Oriental beauty do it yourself costume

Oriental dances are becoming increasingly popular both as a means for losing weight, and to gain knowledge about how to become feminine. Belly dance, mysterious rhythms and movements - all this is inextricably linked with the costume of the oriental beauty.

If you want to feel like a real queen, to hit your chosen one, sew an oriental beauty costume yourself, especially since it is quite simple.

Oriental beauty do it yourself costume

How to sew a suit of oriental beauty?

First, prepare the materials you need to create the costume. These include scissors, threads, needles, beads, sewing machine, bra, cloth. From the fabric fit transparent and light, it can be satin, chiffon or crepe-chiffon.

  • The costume of the eastern beauty consists of a top, bottom, represented by trousers or skirt, and a belt, which can be replaced with a shawl or scarf. The most difficult in the process of creating a costume is embroidering its top with beads. To sew it, pick up a bra with a stiff cup, colorful beads, a strong wax thread and a needle. Begin to embroider beads from the center of the cup in a spiral, and decorate the straps in the last.

Oriental beauty do it yourself costume

  • Then you need to start preparing the fabric for cutting the bottom of the suit. Spread the selected fabric on a flat surface. Take a pattern of trousers or skirts and mark the desired lines. Cut out the parts, sweep them up with a seam stitch, then try them on. If the item is sitting well, stitch it on the machine with sour cream seams. After that, remove the excess thread, process the edges.
  • Finish the costume of the oriental beauty, tied a scarf on your belt, or sew with your own hands a belt embroidered with coins and beads.

How to sew trousers for the eastern beauty costume?

An important part of the costume oriental beauty is considered to be bloomers or a skirt. Their lightweight fabric allows you to sharpen the elements and dance exercises. To sew trousers for Oriental beauty costume, take a thin satin, a crape, crepe satin or silk. If you wear a loincloth from the top of the breech shirt, then you can use chiffon as a fabric.

Eastern beauty bloomers do it yourself

  • Choosing a fabric, measure the length of the trousers, the height of the seat, the girth of the hips, the waist and the ankles. Add to the length of the product another 30 cm, 10 cm of which are necessary for hemming of the legs, design of the belt, 15 cm for creating a beautiful lapping. To correctly measure the height of the harem seat, you need to sit on a chair and measure the distance between the back and front level of the belt through the groin.
  • After that, calculate the right amount of fabric. If the width of the fabric is 1.5 m, you will need approximately 1.25 cm. Build a pattern based on the measurements taken. The width of the seat should be об of the thigh circumference, and the width of one leg is calculated as ¾ of the girth.
  • Fold the fabric in 2 layers inside with the front sides. With the help of tailor pins, chop a pattern onto the fabric. Draw it with a pencil or chalk. Add 1.5 cm each to allowances for internal and side seams. Cut out the parts with scissors. Treat all edges of the product with an overlock. Stitch the details between yourself and stitch with a small stitch. Large stitch is undesirable, it spoils the appearance of the trousers.

Eastern beauty bloomers do it yourselfOriental beauty do it yourself costume

  • Sew a double stitching with hem along the bottom of the leg and on the edge of the waist level. Insert the elastic bands into the resulting strips. In the stretched state, their length should correspond to the ankles and waist girths. The edges of the gum stitching tight. Make cuts from the belt level at a distance of 25 cm in the side trousers of the trousers. The length of the incisions varies in size 50 cm.

How to sew an oriental costume child?

If your daughter likes to study oriental dances, please her beloved child and sew her oriental beauty costume. Prepare a centimeter, cloth, pencil, chalk, ruler, calculator, pattern paper, scissors, rubber bands, beads and rhinestones, a sewing machine, threads and a shirt.

  • If this suit is training, then it is better to sew it from a pleasant and durable material using a small amount of jewelry. Often, after the first wash, decorations usually disappear, which spoils the appearance of things, so limit their number.

How to sew an oriental costume child?How to sew an oriental costume child?

  • If an oriental beauty costume is needed for a girl to perform, she should be distinguished by a large number of ornaments and rich material. The best option would be the tailoring of two suits: a festive and training. As it is possible to sew either a skirt or harem pants, so that the girls would be comfortable, stop the choice on harem pants.
  • Starting sewing, take measurements: height of sitting, leg length, girth of ankle and hips. Add to the length of the future trousers: 5 cm to the belt, 5 cm - hem, 10 cm - overlap on the pants. To measure the height of the seat, put the child on the chair and from the surface of the chair where the girl is sitting, measure the length to her belt. After that go to the calculation of the width of the leg. Multiply the hip girth by 0.75 - the leg-length surplus factor. Then divide the hips circumference by 4 - this will be the width of the seat.
  • Using the measurements made, build a trousers pattern. Cut out the resulting elements and transfer them with chalk to the selected fabric. Sew the cut parts, insert the elastic in the belt and ankles.
  • Now go on to create a bodice. Make a pattern using the length of the children's jersey. Transfer it to the fabric, adding allowances to the seams, and sew the resulting parts.

The costume of oriental beauty is necessary for practicing oriental dances or studying belly dancing. It will be a great outfit, allowing you to feel like a real oriental beauty, and make the process of doing real relaxation and a fairy tale.

In the costume of oriental beauty, sewn with your own hands, you can easily hit the chosen one with its mysterious beauty. You can get acquainted with the techniques and benefits of oriental dances, you can also read the articles Oriental Dances for Beginners and Belly Dancing for a woman’s health.

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