Painting the walls in the interior with their own hands

Almost everyone in childhood painted on the walls. But if then we were scolded, now it can be done quite justifiably. Painting the walls in the interior with their own hands - a technique that today is particularly popular. After all, this is how you can not only show creativity, but also make your home unique.

Fundamentals of wall painting for beginners

Painting the walls in the interior with their own hands

The art of drawing on a wall has almost the same long history as humanity itself. We all remember how in history lessons we were told about cave paintings. True, then this painting carried a completely different meaning. Times go by, people and their traditions change, but the love for drawings on the walls remains unchanged.

To date, wall painting can be divided into only two types: professional and stencil. The first option is used to create an interior by experienced designers and artists. And the second is very popular among the inhabitants.

If you decide to try out the stencil technique of painting walls, then you will need some knowledge of some of its features:

  • Before applying paint, make sure your walls are clean, dust free and in good condition. Any cracks or scrapes must be repaired, primed and painted.
  • Calculate where the stencil is best placed, then make the marks on the wall with a soft pencil.
  • For wall painting with your own hands, it is better to use acrylic paints, since they dry most quickly and have almost no smell.
  • Make a few test samples on a piece of paper to make sure that the colors and effect are obtained as you expect.
  • Do not hurry. Take the time to even out the stencil, and securely attach it with scotch tape, then carefully apply the paint.
  • Do not use too much paint, otherwise it will leak over the edges of the stencil and the design will spoil. If the paint still went beyond the boundaries, then this deficiency can be corrected by removing it immediately with a damp sponge or, after drying, having applied several layers of the primary color to this place.

Wall painting with acrylic paints: master class

Paper patterns can be simple, geometric shapes or with beautiful floral motifs. They are quite easy to make yourself if you can not buy in the store. In today's master class, we will tell you how to apply a beautiful sakura pattern on the wall with the help of a ready-made stencil.

Wall painting with acrylic paints: master class

Necessary materials:

  • stencil;
  • brown acrylic paint and 3 shades of blue;
  • brushes;
  • adhesive tape;
  • pencil;
  • eraser;
  • palette.


  1. Use a stencil and soft pencil to transfer the desired pattern to the wall. All the flaws can then be lightly wiped with an eraser.Wall painting with acrylic paints: master class
  2. Align the stencil with the part of the visible pattern and fix it to the wall with adhesive tape.
  3. Type on the brush a little brown paint from the palette and paint the base of the tree, with the brush, it is desirable to lead only in one direction.Wall painting with acrylic paints: master class
  4. Dip a new clean brush into the pale blue paint and paint the outlines of the flower.Wall painting with acrylic paints: master class
  5. After that, it is necessary to clean the stencil from paint and move it to another branch.

    Wall painting with acrylic paints: master class
  6. Now we apply an acrylic paint of dark blue shades on the flower with the thinnest brush. Much more effectively petals will look, if paint to put with dotted lines.Wall painting with acrylic paints: master class
  7. After the paint is completely dry, erase the entire visible pencil on the wall with an eraser.Wall painting with acrylic paints: master class
  8. Finally, add a little bit of dark blue paint in the center of each flower.

How to make a nursery: original ideas

Decorative wall painting technique is common to many cultures. Thanks to this, countless perspectives and colorful effects open up before the creators. For example, you can paint the wall in Chinese or Japanese style, draw magnificent mountain ranges, or paint picturesque steppes.

For children's rooms are very suitable for various subjects of flora and fauna from the Sahara desert.

Subject of flora and fauna from the Sahara desert

Not less luxurious on the wall in the nursery looks and familiar to us Russian nature. In addition, it is not necessary to create realistic images, even a schematic depiction of animals will make the room very attractive.

Russian nature

Nursery for girls can be issued in delicate pink tones. And you can revive the picture, if you add an image of birds or butterflies.

Painting the walls in the girl's room

And if you do not know yet who will be born to you, make the wall painting a neutral shade of green. This color is perfect for both boys and girls. And the range of colors will make the room cozy, bright and will create the effect of spring freshness even on the most overcast days.

Wall painting trees

Any decorative drawings can be decorated with additional volumetric details that will not only add to the uniqueness of the room, but also arouse the interest of the kid.

Painting the walls of the planet

Practical parents who want to decorate a wall in a children's room with a perspective, it is best to choose neutral or abstract drawings. For example, various graphic constructions or street images look very good.

Wall painting houses

In general, we can safely say that painting walls is an excellent solution for creating a unique interior. This rather simple option allows you to realize the most daring creative fantasies and at the same time create a unique painting that will delight you for a long time. Creative success!

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