Overalls for dachshunds

You might think that clothes for dogs - a tribute to fashion. This is not entirely true. Some breeds need additional heat in cold weather. Strange as it may sound, dogs can be vulnerable without clothes. A jumpsuit or a sweater will warm your pet and keep it from colds.

There are many functions for dog clothes. First of all, it protects the animal from low temperature. Many owners are preparing for winter in advance, buying overalls for their pet. Clothing also protects from dirt, snow, rain. There are rocks whose physiology does not allow them to soak in the rain or walk on the muddy ground.

Pet industry offers a variety of clothing options. Unfortunately, not all of it is suitable for dogs. The fact is that all animals are individual. Clothes are sewn by averages. That is why you can please your pet outfit, hand-sewn. Usually in cold weather they wear shorthair and sleek-haired dachshunds. In this case, such a measure is necessary. Without warming the animal can get sick. The overalls are simply necessary during long walks that take more than an hour.

Pattern jumpsuit for dachshund girls

Pattern jumpsuit for dachshund girls

The pattern of the jumpsuit for the dachshund girl is done elementary. With its help you can not only sew, but also tie the jumpsuit. First you need to take the correct measurements from the animal and choose the material for the future overalls. When taking measurements, the tape should not over-pull the animal's body or be too loose.

For overalls measure 2 measurements of the back. To do this, determine the distance from withers to tail in a relaxed and exhibition stance. Next, measure the distance from the front to the hind legs, between the front legs of the dachshund, the length of the front and hind legs, neck girth, waist girth and chest girth. It is better to determine in advance with the fabric. Your time and effort will be saved by tailoring a jumpsuit of lightweight and waterproof matter. Suitable raincoat, microfiber. For a cold winter, overalls are warmed with padding polyester and lining.

When building a pattern for dachshund you need to consider the important points. Otherwise, you can even harm the animal. Pattern jumpsuit for dachshund girls should be with a closed belly. In the pattern for the boy should be cut in the groin area. However, it should be comfortable and not rub.

Pattern jumpsuit for dachshund girls

We need to decide in advance: Do we need a dachshund? This breed has rather short legs. They are inconvenient to push into the leg. In some cases, the best solution would be a blanket or vest. Both are extremely easy to sew. Patterns in this clothing for dogs are also simple. Many breeders choose blankets and vests for dachshunds due to the fact that overalls spoil the dog. It is believed that they interfere with the correct formulation of limbs. Such a problem may be unrecoverable. Another disadvantage - the long wearing of overalls can affect the pet's coat. Also, many breeders believe that the jumpsuit makes the animal more susceptible to cold. People who hold such an opinion believe that the animal is getting used to constant warmth. After wearing such clothes dachshund can get sick even indoors from a draft. Anyway, the main thing when sewing any type of clothing for a dachshund or another dog is to accurately measure the distance between the front and hind legs. Error in the calculations can lead to the fact that the animal will be inconvenient to move.

If you are not confident in your abilities, then you can start not with overalls, but with blankets. It is made much easier. The simplest pattern is made of triangles. To do this, measure the distance from the collar to the base of the tail of the dachshund. Build pattern. We put the point A and from it we postpone a segment, a little more than the length from the collar to the tail. Set point B. This segment is the median of the triangle with the vertex at point A. Construct a triangle. In the corner And make an incision in a semicircle - in this place will be held tail dachshunds. Thanks to the hole of the blanket will fit snugly to the body of the animal. Next you need to transfer the pattern to the fabric. It is better to choose a thick warm knitwear. For the same purpose, you can use an old sweater. Transfer the pattern to the fabric, taking into account allowances. In the resulting triangle seam edges to hem. Trash is ready. Putting a dog in her is not a big deal. We need to take two pins, put the blanket on the back of the animal. Pull the tail into the hole. Two other corners stretch under the chest and cross over. Attach the ends of the blankets to the blanket with pins. This type of clothing is suitable for a late summer tax in dry weather. For rainy days, you can make an outfit of waterproof material.

Jumpsuit for dachshund do-it-yourself

Jumpsuit for dachshund do-it-yourself

  • For a simple jumpsuit you need a measure: from the withers to the base of the tail. The overalls for the dachshund do-it-yourself in this case consists of several parts. The resulting distance from the tail to the withers is divided by 8. The result is the side of the grid square for the pattern. Next, take a sheet of paper and razlinovyvayem it into squares with that side. After that we transfer the parts to the sheet, in accordance with the scheme. In the diagram, the segment AB is the same measurement from withers to tail. The overalls can be made both with trouser-legs, and without them. It is better not to transfer the resulting pattern immediately to fabric, but to transfer it to unnecessary material. Next, make a fitting, bend the leg, if necessary, increase the length. The pattern is corrected in accordance with the probe. According to the corrected workpiece jumpsuit sew the final version. Seams are laid in accordance with the instructions on the pattern. Sew on the gum along the leg and neck.
  • It is worth paying special attention to the jumpsuit buckle. It can be buttoned, zipper and velcro. Of course, the last option is most convenient.
  • Many dachshund owners are wondering what type of overalls to acquire or make for a pet. For smooth-haired breeds it is better to sew overalls. These dogs have quite delicate and sensitive skin. In the clothes of warm and soft fabric they will be most comfortable. Moreover, knitted clothes are not good in all weather conditions. The stitched jumpsuit is more practical and versatile.
  • If you do not want to mess around with patterns, you can sew a jumpsuit for a dachshund with your own hands without building from the sleeve of an old sweater or from the sweater. For the second option cut a rectangle. Its length should be equal to the length of the animal from the withers to the base of the tail. The width of the rectangle should be equal to the chest volume of the animal, or even be slightly larger. Short sides of the rectangle are processed and velcro sewn. It will be located on the back of the dachshund. Next, chalk out the location of the paws. Cut holes for paws. Handle: sew a small gum (it will look better) or just overcast.

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Jumpsuit tax is needed in many cases. It is worn in a hard frost, in the rain. Of course, you can buy clothes in a specialty store, but the problem is that some dogs have non-standard sizes. In this case, it is better to sew a jumpsuit for dachshunds with your own hands. Knitted option is also appropriate, but it is less versatile and does not save from dirt and rain.

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