Money tree feng shui

Money occupies an important place in our life. Much depends on how you feel about them: do you think money is just worthless pieces of paper, or, on the contrary, treat them with special trepidation, sort out each piece of paper with a shake in your hands? Money needs to be loved, but correctly, and the Feng Shui money tree will help you in this.

First, decide what you will do with the sudden influx of money, why do you need it? What can you spend them on? Can you accept the fact that your life will change when you have more money? Answering these questions is important, because if you clearly articulate your needs and monetary requests to the world, he will be able to fully give you what you want.

Feng Shui says that if a person is rich, his wealth is manifested in many areas of life - in his spiritual development, culture and material values. For example, a frog on a red napkin with a Chinese coin in its mouth is an excellent talisman of wealth, but the most powerful and popular talisman of wealth is the money tree. The money tree located in the right place will certainly attract monetary success to the owner of the house.

How to grow a money tree?

  • If you want to grow your money tree and watch how it turns from a small one into a large and powerful one, then do not acquire an already mature tree. Break off a small leaf or petiole from an already large tree, and it is better to snatch a small piece of wood in secret, and then the strength of your talisman will increase. A money tree multiplies rather quickly and a powerful tree can grow from one small leaf in a short time.
  • Today in the world there are about 300 species of money tree, which differ in the properties and form. The official name of the money tree is a bollard tree (Crassula arborescens), it grows in South Africa.
  • To plant a tree, get a shallow and wide pot; pour earth mixture for succulents or cacti into it. You can prepare the mixture yourself if you take leafy earth and mix it with a small amount of ash and sand.

  • A dry tree should be dried for several hours before planting in the ground. Then, after planting the appendage, cover the pot with a transparent jar or foil so that the plant will stick better and from time to time open the foil for ventilation. You should not grow a money tree near cacti, as cactus spines can be problems on your way to money.
  • The fat woman easily copes with the conditions of indoor content. In the summer, it is better to take it to the open air, for example, to a balcony, but at the same time protect the tree from rain. A suitable temperature for the summer period is 20-22̊С. In winter, the sweetie should be kept in a cooler room, the ideal temperature is about 15 ° C.
  • In the irrigation of the money tree there are no strict rules; in the summer, visually determine when the soil is dry enough, but do not allow strong moisture. The moisture of the earth can be determined by piercing the ground with a pencil or finger. In winter, the soil should be moistened much less frequently, once a month will be quite enough. Many housewives prefer to spray their flowers, but the fatty woman more needs to regularly wipe the leaves from dust.
  • Feed the money tree should be in the spring or summer once or twice a month, you can take the usual fertilizer for cacti. Fertilizer is applied to the soil immediately after the irrigation procedure. In the period from September to February, the fatty woman retires and practically does not require special care.

Useful tips for the care of the money tree

  • You should not expose the bastard under the direct exposure to sunlight, as the plant can get severe burn.
  • Put a pot with a pottery periodically with different sides towards the sun, otherwise the tree may grow unevenly and asymmetrically.
  • When the fat man grows out, transplant it into a larger pot, as under the influence of thick leaves the tree may not hold and turn over.
  • Sometimes the money tree blooms, but when kept in room conditions it happens infrequently.

Where to have a money tree feng shui?

It is not enough just to plant a money tree, it is also important to choose the right location for it. The science of feng shui says that the southeast side of the house is responsible for wealth and wealth, so it is there that you should arrange your money tree. To determine the location of the south-east side can be using a compass. Take the front door as a reference point, or follow the traditional compass definition of the cardinal points. And at the same time in the future when defining all other zones in your house, stick to only one chosen method.

How to make money sector?

When you understand the location, the zone of wealth should proceed to its design. Understand all the old unnecessary things, do not clutter up your house, because such things prevent new energy from entering your home. Place a live or real money tree on the chosen place. For the best attraction of money energy, place a few bills under the money tree.. Red color symbolizes wealth, so decorate the tree with red ribbons, and put a red napkin under the pot. You can buy napkins with symbols of Feng Shui wealth, or you can embroider a symbol on a usual napkin. The interior of the monetary zone is settled in green or blue-blue shades.

Take care and take care of your tree. A living plant should be watered regularly, providing it with the necessary source of light, but an artificial tree also requires a careful attitude, wipe the dust from it and admire it. Love it and then the money tree will surely thank you with wealth and cash flow.

And if you want to make a money tree with your own hands, the article Money Tree of Beads will help you.

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