);
  • small nails;
  • hammer;
  • can of paint.


  1. We print out or choose from the magazine the desired image of an owl.Panel owl made of threads and nails master class
  2. Cut the contours of the bird and impose a pattern on the board.
  3. We cut the paper with carnations, slightly driving them into the base.Panel owl made of threads and nails master class
  4. Remove the template and hammer in nails. Please note: they must be located at the same distance and be equal in height.
  5. We paint the board in the desired color, give dry.
  6. We wind the threads in a chaotic manner, paying attention to the fact that the tension force and the twisting manner should still be the same.Panel owl made of threads and nails master class
  7. Set the ends of the threads inside. The handicraft is ready.

A heart

The heart of the threads and nails


  • carnations;
  • hammer;
  • scarlet yarn (acrylic can be, but not thick and not twisted);
  • pencil;
  • base board


  1. On the basis of a pencil draw a contour of the heart.The heart of the threads and nails master class
  2. Carefully drive the studs along this line. Just keep in mind that the thicker the base, the more filled the thread will be the heart.The heart of the threads and nails master class
  3. Leaving a long tail of thread, we begin to weave, without disregarding any nail.The heart of the threads and nails master class
  4. Slightly adjustable tension, fasten the ends of the thread - the heart of the threads and nails ready.The heart of the threads and nails master class

Elephant in love

Panel love elephant from threads and nails


  • basis (the polyfoam covered with dense fabric);
  • carnations with large hats;
  • strings of pink, blue and purple flowers;
  • scissors;
  • bead for the pupil of the eye.


  1. On paper, transfer the picture.
  2. Cut out the image along the contour.
  3. We attach to the base and mark the cloves. Please note that the figure has additional, "internal" details (ear, eye).
  4. We wind the threads around the nails, paying attention to the change of colors for the ear and the eye. You do not need to do too many turns. The panel is ready.


The peculiarity of this picture is that the image takes shape only after the thread has completely tightened the free space.

Panel tree of threads and nails


  • small board, preferably wooden;
  • beige thread (thick sewing);
  • nails.


  1. On paper we draw the contours of a suitable tree.
  2. Cut the template, apply to the plank, circle.
  3. We stuff nails.
  4. We stretch the thread, leaving the space in the middle intact, hiding the tails.

Spoon and knife

Panel spoon and knife from threads and nails


  • cut down a tree;
  • nails;
  • thread black.


  1. Put in front of a plastic dish. Or you can put a spoon, fork and clove studs around the perimeter of the figures.
  2. We take the thread and start winding, do not forget to hide the tips at the end of the work.
  3. The picture on the cut is ready.

Panel of threads and nails: ideas

Panel of threads and nails: giraffe

Panel of threads and nails: wood

A panel of threads and nails is a great chance not only to relax, but also to direct your creative energy in the right direction. Materials for this need only the most elementary, and manipulations with thin threads are not only pleasant, but also useful, especially for children. So feel free to add your kids to a simple but exciting hobby - String Art.

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