Organizer for linen do it yourself

Even people who adhere to creative disorder, there are areas where you need to sort everything out in order to facilitate the process of searching for yourself in moments when there is absolutely no time. For example, this refers to the closet: in the morning rush, it is difficult to find the right part of underwear, and therefore this part of the wardrobe is best kept in order. And help with this organizer, which can be done by hand.

What you need to know about the linen organizer?

Organizer for underwear

Lingerie storage

The traditional organizer for linen or any trifles is a large rectangular or square container with several compartments made for certain objects. Most often it is made of fabric, but has a rigid frame. If the organizer is inserted into the drawer of the dresser and is reliably protected from dust, it is made open. If he has to stand on the shelf, it is recommended to make an additional cover, especially in the case when the organizer is made for clothes. As a way of storing underwear, the organizer can be universal, but you can build several options, each of which will be assigned to a separate category: for bras, for stockings and tights, for night combinations, etc.

Regardless of how you act - whether you will make a universal option, or decide on several separate ones, it is recommended to choose a non-marking and easy-to-clean cloth. As already mentioned, such a product must have a rigid frame, and at home it most often becomes cardboard. And he, when wet, is usually deformed, as a result of which contact with moisture for the organizer is prohibited. If you want to have an organizer in bright colors, and he risks still requiring cleaning at least 2 times a year, you can try to make an external plastic frame, and divide the zones with just a well-stretched cloth. In this case, it will be possible to walk along the walls with a damp cloth with a cleaning agent and not be afraid for the safety of the inner material.

Underwear storage and transportation in the organizer

Underwear storage and transportation in the organizer

Underwear can be stored not only in the drawer with compartments, but also in a softer, more convenient for carrying, organizer in the form of a small suitcase. True, it is much easier to work with a kind of "semi-finished product" here, since it is difficult to sew such a product. But if you have in stock a few free hours, as well as a good, dense fabric that will keep the shape, you can implement such an idea.

To build a mobile small organizer for underwear, ideal for traveling, when several favorite and especially frequently used sets are selected from the entire collection, you need a non-marking and dense fabric, the dimensions of which you choose yourself after studying the pattern of the future organizer. Details will be only 4, of which 3 are represented by simple rectangles, and the 4th has a more complex shape. Also useful is a zipper or a strip of velcro, needle, thread, soap and scissors.

The pattern is transferred to the fabric, a small (5-7 mm) seam allowance is added to the details around the perimeter, and they are swept away, forming a classic suitcase bag with a lid. If the fabric is not dense enough, and the shape is lost in an upright position, professionals advise making a double product: draw and cut 2 patterns, but make the 2nd only for the bottom of the organizer, without affecting the lid. This will make the walls thicker and stiffen the frame.

Next you need to cut fabric rectangles, 2 of which will become dividers to get 3 compartments for bras, and 1 - will create a department for soft details of underwear. The last section will be located in the lid of the organizer: a rectangle with buttoned edges is simply sewn around the perimeter with preservation of the open 4th side. Then another 2-3 stitches are applied across it in order to get 3-4 elongated smaller ones instead of 1 large pocket. The remaining 2 swept-out fabric rectangles are inserted into the bottom of the organizer, stretched between opposite walls and sewn in such a position along the sides. To sew separators to the bottom is not necessary. At the final stage, it will only be necessary to sew a zipper or adhesive tape between the main zone and the lid, make a handle on the lid if necessary, and decorate the resulting product.

Of course, the organizer for underwear can be purchased in the store, but it often happens that there is not a suitable design and parameters of the model. Therefore, do not be afraid to try to build such an object yourself: the process takes only 2-3 hours, after which you will receive an individual and useful thing.

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