Origami lotus

Origami is an amazing art, thanks to which you can create different shapes from simple paper. Most often they depict representatives of flora and fauna. Especially frequent object for work in this technique are flowers. It is enough just to make an origami lotus. Even a newbie can handle this trick.

Lotus flower: symbolic meaning

Origami lotus

The lotus is considered the personification of wisdom, purity and the highest principle. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that, since ancient times, various magical properties were appropriated to this flower. In addition, he is very beautiful. Unusual petals fascinate and fascinate, while they always remain crystal clear. This rule works despite the fact that the lotus grows in shady water bodies.

Beginning to engage in organizers, the master advises in the first place to master the creation of this beautiful flower. He can become a talisman and protector in the house.

Modular origami: how to make a lotus?

In order to create a lotus yourself, you need to use 2 colors of paper - yellow and pink. But if you wish, you can combine a variety of shades. It depends on personal preference. In any case, the size of one module will be 5 by 7.5 cm.

  • Modular origami is a more complex kind of simple origami, because in this case the compositions will be assembled simultaneously from several identical parts. The module assembly scheme is quite simple. First you need to take a sheet of paper (you can use any shade) and fold it in half. Now the bend line is outlined - the sheet bends and unbends. Next you need to bend the corners towards the center.
  • Now the sheet turns over to the other side, and the loose ends gently bend upwards. Again the sheet turns over to the other side, then the corners are bent down.
  • The sheet turns over again, and the edges are gently unbent, with the corners unbending. The edges must be bent up, and the corners are hidden down. Then the resulting blank is folded in half and the module is completely ready. According to the same scheme, the rest of the modules that are needed for crafts are also assembled.

Origami lotus

  • To create a flower, you need to make a fairly large number of modules, making the flower more voluminous, bright and beautiful.
  • In order to make the middle of the lotus, you need to take exactly 4 modules made of yellow paper, which are used for the 1st row, then 4 more modules are taken, intended for the 2nd row and fastened together (2 edges of the 1st row modules inserted into the module 2). Thus, the whole chain of modules is completely closed and a circle is obtained. It is important to remember that all elements should be worn strictly upwards with a long side.
  • Now between modules in the 2nd row, 1 yellow module is placed. So in the 2nd row there should be 8 modules of yellow color. Then you should gradually continue to move in a circle and put on 8 yellow elements.
  • In the 4th row should be 15 modules. To this end, each of the corners of the elements in the previous row (there should be 14) is put on 1 module yellow, and the last 2 corners fit 1 - yellow.
  • The next row will need to put on another 15 yellow modules. Already in the 6th row should be 15 pieces, but now pink. Also, as in all subsequent rows, all modules must be turned upside down with a short side.
  • As soon as the 7th row is started, it is necessary to gradually assemble the petals, which should be 5 pcs. It is important to remember that in order to obtain a stable flower, it is necessary to carry out the simultaneous assembly of all the petals at once - in parallel, row by row.
  • For this, 4 modules of pink color are taken and put on 3 modules from the previous row. At the same time, it will be necessary to put the extreme elements1 with a pocket on 1 corner.

Origami lotus

  • On the 8th row there are 5 modules of pink color - you need to continue all the extreme parts to put on only 1 pocket and 1 corner.
  • In the 9th row there should be 6 modules of pink color. In the 10th row there are 7 pink modules. In the 11th row - 8 pink modules. In the 12th row there are 7 modules of pink color (starting from this row, and on all subsequent ones, on each side it will be necessary to leave on the 1st free corner).
  • In the 13th row there are 6 pink modules. In the 14th row - 5 modules of pink color. In the 15th row there are 4 pink modules. In the 16th row - 3 modules of pink color. In the 17th row - 2 modules of pink color. In the 18th row - 1 pink module.
  • Then all the petals will need to give the correct shape, while they are slightly bent. Then 8 modules of yellow color are taken. They are inserted into the center of the flower corners, playing the role of stamen.

That's it, the lotus flower is completely ready. And in order for the parts to be interconnected more tightly, you can use PVA glue.

Video tutorial

At first glance, it may seem hard to make origami, but in reality it is not. The main thing is to stick to the already drawn schemes, and as a result you will have a real work of art. And in order to quickly master the technique of making origami, you can study video tutorials, which provide illustrative examples of the manufacture of a particular figure.

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