Original peacock decoration made of plastic bottles

In order to be beautiful and entertaining in the garden or yard area, it is not necessary to spend money on expensive accessories. With the help of the usual scrap materials you can create animals that will become an unusual decoration and fun for children. Today, plastic bottle crafts are very popular, the peacock is one of them.

The necessary materials for the master class

Peacock from plastic bottles: materials for the master class

To create an original composition, you need a lot of plastic containers of different displacement. It can be saved up in advance or you can break into work, eventually complementing the craft with new bottles. In general, you will need:

  1. 3 plastic bottles, preferably transparent, with a displacement of 5, 2 and 1.5 l;
  2. about 10 pcs. plastic packaging green, with a volume of 1.5 and 2 liters;
  3. about 4 plastic garbage bags (blue);
  4. foil or candy labels;
  5. wrapping oilcloth blue, or candy wrappers of the same shade.
  6. Also required materials for fastening crafts:
  7. transparent scotch, but blue or green shades also suit it;
  8. about 1 m of tight rope;
  9. stapler clips;
  10. sharp scissors.

After the necessary materials are collected, all plastic containers must be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

How to make a peacock from plastic bottles: step by step instructions

How to make a peacock from plastic bottles

  • First, the body is a "bird" of a two-liter and five-liter bottles. An asymmetrical section is formed in them: the neck is cut off in the larger bottle, and the bottom in the smaller bottle. Then the two-liter bottle needs to be fixed in the five-liter hole, and then fix everything with scotch tape. This will be a sketch of a peacock stretching its neck.
  • The head of the "bird" must be made from the bottom and top of the bottle. The beak will mimic a pair of plastic strips, which are fastened with tape with a head. Two finished items need to be securely connected with scotch tape.
  • At the bottom of a five-liter bottle, you need to make several punctures, in different places, which are necessary for fastening the body with the tail.
  • Next to create crafts should form the feathers of the garbage bags. They should be cut into strips about 15 cm wide, and at the edges make a fringe. The strips need to be folded lengthwise so that a couple of layers of feathers remain, and then attached to the body of the "bird" with adhesive tape. At the bottom of the torso you need to leave some space in which there will be a hole later. The head is also wrapped with blue plastic bags, but without the fringe. To it you need to attach a few plastic strips that will serve as a tuft.
  • Green plastic packaging is required for the tail. In each you need to remove the bottom and top, cut lengthwise and slightly round out. The remains of plastic should be cut into slices, and each wrap with foil. Feather fringes are made on the feather plates, and a circle in foil is attached to the top of the formed feather. It should turn out 27 feathers, which are connected to the body with the help of a semicircle cut from plastic containers. Its radius should be about 20 cm, the first 12 feathers are attached to it. The next semicircle has already attached 9 feathers, then 6. At the end there should be a beautiful fan, the layers of which are joined together with paper clips.
  • The decisive moment in the manufacture of peacocks is the combination of the structure of the tail and torso. In the lower part of the body "bird", where the holes are cut in advance, stretch the rope, which must sew the tail and torso together. To make work faster and easier, stapling sites need to be scheduled in advance.
  • After that, there are final touches: the formation of a peacock crown with foil circles, as well as painting the beak with moisture-resistant paint. If the crafts will be on the street, it must be weighed down so that the wind does not carry it away. To do this, sand should be poured through the formed holes, after which nothing will be scary to such a peacock.

Peacock from plastic bottles: master class

Peacock from plastic bottles

peacock from plastic bottles

plastic peacock white

peacock plastic garden bottles

peacock from plastic bottles in the room

plastic peacock big bottle

Making a peacock from plastic bottles is easy. You will be surprised that a beautiful and original decoration came out of the mountain of garbage so quickly. This crafts can decorate the playground or put it in the garden. The colorful and bright peacock will not only please the kids, but also cheer up adults.

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