Names for hamsters. how to choose a hamster name

Many decide to start a hamster as pets, because they do not need a lot of space and too careful care. And hamsters eat practically everything that we eat, without causing any special troubles. These are fruits, and vegetables, and seeds, and porridges. And although hamsters are in a cage almost all the time, they should also have a name, like any other pet.

How to choose a name for a hamster by its color?

Choosing a name for your hamster, you can, first of all, pay attention to its color.

  • For red hamsters suitable names Peach, Mandarin, Apricot, Ryzhik, Fox, Medoc.
  • For the gray hamster - Gray, Smoke or Gray.
  • For white, you can choose from the names Kefir, White, Snowball, White, Angel, Marshmallow, Sundae.
  • For the black hamster are the names of Black, Black, Ember.

Names for hamsters according to their appearance and behavior

Choose a name for a small pet can be, focusing on the characteristics of his appearance and behavior.

  • For well-fed hamsters, the names Mars, Sandwich, Hot, Snickers, Donut, Puhlyak, Fat Man, Skinny Hipster, Kamaz may be appropriate.
  • But for a lively and smart hamster - Drive, Rogue, Diesel, Meteor, Tyson, Zhivchik, Shustrik, Boy, Kid, Ferrari.
  • If your hamster is very fluffy, the names Zhorik, Fluff, Ottoman, Fluffy will be as good as possible.

What do you call a hamster boy?

  • If you purchased a hamster boy, you can give him the usual male name: Yasha, Afonya, Fomka, Shurik, Fedya, Arkasha, Borka, Senka, Gavryusha, Garik, Kesha, Phil.
  • You can take the names of famous heroes or people: Churchill, Caesar, Franklin, Clinton, Watson, Sherlock, Shakespeare, Giordano.
  • For lovers of originality, the names - Baron, Herzog, Kronprinz, Graf - will be just a godsend.
  • Popular names for hamsters are Vzhik, Chip, Byte, Space, Cupcake, Dale, McDuck, Lyolik, Marzipan, Bams, Chips, Vint, Jerry, Boatsman, Gag, Dominik, Gluck, Pepper, Yogurt, Knock, Kokos, Chub, Marsik , Matvey, Cursor, Pascal, Dream Interpretation, Pixel, Treves, Chester, Crunch.

What do you call a hamster girl?

  • Plush, Mila and Murka names will be the most original names for hamster girls. Especially if your pets are cheeked and fat.
  • Name Bead can be converted to different abbreviated names: Busok, Busia, Busyonok.
  • A hamster girl who runs all day in her cage can be called Maya or Yula.
  • A hamster that eats all day should be called Georgette.
  • For a girl who loves to hide in her bedding and dream, choose a name Sonya.
  • A hamster who likes to run away, having opened a cage, it is better to name Shura.

After watching your hamster for several days, you can notice its features and choose the most appropriate name for it.

How to choose a dzhungar hamster name?

Any name to whom it belongs should emphasize the individuality of its owner, and hamsters are no exception. There are several species of hamster, which are usually chosen for the home, and one of them is the Jungar hamster. They are very small in size, but also have their own characteristics. One is aggressive, the other is running all the time, and the third is hoarding.

According to experienced breeders, Dzhungar hamsters are well suited Product Related Names. The most fashionable of them are Toffee, Nut, Bagel, Zephyr, Marzipan, Citrus. You can also compile a name from the names of the hamster parents using the principle name selection for purebred animals.

Choosing a name for hamsters using fantasy

If you want to choose the most unusual name for your hamster, you can give him a first name, a middle name and even a surname. Of course, this is done only to create a good mood, but try not to overdo it.

To quickly find a name for your baby, you can take any spelling dictionary and choose a name that you just like.

Can also help random name generators and specialized sites dedicated to breeding hamsters, their maintenance and care of them.

Top Hamster Names on the Internet

According to the latest polls among fans of hamsters, top names were created for these cute animals. The names in it are distributed by the number of points that they scored. If you find it difficult to make a choice, you can orient yourself to the place of the name it occupies in this online rating. These are Amalia, Anasis, Alesya, Yashka, Asha, Alesya, Aqua, Alya, Assol, Angela, Ariel, Amira, Aisha, Anfisa, Bonya, Brigantine, BiBi, Basel, Butterfly, Bisector, Bushka, Baffin, Bucks, Bani , Datsi, Dana, Juni, Julia, Jaina, Jakey, Dinah, Gilly, Dinky, Gummi, Gita, Burya, Dnepr, Bob, Arnica, Radia, Bo-Bo, Barbazyushka, Guara, Veli, Anion, Aza, Yasinya, Wang Veles.

Choosing a name, remember that it is important for a hamster, first of all, how to look after him. If the hamster is warm, satisfying, clean, it will respond to any name. So read the article How to care for hamsters ?.

Special recommendations of experts when choosing a name for such a small decorative animal are not. Here the main thing is that the owner himself likes the name. When choosing a name, try to use your imagination. If you still have difficulties, you can always refer to the Internet and special headings that will help you make your choice.

Try to choose a name that will suit your little pet. If it is you and others to cause a smile, that's fine. Your pet can please you not only with its presence, but also with the sound of its name.

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