Monkey made of felt

On the eve of every January-February, many of us acquire various souvenirs, symbolizing the coming year according to the Chinese calendar. Funny animals appear on the shelves, made of a wide variety of materials, including felt. Meanwhile, such crafts can easily be made by hand.

Homemade symbol of 2016

Felt monkey: pattern

The coming year is sure to bring you good luck if you have a felt monkey. The pattern of this toy can be quite simple, and more complex, that is, for the skilled worker with any experience in needlework. Such a monkey will become not only a wonderful decorative element, if it is attached to a wall or curtains, but also:

  • interesting key ring or phone case;
  • cute brooch or hairpin;
  • hot water bottle on the mug;
  • original appliqué on a sweater or mittens;
  • fun decoration on the bag;
  • pleasant to the touch toy for the child.

The advantages of making felt toys

If you like soft crafts, you will surely like the felt monkey with your own hands. Patterns of these animals, as already mentioned, can be varied, but the material is recommended one - felt. The fact is that this fabric:

  • It doesn’t get too much (it’s easy to work with even a beginner)
  • perfectly keeps its shape (which is especially important for such miniature toys);
  • has persistent bright colors (that is, the monkey will look like a new one for a long time);
  • soft (pleasant to take in hand).

Felt monkeys: patterns and schemes

Felt monkeys: patterns and schemes

Before undertaking the manufacture of a cloth animal, you need to consider some features of working with felt:

  • patterns are made without allowances;
  • to make it look neat, you need to pick up the thread in color or contrasting shades;
  • stitches on the toy should be made small and of the same length, since they will be very noticeable on the product;
  • it is best to fill volumetric toys with holofiber: it is more dense and uniform than the synthetic winterizer;
  • no need to overdo it with a filler, otherwise the animal will become shapeless.

Pattern of the original suspension

To sew the original monkey-suspension of this fabric, it will take quite a bit of time.

Felt monkey: pattern, suspension pattern


Felt monkey: pattern, suspension pattern

  • paper;
  • a piece of nonwoven;
  • holofiber ball;
  • scissors;
  • blue and white felt;
  • blue floss threads;
  • long thin needle;
  • bead-nose and bead-eyes;
  • pink pencil.


  1. On paper we draw the oval of the monkey head, a wide oval of the body, a twisted tail, 2 legs, an elongated figure eight for the muzzle and 2 ears.
  2. We transfer all the details, except the face, on the blue felt, cut out in 2 copies.
  3. Muzzle do white.
  4. We make a pattern of tail, ears, head and legs from non-woven fabric.
  5. Sew on the head of the muzzle neat stitches.
  6. On the muzzle we have beads of the nose, eyes.
  7. Thread show mouth.
  8. We fold the pair of parts, paving between them flizelin, sew with a sweeping seam in color.
  9. In torso lay filler.
  10. We stitch all the details.
  11. On the face do pencil blush.
  12. On the tummy we show the navel.

Pattern toys made of felt - funny monkey

Felt toys create a completely unusual atmosphere of comfort in the house.


  • brown and beige felt;
  • brown and black floss threads;
  • long thin needle;
  • filler;
  • scissors;
  • paper;
  • pencil.


  1. On paper we draw the oval of the body, the stretched figure eight of the muzzle, the circle of the head, the small circle-tummy, the long legs, the small palms and the feet, the ears.Felt monkey: pattern, suspension pattern
  2. We transfer the pattern to the fabric, making the tummy, muzzle, feet and palms beige.
  3. Cut out all the details, feed muzzles, in duplicate.
  4. On the muzzle we embroider eyes, nose and mouth with black threads.Felt monkey: pattern, suspension patternFelt monkey: pattern, suspension pattern

    Felt monkey: pattern, suspension patternFelt monkey: pattern, suspension patternFelt monkey: pattern, suspension patternFelt monkey: pattern, suspension patternFelt monkey: pattern, suspension patternFelt monkey: pattern, suspension patternFelt monkey: pattern, suspension patternFelt monkey: snout
  5. Paws-hands sew with palms, and legs - with the feet.Felt monkey: pattern and tailoringFelt monkey: sealFelt monkey: stitchingFelt monkey: felt heels
  6. We sew paired elements from the inside out, turn out and fill. We draw attention to the fact that ears should not get too much stuff. You can completely leave them without filler.
  7. We stitch elements. Monkey ready.Felt monkey: decoration

Making a heating pad on a mug

The original cloth monkey can be very functional - for example, to keep your favorite drink warm.


  • pieces of gray, red and white felt;
  • scissors;
  • 2 buttons;
  • thread needle.


  1. Measure the circumference of the circle and its height.
  2. We build on gray felt a rectangle with these values.
  3. From white fabric we make an oval of an attractive face.
  4. On a white oval we place a small piece of red felt - a monkey's mouth.
  5. We embroider the threads with threads, we sew buttons-eyes.
  6. Sewing muzzle on the base.
  7. We sew the ears on the sides of the base.
  8. We make a side seam with a hole for the handle of the cup. Warmer ready.

Monkey cartoon for finger theater

The development of fine motor skills in children best of all occurs in the process of playing finger theater. Felt monkeys can become the favorite "actors" of the toy troupe.

Felt monkey for finger theater


  • felt of two colors (dark and light shade);
  • thread to match;
  • needle;
  • a piece of chalk or soap for drawing on the cloth;
  • scissors.


  1. Fold the dark fabric in half.
  2. Using chalk or soap, we draw the monkey's body in the shape of the letter T.
  3. We make a circle for the head and small circles for the ears.
  4. On a light felt draw a figure eight faces.
  5. Cut out all the elements.
  6. Threads show the mouth, nose and eyes of a monkey.
  7. We sew an attractive face to the head.
  8. We stitch double details.
  9. We connect all parts of the animal.

Want to give your loved ones a good mood and a symbol of good luck in 2016? Then you need a monkey made of felt. The pattern of this animal can be very simple, if you only master crafts made of natural fabric, or more intricate - for experienced needlewomen. In any case, a cheerful little face will give smiles and joy to all who look at her.

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