Ornamental shrubs for summer cottage

In the suburban design must be present shrubs. It is good if the decorative effect in them is combined with useful properties, for example, tasty fruits.

Shrubs valuable for their decorativeness are usually arranged in groups or separately. It is good to combine shrubs with fruit or ornamental trees in the country. But small-sized shrubs are grown on hills, in rock gardens, as well as retaining walls.

Representatives of ornamental shrubs in the country

Japanese quince at the cottage

It is grown on dry sandy soils. However, choose a sunny place, protected from the cold north winds.


Quince - a steady look. Even if in fierce winters it will freeze out, it will sprout from the roots in spring. Decorative Japanese quince is not only in flowers and leaves, but in the fruit.

Japanese quince bush has a sprawling shape, can reach a height of 1 m. The color of quince flowers is different in different varieties. Fruits - from light yellow to greenish-yellow flowers.

Barberry in the country

Used to create hedges, as well as in plantings near trees. This evergreen unpretentious plant. It is resistant to winter frosts, as well as undemanding to the soil and growing conditions. Barberry reaches a height of 2-3m.


The most beautiful view of the barberry is the purple barberry. The leaves have dark purple color. Barberry berries are also decorative. They are coral colored.

Deytion decorative on the site

Deytsiya - plentifully blossoming ornamental shrub. Only sunny places should be selected for action. If the shrub is planted in the shade, it will give few flowers, the decorative effect will decrease.

Deytsiya - ornamental shrubs

Flowering deytion pink or white beautiful flowers. In height, the shrub grows to 2 m.

It is very successful to use the action for hedges, for gardening and decorating the garden.

Cornel - ornamental shrubs

Quite an interesting plant. Decorative appearance of this species is not only in beautiful inflorescences, but also in the color of the shoots.

Cornel in the country

Cornels are grown as hedges, planted in groups or singly. Dogwood unpretentious. It can grow on any soil, adapts to sunlight. A shadow is possible for him.

The most decorative type of dogwood is white dogwood. It is so named after the color of its berries.

Dogwood flowers are usually yellow. But the color of berries, leaves and shoots in various species and varieties of cornels is very diverse.

Spirea at the cottage

Frost-resistant view. Unpretentious in the choice of soil. It grows very quickly. But it needs sunlight.


Spirey blooms decoratively. The shrub is especially beautiful in the fall due to the motley color of the leaves in unusual shades of the usual colors.

Used spirea for protective fencing. Grow it as a hedge. Flowers of various colors: white, pink, red. They are collected in inflorescences - plates. The height of different types of spirea varies.

Forzition at the dacha

Forsythia is an early flowering shrub. It is grown as green fences.

Forsythia - early flowering shrub

Blooms bright yellow flowers. The flowering period coincides with the flowering of garden trees: apples, pears, cherries. The blossoming forsythia looks extraordinarily beautiful against the background of the blossoming flowers of fruit trees!

The only requirement of this type is good soil moisture. Forsythia does not tolerate drought, may die. Therefore, water it if necessary.

Decorative box

Very common ornamental shrub.Samshit- evergreen, thermophilic and shade-tolerant plant. Use it mainly for hedges. Requires haircuts. And the form of green boxwood fences depends on the designer's imagination.

Boxwood - a common ornamental shrub

In winter, in the absence of snow or its small amount, boxwood enlivens garden design, reminds of summer. Often they grow two types of boxwood: dwarf and yellow-leaved. All parts of the plant have a pleasant aroma.

The main types of ornamental shrubs for the garden are: cornel, deicia, boxwood, Japanese quince, forsythia, barberry, spirea. In addition to these species, there are others that require a more experienced gardener, more demanding to growing conditions.

Do not forget also that ornamental shrubs can be chosen from fruit bushes (gooseberries, etc.). They can be given a beautiful shape using pruning, and you will have a double benefit: not only the practical use of the fruit, but also the aesthetic enjoyment of the appearance of the shrub.

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