Orchid transplant at home

Orchids - the most beautiful of flowers, and how nice to know that such beauty surrounds us everywhere. Except Antarctica. Just imagine: almost the entire planet is covered with orchids of different types, colors and sizes. All that is needed is to create conditions for development, flowering and life.

Suppose you want to multiply your "offspring", then get ready for the fact that you have to transplant flowers and, moreover, regularly.Orchid transplantation is needed, first of all, for good plant development..

The substrate in which the orchid is located loses the ability to pass water and air over time, and therefore transplantation is necessary. There are many types of substrates and, accordingly, shelf life too. Substrate from the bark can last 5 years, but the moss requires a transplant once a year. But be prepared for an emergency transplant, for example, if the flower is damaged root.

Dracula, Wanda, Aganisia, Dendrobium, Cattleya are all beautiful and the most popular varieties of orchids, each beautiful and unusual. And if you decide to breed such beauty, select a place, time and a positive attitude - in a bad mood it is better not to approach colors. We wish you more beautiful and different orchids!

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