New year's costume gnome do it yourself. how to sew a gnome

The gnome's costume is an essential attribute of the winter holidays of almost every boy. In the photos it looks bright and colorful. It is not so important, summer in the yard or winter cold, you can prepare an outfit for the solemn ball in advance.

How to make a gnome costume for a boy?

At matinees in kindergartens, children are dressed as different characters, but the gnome's costume remains universal. If you can buy or sew this outfit, then bring a lot of joy to your child. After all, you can wear your own costume several times, wait in it under the Christmas tree of gifts and be photographed with relatives.

It is better to approach the creation of a gnome costume thoroughly. To do this, read with the child a fairy tale about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and watch cartoons (both Soviet and Disney). Discuss the characters and their costumes with the kid. If the child likes any of the characters, then you can add to the image a distinctive detail of the selected gnome.

New Year's costume of the gnome do it yourself

  • Top suit. It is recommended to choose a bright monochromatic shirt. Cut out a vest and sew from an old checkered plaid.
  • There must be a belt with a big buckle. You can take the grandmother's brooch or make your own buckle from cardboard and foil. Then decorate it with beads or buttons.
  • The cap can be sewn with a lapel and put cotton wool into it. For the versatility of the headgear, insert a rubber in the edge. Select fabric at home: from a fancy dress or a knitted sweater. The main thing in a cap is a bright color. You can decorate the cap with artificial curls of thread and a beard with an elastic band.
  • Make the nose of a piece of foam rubber on a thin elastic band.
  • Bottom suit. It can not specifically sew, and take any ready pants. Even a small size will look good if you decorate the thing with a ribbon or a bright bow.
  • Footwear. Take any shoes, fasten cardboard buckles on them from above, into which you can insert bright bows of ribbons or jammed paper.
  • Mandatory attribute of the gnome - striped long socks.
  • Makeup. The little gnome can tint his cheeks and nose with red blush.
  • In the hands of the gnomes usually wear a stick with a bundle. It's easy to make yourself. Clean the stick, and form a bundle of fabric and newspapers or cotton wool.

Master class for beginners

You can sew a gnome suit yourself with your own hands from beginning to end.

To do this, you will need: white cotton, satin, calico or silk fabric, as well as fabrics of other colors (for example, green and red) - velor or satin.

New Year's costume of the gnome do it yourself

A shirt is cut out of the white fabric, the cuffs should be assembled on the cuffs, for this, take the pattern of a regular model and modify the sleeves. Draw them a little longer than usual by 7 - 10 cm and at the end a little wider.

Approximately 5 cm from the edge of the sleeve, insert the elastic, making it into the assembly, and trim the cuffs themselves.

Now take the cloth of red color and carve out the breeches of the gnome. To do this, fold the piece of fabric in half. Now attach the folded pants and circle their back and bottom halves alternately. Then stitch first the front, then the back halves between each other, then assemble everything.

The gnome's vest is easy to make. Take the child's shirt, which sits on it perfectly. If you remove the sleeves and cut off the bottom, you get a vest. Apply a shirt on the fabric and circle the neck and shoulders. Then, in the place of the armhole of the desired length, make your notes. Remove the shirt, then finish the armhole for the vest. Thus, you can sew a vest, even if you do not know how to work with patterns at all.

The cap is one of the most important parts in a gnome costume. Making it even easier. In fact, the cap pattern is a very elongated large triangle, whose base is equal to the volume of your child’s head. Take a measurement and divide it in half. Then draw the triangles and stitch them together. Very simple.

Carnival costume gnome simple to do it yourself. You can pick up the necessary elements of attire from the usual wardrobe, adding to it some thematic accessories. It is also easy to sew a costume by yourself. In this case, it will be more expressive and interesting.

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