Names for dogs girls

In a family where there is a dog, children grow up much more responsible and kind than their peers.

By purchasing a dog or taking a puppy from the street, you will find a friend and protector for yourself for many years. But in order for your communication and mutual understanding to be complete, you need to choose a name for your pet. When choosing a name you need to pay attention to the breed of dog, its size, character, color, habits and the presence of pedigree, as well as - gender.

Recommendations when choosing a name for dogs girls

The name for the puppy should be chosen in order to make it suitable for an adult dog. According to the advice of professional canine best if the name is not too complicated and long for the pronunciation and perception of the dog itself. The best option would be the name of 1-3 syllables. It is desirable that in the name were the letters в, г, д and р, such sounds are most easily perceived by the hearing of the dog.

Names options for girls dogs

  • If you want to give your dog a beautiful, but long female name, you can do it, but it is advisable to think about its abbreviated version for normal communication with the dog. The name Ariadne can be shortened to the more euphonic Ari, Adeline to Ali, Gabrielmo Gabriel, Dora would be a good option for Pandora. Asya can become an abbreviated name Assol, Viola - Violetta, Bella - Isabella, and Magda - Magdalena.
  • Fashionable names for girls' dogs now are the double names of Abbi-Gina, Pani-Cesara, Laura-Judith, Vesta-Yani.
  • From the usual names, you can choose the following: Alice, Daria, Delta, Gamma, Zlata, Greta, Vista, Agatha, Diana, Bagi, Killer Whale, Isa, Linda, Alba, Nix, Julie, Jean, Jesse, Chloe, Sandra, Naida, Honda , Londa, Tina, Christie, Martha, Lyme, Hilda, Lady, Lada.

Fine and childish names for girls' dogs

For lovers of sophistication, the names can be: Athena, Aurora, Bagheera, Baroness, Barbara, Duchess, Donna, Juliet, Isolda, Jeannette, Camelia, Carmen, Marquise, Monica, Milady, Olympia, Signora, Francesca, Charlotte.

If you want, you can choose the names that children have come up with for the dogs. This will be true, especially if you buy a puppy for your baby. Toffee, Button, Squirrel, Squeak, Kalinka, Pusya, Malvina, Doll, Milka, Bunny, Baby, Plush, Weasel, Cherry, Palma, Mickey, Umka, Paw, Arrow.

Choosing a name for a spaniel - girls

Spaniels are very smart hunting dogs and will quickly get used to their name. Choosing the name of such an active dog, try to take into account all these qualities. For girls it is better to choose the names melodic, pleasant to the ear. For resilient spaniels fit the names of Jolie, Malva, Iskra, Misty, Aina, Lada, Ferrat. They will help emphasize all their qualities.

Names for small dogs

When choosing a name for dogs of decorative breeds avoid nicknames that will contrast with their size.First of all, you must choose a name that matches the size of the pet. If you watch a puppy's behavior a little, you will be able to catch the peculiarities of his behavior and character, which will be a good help for choosing a name. In choosing a name for dogs of small breeds, special directories with the given names can help.

German names will be especially good for the Pinscher breed, which will emphasize the roots of this breed. Victoria, Adeline, translated from Old German "noble", Ursula - "bear cub" can be chosen for the pinch girl.

Here are a few more names that may suit small dogs: May, Alex, Gloria, Vulture, Artemis, Jer, Babbit, Bonny, Mechi, Foski.

Japanese names for girls' dogs

Japanese names for dogs of different breeds are becoming fashionable. If you don’t have an obligation to give your dog a name strictly according to the rules for pedigree dogs according to the pedigree, and you don’t pay attention to sharing the choice of names strictly by breed, Japanese names can become just a godsend for you.

The name Kabuto means armor, Mitsu translated into Russian means shine, and Takara means treasure. These names will be the most unusual among many others. Japanese-Russian dictionary can be a great help for you in choosing a name.

Names for dogs girls breed Husky

For real husky with thick hair and beautiful bright blue eyes, you can choose names taken from husky films and Jack London books. The names of strong characters will be most welcome for representatives of this breed. Buddha, Shasti, Damina, Badi can be good options. The names of geographical objects will also be good: Tundra, Severin, Althea, Montana, Alaska and the Arctic.

You can give the name in the form of a phrase that is usually assigned in nurseries: Northern Lights, West Wind. Names beginning with the letters X and P are especially pleasing to dogs. The names Helga, Khlodi, Kharina will look like a husky barking.

Top 20 dog names

The first 6 places are occupied by nicknames beginning with the letter A: Alberi, Alex, Alish, Augusta, Alva and Alba. 7 place is nicknamed Dana. And again on 8,9,10,11 places nicknames on the letter A: Angara, Anid, Hell, Abel. At the 12th and 13th place are the nicknames of Bert and Nick. And close the 20-ku, starting with the 14th place Assol, Ulm, Alexy, Alert, Asya, Adel and Algi.

Dog-girls are always more obedient and affectionate than boys. They are more devoted and less energetic, preferring to stay close to the owner. Therefore, the name for your beauty is better to choose a soft and beautiful, which will be clear to your dog and pleasant to the ear.

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