Ottoman from plastic bottles do it yourself step by step

Very often, the art of recycling plastic bottles into home furnishings is underestimated. Today, you can find many examples of the creation of ottomans and chairs using Coca-Cola bottles or other carbonated drinks. The very idea of ​​such waste disposal came to us from Brazil, where such pieces of furniture have become very popular.

In this article we will describe how to quickly and easily make an ottoman out of plastic bottles with your own hands step by step.

Hand-made ottoman from plastic bottles: general aspects

Pouf do it yourself from plastic bottles

How to make an ottoman from empty plastic bottles? There is nothing complicated about it. First, let's look at several important nuances:

  • Decide on the shape and size of the pouf. From this solution will depend on the number of bottles for work.
  • If you are planning to make an ottoman for the seat on it, then choose curly bottles. They are more durable and reliable.
  • Before starting work, all bottles must be thoroughly rinsed and dried.
  • For greater strength, it is recommended to freeze the bottle for some time and then tightly close the lid and wait until the air inside expands at room temperature.
  • If you want a more stable poof, fill the bottle 1/3 of the volume with sand.
  • For large puffs, plastic bottles must be joined with duct tape. First, 3 pieces, and only then all together.
  • To make the pouf soft, bottles should be wrapped with foam or padding, and a cover should be put on top.

Homemade ottomans vary in size, shape and color of the upholstery, but the principle of operation and design always remain the same.

Making a "plastic" ottoman: master class

It is possible to make soft padded stools of plastic bottles of various shapes and sizes. In today's master class, we will show how to make a soft round ottoman with your own hands, which is perfect for a child's room and can hold up to 60 kg.

Necessary materials:

  • 40 plastic bottles;
  • adhesive tape or tape;
  • paper adhesive tape;
  • big scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • upholstery fabric;
  • downed synthetic winterizer;
  • large cardboard box.


  1. To begin, prepare plastic bottles: thoroughly wash, dry and tightly close the lids.
  2. Now we measure about 1/3 of the cover and lay one layer of paper adhesive tape in a circle.
  3. Using a clerical knife, carefully cut off the neck of the bottle.Ottoman from plastic bottles do it yourself step by step
  4. The result should be 2 parts. The neck is pushed inward to the very bottom, and then we insert the whole bottle.Padded stool from plastic bottles do it yourself
  5. The junction is tightly sealed with tape.Pouf of plastic bottles
  6. We carry out the same actions with the remaining bottles and fasten 3 pieces using adhesive tape. The result should be a kind of triangle of three modified bottles.
  7. After that, all the triangles are collected in a circle and tightly wrapped with adhesive tape from bottom to top.Pouf of plastic bottles
  8. On the sides of the resulting frame we attach cardboard, and on top - a circle made of padding polyester or cotton wool.

    Ottoman from plastic bottles do it yourself step by step
  9. Next, cut the required length and width of the remaining padding polyester and fasten it with adhesive tape on the sidewalls of the padded stool.
  10. On the ready-made ottoman we put on a cover to which you can sew a different decor: flowers, pockets or embroidery.Padded stool from plastic bottles: covering
  11. By the same principle, you can make a square or oval ottoman. The only difference is the way the bottles are connected. How to do it correctly can be understood from a simple scheme.Ottoman plastic bottles: scheme

How to make a ottoman from the bus?

The idea of ​​making ottomans not only from plastic bottles, but also with the help of used tires is widespread. From an ordinary car wheel, you also get great tables and chairs. But today we would like to pay special attention to how to make a soft ottoman with your own hands from the tire airbag.

How to make a ottoman out of the tire with your own hands?

Necessary materials:

  • one air chamber;
  • scissors;
  • 4 skeins of wool ribbons.


  1. To get started, pump up the camera with the help of a pump. Dissolve the first skein of woolen ribbons and fix the end of the thread, tying it with a net knot on the tire. An important point: you need to start work from the place where the valve is located.
  2. Now just thread the tire so that the strips overlap a little.Padded stool from the tires do it yourself
  3. When the first skein of thread ends, we tie a new thread to the end of the ribbon. But try to calculate the length of the tape so that each node is on one side of the bus.Ottoman bus
  4. When the air chamber is completely covered, tie the tip of the thread on the flap, and carefully hide the remaining tape under the adjacent fabric.How to make a ottoman out of the tire with your own hands?
  5. Inside the ottoman, place a small soft pillow, and a great chair is ready.

With the help of improvised means and materials, you can easily decorate the interior of a house or apartment. And most importantly, that this method of creating furniture does not require any financial costs. Having mastered the technique, you can always bring your creative ideas to the work. We hope you enjoy our workshops. Creative success and inspiration!

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