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In computer stores today pretty a large selection of computer mouse pads. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. But sometimes it is a pity to give a large amount for a beautiful rug. And sometimes you want to have a thing, the so-called Hand-made, that is, a thing made with your own hands. In these cases, you are sure to help our advice about how to make a mouse pad with your own hands.

Material of computer mouse pad

  • Those mouse pads that are sold in stores, most often, are made of plastic, plexiglass, leather and ordinary material. From the same materials you can make a rug and you. But note that some materials, such as plastic and plexiglass, will require special tools.
  • You can use felt or velvet. Just keep in mind that the material must be very dense. Otherwise, he will crawl around the table, along with the mouse.
  • When you decide on the material from which will make a mouse pad, test it. Try to move it with the mouse, does it slide well on the surface? Does it respond well?

  • For making mouse pads You can use a sheet of cardboard, wallpaper or linoleum. The materials are strong enough. In addition, their trimming will always be found in almost every home.
  • In a word, the material from which you will make the mouse pad, should have a smooth surface. In addition, completely eliminate fleece from the work. The villi will be clogged in the holes of the mouse, which, in the end, will make it unusable.

DIY Mouse Pad Ideas

  • It is possible to create new computer mouse pad from old. To do this, carefully peel off the top ruffled layer from the mat. And then stick overthrow a new one. This may be, for example, a piece of linoleum or a plastic napkin with a pattern.
  • You can cut out any form of linoleum. The most common forms used for computer mice are heart, fruit, maple leaf.
  • Can cut shape not only from linoleum. For this perfect and felt.
  • Can be original. Order a photo, but not printed on paper, but printed on the material. Now a large number of firms offer this service. And it is inexpensive. When the photo on the material is ready, stick it to the old rug or leather. Rug ready!

  • If you feel the potential of a true home craftsman, you can try create a light organ mat. It is made of plexiglass, using wires, light bulbs and beautiful pictures. Detailed schemes for the assembly of such a rug can be found on the Internet.
  • Can make a mouse pad out of yarn. For this we need a package, bright yarn and hairspray extra strong fixation. On the package we lay out the yarn beautifully, in random order. Each layer is heavily filled with varnish, and leave until the yarn is completely dry. When it is dry, we cut the yarn in random order. The width between the lines should be no more than two centimeters! After you have stitched the yarn, we wash the rug with shampoo, wait until it dries, and, behold, the magnificent rug is ready!

DIY Mouse Pad Decor

  • Take a piece of linoleum or leather, draw on it a beautiful pattern with acrylic paints. And then cover with several layers of varnish so that the picture is not erased and not smeared.
  • If you decide to use felt for making mouse pads, It can be embroidered on the edge. Drawing can be any - it is a matter of your imagination. But remember, the picture should be flat, and it should be positioned at the edges. Otherwise, the mouse can "stick" on the embroidery.
  • If you are not satisfied with the usual embroidery, and you decide to go even further, you can embroider a beautiful ornament with beads. But, again, do not forget, this should be done only at the edges. Otherwise mouse pad lose its functionality.
  • Can to decorate mouse pad, which you did with your own hands, and rhinestones. This decoration is also subject to the rule indicated in the two preceding paragraphs.
  • You can stick an ordinary photo on the old mat. And so that it does not come quickly into disrepair, laminate a mat or cover it with several layers of varnish.
  • Can decorate mouse pad figures from paper in the form of flowers of animals and ornaments. However, do not forget, all applications should be flat.

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After reading this article, you will gather a lot of ideas, how to make a mouse pad with your own hands. And maybe not even one rug will appear in your house, but a lot, according to your mood!

Good luck to you!