Modular paintings for the interior. the choice of modular

Pictures in a remarkable way complement the design of residential buildings and apartments, they emphasize the style and enliven the room. The most modern and original are modular options. In general, they are not very different from the usual, but at the same time have important features. The modular picture is an image divided into several parts, which stir at a small distance from each other.

Segmented pictures: photo and description

Modular paintings are a new modern direction in painting, they are very popular in America and Europe. They are placed not only in residential premises. Segmented paintings will add originality and appeal to offices, hotels and shops. In addition, they allow you to save on the painting of walls and the work of designers. Segmented pictures are considered to be composed of separate parts, but combined with one idea, a plot. Such paintings are classified according to the number of parts.

Interior modular paintings

Interior modular paintings

Interior modular paintings

Interior modular paintings

Interior modular paintings

Interior modular paintings

Consisting of 2 segments is called a diptych.

  • From 3 - triptych.
  • From 5 - pentaptyh.
  • Of 6 or more - polyptych.

Segmented paintings made by artists by hand in oil or acrylic paints will be expensive. But you can still buy more budget options. Some companies make printed products that look also beautiful and original, but many times cheaper than exclusive handmade work.

Modular pictures are distinguished by brightness, originality and a variety of topics, so they will suit any style in the interior. Such decorative elements look easy and unobtrusive due to the absence of a visually weighting framework, which is an indispensable attribute of classic paintings. In these design attributes, the focus is on color, because the paintings should be in harmony with other interior objects. The most common are images of landscapes, flowers and still lifes, and many people prefer abstractions. Paintings are mainly made on canvas with oil or acrylic paints, they can also be printed on a natural basis.

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Parts of modular paintings can be located in any position, most often they are placed vertically, but can also be in the horizontal and diagonal directions. Some elements are able to intersect with each other, it all depends on the idea of ​​the artist.

We select pictures for the kitchen

Interior modular paintings

Placing at least one modular picture in the kitchen will completely change the appearance of the room, refresh it and add color. Products of this type create the illusion of movement and even small and dark rooms enliven remarkably. You will be happy to spend time in this kitchen. Bright colors and motifs depicting fruits and vegetables, unobtrusive landscapes, paintings in Japanese and Chinese style, floristic drawings are suitable for this room. It will look good paintings with a water theme and abstraction.

The modular picture will be a wonderful and original gift for relatives and friends, only when choosing it you should be guided by the features of the interior and its color scheme.

What to choose for the living room?

Interior modular paintings

Interior modular paintings

In the living room the placement of paintings will be very appropriate, here you can hang images in various styles and themes. Segmented variants with fragments located separately create the illusion of merging them into a single whole, if you look at them from a distance, it will seem that you have a solid picture. The modules look voluminous, they are very bright and will be the key focus in the interior of the living room.

It is important that the picture is in harmony with the background of the walls and furniture. Beautifully such decor looks on plain walls, then all the attention will focus on the elements of the image. It is not necessary to place a picture, the tones of which will conflict with the background of the wall, curtains and other components of the interior. For the living room fit abstraction, images of flowers and paintings in the style of realism.

Features bedroom decoration

Interior modular paintings

In the bedroom you can place images of flowers and compositions of them, landscapes will look beautiful. If the room is made in Japanese style, paintings can be hung appropriate. In addition, this topic is now very popular, and you can easily find a picture for yourself.

In the children's bedroom will be relevant products with images of characters and scenes from the favorite cartoons of the child. You can also pick up beautiful landscapes or fragments of the adventures of young travelers.

How to make a modular picture by yourself?

Interior modular paintings

It is not always possible to find the desired image in the store. In this case, the modular picture can be done by hand. If you follow all the rules and take into account the recommendations, it will be no worse than purchased or made to order. It’s not at all necessary to draw by hand, you can use high-quality printing, which is now done not only on paper, but also on plastic and canvas. It is enough to choose the image you like and the material you want and submit the picture to print, and then arrange each piece and place it on the wall. There is also an easier way by which as a modular picture you can decorate your house with your own photos.

You will need a simple foam plastic, picture printout and white glue. First you need to decide on the style and theme of the picture, as well as pick up a high-resolution image. Using a graphic editor, divide this image into several parts, the optimal number of fragments from 3 to 5. Then enlarge each fragment to the size of a regular printed sheet and print the whole picture. Next, each section will need to be glued to the foam, which should be pre-fit to the size of the image. Decorate the sides of the picture with colored paper or other material to your taste. The main thing is that its color is combined with the color scheme of the picture and the shades of the walls.

You can also use old oil paintings, high-quality photo wallpapers and your own photos to create segmented paintings. You can apply large paintings made on wood or canvas. It is enough to divide the pictures into several fragments and stick them on the base, for example, on foam plastic or wood. Thus, the old paintings will find a new life and will look modern.

Modular pictures are not framed with baguettes or frames; the space between fragments acts as a demarcation border. If you frame the image with a frame, integrity will be lost and the special effect of the module will disappear. It will lose its lightness and movement, which are possible only if the picture is divided into several parts.

To revive and decorate your home, many designers recommend replacing ordinary paintings with modular ones. It is also a great option for posting photos on the wall. Making such pictures with your own hands is simple, but if you are not sure that you can do the work carefully, it is better to turn to professionals.

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