Nemofile beauty is difficult to compete with exotic flowers or long recognized queen of the garden like roses. However, this annual, which is a part of the groundcover group, knows how to surprise with the coloring of its petals, which look like butterfly wings. Rarely when in a flowerbed this flower grows alone, but it is perfect for background filling of the site, for the sake of which it is grown for non-philophylus not only at home, but also beyond its borders.

Growing Nemofily seed

Nemofila: growing plants from seed

It is very simple to work with non-philic - it is unpretentious and often propagates by self-sowing, therefore it does not require any special procedures in the process of its cultivation. Most gardeners prefer sowing nemofilu immediately in open ground, however, taking care of sufficient lighting and warming the ground, while waiting for germination. The main dates for sowing are from April to July. The exact date depends on when exactly you want to see the flowering of the nemophila: in natural conditions, when the plant sows any areas on its own, it begins to bloom in late June and does not fade until mid-autumn, and this happens in 2 stages.

Consequently, in order to have time to reach the nearest border, it is necessary to sow a nemofil already at the beginning of April, however, this will have to be done under a film, where moisture will be stored. For blooming beds in September, sowing is done closer to mid-July. To obtain flowering even earlier is almost impossible, according to experts, so the seedling method for this plant does not make much sense. Even on the contrary, as flower gardeners have shown, attempts to grow a nemofil at home lead to the appearance of mold on the seeds.

The main point in the cultivation of nemofily - watering and total humidity. After the seeds are scattered on the surface of the earth and are poorly buried with a thin wooden stick, they are covered with a very thin layer of soil, which is carefully moistened with warm water from a spray bottle. For the next 7-10 days spraying is carried out daily, and the area where nemofila is planted is under the film or glass. In addition to keeping the soil moisture at the right level, the film will not allow the occasional heavy rain to wash out the substrate and wash the seeds from it. The maximum period during which it is necessary to expect shoots - 14-15 days.

Nemofila: a photo on a bed and the best varieties

Outwardly nemofila is very similar to a simple and familiar forget-me-not or pansies. By the way, it multiplies in the same way, has about the same height and the same is not large flowers. Therefore, gardeners often call this plant forget-me-not American. However, they have differences, and basically they consist in the color of the petals.

For example, the nemophile "Ladybug", despite the fact that the color does not quite correspond to this insect, is very much like its shell: the same specks of different sizes, mostly purple or blue. The petals themselves are pure white, wide, gathered into a bell with a diameter of 4-5 cm.


This variety of nemofily is the most common in middle-range gardens, along with the non-philic of Mencis, which has blue petals with a pale, almost white edge. The diameter of its flowers is somewhat smaller - it does not exceed 3 cm, and in the middle of each flower there is usually a yellow, brown, cornflower-speck-peephole.


And the most spectacular is undoubtedly the Nemofil Black Cowgirl, whose petals are painted in a deep black color, which, in combination with their non-glossy surface covered with short hairs, gives the flowers a velvety look. A white edging around the edge like a satin ribbon.


In flowerbeds, nemofily gladly grows on their own, as well as coexist with other flowers. The most harmonious combination is obtained with specimens similar to it externally or only with a color spectrum: bells, daisies, forget-me-nots. Due to the fact that nemofila itself is a simple flower, but it is precisely in this rural charm that it is better to place it with the same unpretentious, seemingly not too spectacular, but delicate flowers. However, not only in the flower beds nemofila can please the eye: some gardeners immediately plant it in large pots and boxes located near the house: on its walls, external window sills, etc. It is impossible to grow a non-philo in a room - it quickly dies due to uncomfortable conditions, but it can exist on the street even in a limited space.

Nemofila: a photo on the flowerbed

Nemofila: a photo on the flowerbed

Planting and Care Rules

Nemofila: rules of fit and care

It is very simple to place a nemofilu in the garden - she will gladly occupy those shaded places that the more capricious plants do not agree to, and the richness of her flowering will not suffer at all. The lighting in the area where the nemofila will be located may be diffused, but even if you bring it under direct sunlight, it will not hurt the flower. For this reason, gardeners often prefer this plant, if you want to beautifully fill certain areas: both in the garden and in other areas of the landscape. But even if you want to get a dense nemofil carpet, you need to leave 10-15 cm between them. Free space: this flower grows very well.

Nemofil is not too pretentious to the chemical composition of the soil: if only it had previously been introduced into good drainage (from pebbles with sand to special mixtures), and also occasionally fed the soil with mineral fertilizer. What, however, can be avoided if humus or compost is added to the ground before seeding nonmofila. As for looseness and acidity, then, as the gardeners' comments show, these factors have almost no effect on the plant: it takes root equally well on limestone plots and loams.

The most important thing in the care of nemofiloy - frequent watering. The land around the bushes should be constantly wet, so during dry periods it may be necessary to water the flowers up to 2 times a day, which is especially important when nemophila has not yet reached the age of 2 months. In addition, at the same stage it is worthwhile to organize timely weeding, since low bushes easily shade and fast-growing weeds will fill, and instead of a beautiful carpet, a forest of unattractive grasses will appear. After the seedlings are stronger, they independently tighten the necessary area, preventing the emergence of weeds.

It is very easy to grow nemofilu from seeds, even if it is the first flower in your garden, and you have not dealt with ornamental plants before. It can be sown immediately in open ground due to the cold resistance of non-philophilia, and after that it is sufficient only to be watered and mulched at the roots often during droughty periods. Perhaps it could be called an ideal option for a garden landscape, do not be a flower annual.

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