Natural air freshener with your own hands from essential

For some people, buying a tool to freshen the air is common. For others, the drugs offered by the stores are a source of trouble. After all, an excessively pungent smell can not only irritate, but also cause allergic reactions. Creating an air freshener with your own hands - with an attractive aroma, absolutely safe for health - is not so difficult.

Homemade freshener better?

Homemade air freshener has attractive features.

Homemade air freshener has attractive features. The first of these is pleasant chores that make life more comfortable, atmospheric. Air freshener with his own hands is also characterized by such advantages:

  • the created tool does not harm health, because the composition does not include aggressive chemical elements. The safety of the air freshener is very important because the drug particles get into the upper respiratory tract, on the skin;
  • saving the family budget. Components for home freshener available, lasts them for a long time;
  • respect for the environment, the possibility of multiple use of the bottle for the prepared freshener.

Essential helpers

The first assistants in creating a means to freshen the air - essential oils

The first assistants in creating a means to freshen the air - essential oils. There are several uses for such drugs.

  • An air freshener with your own hands from essential oils can be made by sprinkling a small cotton ball with an oil that emits a pleasant, attractive smell. It is enough to put 2-3 drops. The cotton wool must be placed in a small container (in a jar, on a saucer). Put in a warm place, it is best on the battery to activate the evaporation of esters. This flavoring can be placed in the closet. Essential oil needs to be dripped again when the smell subsides.
  • A natural air freshener with your own hands is easy to prepare as a spray. You can use a spray, which is sprayed with indoor plants (spray). A small amount of water is poured into the container and essential oil is dripped (4 drops).
  • Another option is an aromatic pendant. True, he can not fully play the role of a classic air freshener, but allows him to briefly enjoy his favorite aroma. To make a pendant, choose a small bottle, fill it with sand or flower petals. In the filled container drip a bit of essential oil. Such bottles are kept closed. They can serve as an original decor of a rack or wall shelf. The container is opened, if desired, to let a little charming smell into the room.

To smell good in the car ...

To make an air freshener in the car do it yourself, need to:

  1. Cut out any figurine (herringbone, asterisk, typewriter, etc.) from dense wool felt. The easiest way is to arrange this by first drawing the desired outlines on paper and cutting them out. Then a paper piece is applied to the felt, circled with a marker and cut out.
  2. Put some essential oil on a shaped shred of felt. The smell needs to be updated 1-2 times a week, sprinkling the fabric figure with oil. The fragrance is stored for a long time, the cabin will be fresh and pleasant.
  3. Make a hole in the figurine freshener, thread a ribbon or chain into it and hang it in a convenient place.

Fresh your home!

Fans of flavoring thick consistency have the opportunity to create a gel air freshener with their own hands:

  1. Dissolve in 1 tbsp. water 2 tbsp. l gelatin.
  2. Add 1 tbsp. l glycerin, which protects the mixture from drying out.
  3. Add a few drops of essential oil to taste.

According to the above recipe, you can prepare an air freshener for a car with your own hands.. This mixture does not splash during movement. If the dye is added to the composition and placed in a transparent jar, it will, among other things, be an original decor.

Lovers of flavoring thick consistency have the opportunity to create a gel freshener

What else can be done from the simplest means?

  • The smell of citrus is always reminiscent of the holiday, gives any cloudy day of brightness, warmth. Therefore, flavors with this smell are very popular. There is no difficulty in creating an orange-based home air freshener. It will take 2 fruits in which you need to stick 10-15 pieces. seasoning cloves. This amount of homemade fresheners enough for a spacious room. Enjoy the aroma can be for 14 days.
  • The smell of coniferous wood not only in the New Year, but at any other time fills the house with freshness. Moreover, this flavoring eliminates microbes. A few sprigs of pine in a vase with water is beautiful and useful. To prolong the effectiveness of such a natural freshener, you need to sprinkle with water the needles themselves.
  • Known for its antibacterial properties and soda - this substance can be used to refresh the atmosphere. Components are soda and citrus oil. It will take a small jar, a lid with holes or a piece of foil.


  1. Fill the container with soda 1/4 of the volume.
  2. Add orange or lemon oil (8-10 drops).
  3. Cover the container with a lid or foil, place in a warm place.
  4. To spread the smell of the jar sometimes shake.
  5. As required drip oil.

To be fresh in the bathroom, it is not necessary to buy a special spray. Without much difficulty, you can create an air freshener with your hands for the toilet. Effective are the following methods:

  • to 1 tbsp. boiled water add 1 tbsp. l soda and vinegar, mix. This mixture is poured into a spray bottle. To achieve maximum antibacterial effect, this freshener is used for the toilet bowl. You can add and smell component, using aromatic oil;
  • make jelly in one container (water plus gelatin). Separately prepare a mixture of salt, table vinegar, essential oil. Combine both, leave in a cold place to set. This gel freshener should be divided into parts to put in the tank, draining water. This removes harmful microbes and unpleasant odors.

To make a means of improving the air - a feasible occupation for everyone. Homemade drugs have significant advantages, because they can be prepared in accordance with their own preferences, without using potential allergens. For both home and car interior, it is easy to make effective air fresheners that will delight you with your favorite fragrances for a long time. In addition, needles, soda-based mixtures have an antibacterial effect - great for freshness and health!

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