Origami shuriken. what is shuriken

Origami shuriken is one of the classic origami models. Translated from the Japanese "shuriken" literally means the blade, hidden in his hand and looks like a star. You can make such an asterisk yourself from paper. You can bring your children to origami making in order to develop their motor skills and imagination. A paper shuriken can be played by throwing it at one of the sides of the craft.

What is shuriken?

The origin of the shuriken is still a mystery, despite a lot of research. It is believed that part of the history of the emergence of this tool is associated with the art of shuriken-jutsu. In ancient Japan, there were many throwing guns. The first one is Hanritsu Ryu. The school’s weapons were something like an arrow and a skin needle. In the school of Osaka Gunka, short swords and knives were used that could be thrown. By the way, samurai Miyamoto Musashi with one of these weapons defeated his rival in a duel.

Origami Shuriken

Modern shurikens are made of stainless steel and can be bought in many gun shops in Japan and European countries.

Shurikens, in a different way, are called "ninja stars". The appearance of the weapon expresses the interest of the Japanese in mysticism. Often various signs and symbols were applied to the surface of the weapon itself. The Japanese believed that magical signs would attract luck and powerful otherworldly forces to their side.

As a rule, shurikens were not used as an independent weapon, but as an addition to the katana sword or jari spear. Often it was the "ninja stars" that played a decisive role in tactical battles.

How to throw a shuriken?

Shuriken is of two kinds: bo-shuriken and hira-shuriken. The first is an elongated object, like a throwing stick or spear. Such weapons can be thrown from different positions: below, above, forward, backward, etc. When throwing a bo-shuriken, the fingers regulate the direction of flight and its movement along its axis. Before throwing, the shuriken is taken in hand, and the blade is sent away from you. The spear itself should lie in the palm between the ring and middle fingers, supporting the thumb at the level of the transition of the palm to them.

  1. You can throw bo-shuriken in 2 ways. The first method involves the flight of a spear, the blade of which rotates during flight. This method is called dziki da-ho, which literally translates "direct throw of a small spear." The second method involves the rotation of a spear around its axis, which allows the weapon to deeply hit the target. This method is called han-ten da-ho. If the target is at a short distance, it is recommended to lean back slightly. If the target is far away, direct the body forward and throw at the exit. The fingers smoothly release the weapon, setting the correct trajectory of the flight. After the throw, the warrior remains motionless for a while, and the shuriken hits the target.
  2. The second type of shuriken is hira-shuriken, which is a star. Just this kind of shuriken can be made from paper. Hira-shuriken is thrown from a straight position, holding the weapon with an edge towards the target and a tip towards the palm. The star is thrown straight ahead with a sufficient scope. When throwing it is necessary to ensure that the star flew in a straight path and rotated around its axis by 360 degrees. Similarly, origami paper shakes are thrown.

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Origami Shuriken

What is shuriken?

Shuriken - a classic kind of origami, from which beginners begin to explore this art. Making a shuriken out of paper is not difficult, the main thing is to give it enough time and attention. Especially fascinating this lesson may seem to children. Put together origami with them, and then arrange a fun game of throwing exotic weapons!

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