Organizer for cosmetics do it yourself

For most women, in addition to the problem with clothes, there is a problem with cosmetics. When everything seems to be in abundance, and how it comes to use, either you don’t find the right tube, or you don’t find a suitable supplement for it. The more cosmetics, the more difficult to navigate in it, so you need an organizer, in which everything will be ordered and in plain sight.

How to make an organizer for cosmetics do it yourself?

How to make an organizer for cosmetics do it yourself?

Cosmetic bags are relevant if you need to take some jars and tubes with you, but it’s not very convenient to keep everything in them at home, especially if there are a lot of cosmetics. It is also unreasonable to just drop bollards or dressers into the drawer: the total pile is no better than a few small ones. It is much easier to make sections in the same box, which will divide products according to certain criteria: it will always be clear where to reach for lipstick, and where it is for tweezers for eyelashes. Similar boxes with dividers are sold in some stores with household goods, but they do not always have the right dimensions: now too high, sometimes low, sometimes too narrow, or just not included in the box. Therefore, the most logical way out will be to create an organizer for storing cosmetics in your own hands.

To do this, you will need a glue gun or Moment, a transparent glue, but working with it will be a little more difficult, as well as thick cardboard (classic cardboard boxes are recommended), any fabric that you like and related tools - pencil, ruler, scissors. Cardboard can be replaced with thin sheets of plastic, although cutting it will not be so easy, you will need a knife, or sheets of foam, but it is more fragile than previous materials.

At the starting stage, the parts are measured. If you plan to insert the organizer into the drawer of the dresser or cabinet, you will need to remove from it the indicators of width and height along the inner walls. If the organizer will stand separately, you can optionally set its dimensions, according to the amount of cosmetics you want to place in it. The width and height of the organizer should be 1-2 cm less than the width and height of the box so that it enters and leaves without interference.

The bottom of the organizer is made of a single sheet of cardboard, which is most convenient to cut out of a large box. If there is no such large sheet, you can connect several by fixing the junction points with masking or regular adhesive tape. Then, on the cardboard, you need to outline the lines on which the organizer partitions stand. How exactly they will be located - you decide. It may turn out to be only 4-5 large compartments, or maybe you decide to make 2 long shadows under the palette and pencils, several small ones under single round cases, and another 2-3 middle square compartments, where you can make up lipsticks and glitters.

In any case, the scheme needs to be written on the board, until it is finalized. And after that cut partitions from the same box, as well as side walls. Their height will be 0.5 cm below the main side walls, especially if you decide to keep the organizer outside the dresser, and it will need a protective cover. At this work with the cardboard form is completed, you can proceed to the assembly and design of the organizer.

Organizer for storing cosmetics: the design of the basic model

Organizer for storing cosmetics: the design of the basic model

Making a cardboard organizer is the easiest way to cover it with a cloth. True, it is important to remember that, if necessary, it will not be possible to wash it, since the final assembly is carried out only after putting on the fabric “case” on the bottom and the partition. Therefore, try to select the most non-marketable material that will last you a long time.

The cardboard is covered with a fabric in shape, the seams can be fixed with threads, or the ends of the fabric on the wrong side can be attached with a glue gun so as not to create creases of the hillocks on the surface. The same applies to partitions and side walls. To put the partitions where they were planned according to the general pattern, they are first glued to the bottom, and only after that - between each other with joints. The last side walls are added, also glued first to the bottom, and then to partitions.

If the organizer is inserted into the box, this completes the work on it. If it is an independent thing on your dressing table, it is recommended to make a cover for it to protect cosmetics from dust and dirt. For this, a rectangle of the same size as the bottom of the organizer is cut out of cardboard. It should be covered with a cloth, hiding the place of its cut and gluing inside, and from above you can make a decorative pom-pom that will help open and close the organizer without problems. The same top cover can be thematically decorated for the design of your table or bedroom: embroider with beads, paste over with rhinestones, etc.

Original ideas with photos

Organizer for storing cosmetics and brushes: photos and ideas

Also, you can make an even easier and faster organizer for cosmetics from any large box by pasting it with colored paper inside and out. The partitions are created in the same way as before - from cardboard, taken from other boxes, or you can glue together the necessary number of small boxes, if they all go into the big one, which will become your organizer.

Storage of carcasses, pencils and glitters can be arranged with even greater ease: it requires only medium-height glass goblets, as well as colored small pebbles or broken glass. Or you can use coffee beans. The filler is placed on the bottom of the glass so that it takes about 1/3 of the total volume, and tubes are carefully stuck into it - they will keep their vertical position and will be in your sight. In the same way can be distributed in cups and brushes.

In addition, a standard stationery organizer for pens and pencils can become an organizer for vertically standing small funds of the same type of pencils and lip gloss. True, most of these gizmos look very boring, so to turn them into beauty assistants you will need to use acrylic paint or colored paper or foil.

Make cosmetic bag

Beautician with their own hands: how to do?

If you prefer cosmetic bags, or you do not have so many cosmetics, you can always sew a large and capacious cosmetic bag with your own hands, which will collect all the tubes from the dresser. You can even make several different ones according to their purpose: for example, separately for the care jars, separately for decorative products, a separate cosmetic bag for manicure accessories. Or break everything into day and evening products.

Patterns for cosmetic bags you can find in large numbers on websites dedicated to needlework, and you can make it yourself: there are no special difficulties. If the cosmetic bag is soft, this is the same small bag with a clasp: the front and back parts are identical, the side seams are hidden inside, the edges are turned over with an overlock or a zigzag stitch on a regular sewing machine.

If you want the cosmetic bag to stand straight, its walls and bottom can be sealed: for example, with cardboard, which is cut according to the same pattern and inserted inside the product. Then the fabric will go 2 times more, because she will need to fit a hard frame. True, to wash a similar cosmetic bag, again, as in the case of the organizer, will not work.

In order to understand approximately what sizes of cosmetic bags will be optimal for you, immediately decide which funds will be stored in it. They must quietly pass through its neck and freely be placed inside, so that there is an opportunity to easily grope the desired object. Ideally, a beautician that is home should not have a lock: a free wide neck will facilitate access to the contents, and you can protect everything from dust simply by connecting the edges to a button or pulling them off by lacing the perimeter.

Storing cosmetics at home can be convenient and beautiful if you add a bit of fantasy to the process and make your own organizers for cosmetics. This requires very little time and resources, but your personal beauty space will always look neat and individual. And by analogy with the organizer for cosmetics, you can make the same box for other women's trifles.

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