Myrtle tree

Myrtle tree growers have long been known. A thousand years ago it was grown as an ornamental plant. However, in some modern countries it still remains quite rare, for example, in Britain.

Myrtle tree can now be grown in residential areas as well as in winter gardens, greenhouses and offices.

The appearance of the myrtle tree

Myrtle tree is an evergreen shrub. it one of the oldest and most beautiful indoor plants.

Myrtle tree: how to care for him?

In height, a tree can reach 50-60 cm. Certainly, in order to give it beauty and a refined form, pruning and shaping are required.

  1. Myrtle Tree Leavessmall, leathery, dark green, oblong in shape. They smell really good. If you rub a leaf, the flavor will increase.
  2. Flowering myrtle tree in summer. He has numerous white flowers. with long bright yellow stamens, have a pleasant smell.
  3. After flowering the ground tree can give fruits - dark blue berries. But for this you will have to pollinate it artificially. Take a brush, swipe it over the stamens of one flower, and then pestle another flower. When the pollen from all the flowers is on the tassel, once again walk it through the pistils of all the flowers in order to know for sure that the pollination has occurred. In nature, the myrtle tree is pollinated by insects.

Types of Myrtle Tree

  • In modern flower shops, most often the only type of myrtle tree is sold - myrtle ordinary. Its leaves are ovate, 5 cm in length, cupped flowers with numerous small golden stamens.
  • Also on sale small-leaved myrtle. It is a miniature replica of an ordinary myrtle tree.
  • Some flower lovers found myrtle. The leaves are large, and the flowers are the same as in ordinary myrtle tree
  • Extremely rarely can you meet Myrtle tree of Boetics. This species is rare, because it causes difficulties in cultivation. Very whimsical and unusual for indoor conditions.

Types of Myrtle Tree

Location in the house of myrtle tree

Myrtle tree is a very noticeable and spectacular green pet in any house. Therefore, choose the most open space for it in the living room, bedroom, etc. But The best room for myrtle wood is the kitchen. Here you can not work on creating and maintaining optimal conditions for the plant content.

Well place myrtle tree in the nursery.It is said that in the composition of the green parts of the plant there are substances with anti-allergic and anti-cold properties. And it is extremely useful for children. Myrtle tree will protect your child. In addition, myrtle tree since ancient times valued for its cleansing properties. The air in the room where you put the plant will be clean, fresh and please you with a light pleasant smell.

Most southwestern and eastern windows for myrtle wood Your house. On the windows of the north side of the house he may lack light. And the light - one of the most necessary conditions for flowering plants.

Myrtle tree prefers not only bright, open spaces, but also well ventilated. In the summer, be sure to take it out to fresh air - to the balcony or to the garden. It is important to know that in dry and very stuffy rooms near the myrtle tree leaves may fall.

Do not place a myrtle tree away from the window, it is important for it to have a window next to it at any time of the year (or at least a window leaf). Drafts are very useful for the myrtle tree, because, due to the flow of air, it releases substances that kill germs.

Location in the house of myrtle tree

In winter, it is recommended to place a myrtle tree in a warm room away from heating and spray devices as often as possible. Although the best way out of the situation is to move a myrtle tree to a glazed balcony.

Myrtle tree: how to care? Care for the world tree

Myrtle tree - quite unpretentious plant.It is generally not difficult to care for him. It is enough to know that it loves: light or shade, warmth or coolness, so before you get a myrtle tree, read the rules for caring for it.

  • Lighting.Bright sunshine. However, from the scorching midday sun, the plant is best to prune.
  • Temperature.Myrtle tree can tolerate temperatures from 2 ° C to 36 ° C. In summer, the temperature should be at room temperature (20 ° С -25 ° С), in winter it should not fall below 8 ° С -10 ° С. Winter pet is better to take out on the glazed balcony.
  • Air humiditydefinitely high required. Myrtle tree responds well to frequent leaf spraying. Sometimes you can arrange a warm shower.

Myrtle tree: how to care? Care for the world tree

  • Watering. In the summer requires abundant watering, in the winter - moderate.
  • Breedsmyrtle trevolite top shanks. Their rooting usually occurs a month or a month and a half after separation from the maternal individual.
  • TransplantedMyrtle tree if necessary in the spring. Young plants are transplanted every year, and adults - 1 time in 2 years. The best time of the year for transplantation is, of course, spring, but summer is not bad for this.
  • In order for the myrtle tree to delight you and your loved ones with its beauty as long as possible, you need to properly care for it.In caring gardeners myrtle tree has a beautiful well-groomed shape.

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Regular pruning is another important addition to caring for a myrtle tree. First myrtle bush, and then the tree with this care will look very neat, neat and elegant. It is the best of all to make cutting before beginning of growth, in the spring. Pruning is good for myrtle wood.also by the fact that it stimulates the formation of new shoots, and your tree in this case becomes more magnificent and more beautiful.

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