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The most comfortable room in the house, many consider the kitchen. Here you can not only cook and eat, but also gather your whole family for board games or make friends. Therefore, it is so important that the interior of the room is the most thoughtful and multifunctional. To give it originality, designers recommend paying special attention to the creation of curtains or curtains in the kitchen with their own hands.

The purpose of curtains and curtains in the kitchen

The purpose of curtains and curtains in the kitchen

Every hostess wants her kitchen to be perfectly comfortable, clean and beautiful. An important role in this is played by the choice of curtains or curtains. What is the difference between these two concepts? Curtains are made of thick fabrics, more bulky and much longer than curtains. The latter are usually correlated in length with the sill line and are modeled from light, more draped fabrics. Therefore, it is easy to sew curtains into the kitchen with your own hands - you just need to choose the right patterns.

In addition to aesthetic purposes, curtains perform a number of other important functions:

  • protect the room from bright sunlight;
  • prevent overheating of work surfaces and household appliances;
  • protect windows from exposure to hot temperatures cooker.

That is why an important condition for sewing curtains is the choice of material. Best suited fabrics:

  • who endure high temperatures;
  • well washed, do not require ironing;
  • do not fade;
  • do not fade in the sun;
  • contain the minimum amount of synthetics to avoid the possibility of ignition.

Designers recommend to opt for viscose, flax.

How to choose a model of curtains depending on the design of the kitchen?

Model curtains should fit harmoniously into the overall ensemble of design elements. Therefore, first you need to get acquainted with the most popular room design options, and then choose from the photo modern curtains to the kitchen, actual in 2015. The most functional this year are the kitchens, decorated in the style:

  • high-tech (furniture and decorative elements of geometric shapes are made with a metallic finish);

How to choose a model of curtains depending on the design of the kitchen?

  • East (upholstered furniture, preference for rounded shapes in the design);

How to choose a model of curtains depending on the design of the kitchen?

  • country (rustic comfort, which is provided by a minimum amount of furniture, simple patterns on fabrics, painted pottery, tapestries and embroideries).

Modern curtains in the kitchen with their own hands

If you choose curtains for the kitchen in the spirit of high-tech, then pay attention to the model without patterns.

  1. Simply measure the window, multiply the width by three - this will be the width of the curtain. The length is determined by the length of the window opening to the window sill.
  2. On a single-colored, without a pattern, fabric, it is necessary to make symmetrical holes for the baguette hooks.
  3. Cut the fabric. If you opt for flax, then the edges can be left untreated - the curtain without a pattern is ready.

For Oriental style, the flight of fantasy can not be limited. Feel free to use bright fabrics with small or large pattern; Lambrequins, bows, brushes and clips are suitable for finishing.

Curtains made of polka-dot fabric or small patterns with flowers in a cell will perfectly fit into the country style. Use your own handmade ribbons or brooches for decoration.

Models and patterns to any style can be found in the Internet, magazines for women or books on needlework.

Preparatory work on the creation of patterns

To make the process of creating curtains patterns in the kitchen with your own hands a pleasure, you need to tune in a creative way and prepare.

  1. Decide on the choice of fabric to make it as functional as possible and fit the design of your kitchen.
  2. Select the length of the future curtains. The classic is the length to the window sill, however, some hostesses prefer the length to the middle of the window. In this case, the curtain will serve aesthetic purposes, and not practical.
  3. Prepare the tools needed to create a drawing (drawing paper or newspapers, a pencil, a ruler, a template, a centimeter, chalk for tailoring, scissors).
  4. Measure the window (the width of the window opening is the width of your curtain).
  5. Cut the fabric with which you will work, it is desirable to heal, so as not to make allowances on the pattern.

Curtains in the kitchen with their own hands, the patterns are designed carefully, are sewn easily and quickly.

Pattern patterns kitchen curtains

To build a pattern of curtains to the kitchen in the style of Provence or Country (see examples in the photo), you can use the following drawing.

Pattern patterns curtains on the kitchen

Pattern patterns curtains on the kitchen

  1. Put on paper lengths and half the width of the window.
  2. With a piece, make one of the corners rounded.
  3. Open two symmetrical cloths from the fabric. Pay attention: the width of each panel should be tripled - for a beautiful drapery curtain.
  4. Separately cut off a strip of frill width at your discretion. The length of the cut is equal to the width of the window opening multiplied by five.
  5. Process the edges of the curtains.
  6. Make the holes required for attaching to the baguette. As a rule, hook loops look best.
  7. It is possible to decorate curtains with a bow from fabric of a contrasting shade.

To create a pattern in the style of the east you do not need much time, as it may seem at first glance. It is only necessary to carefully make all the measurements and transfer them to the drawing.

Pattern patterns curtains on the kitchen

  1. Measure the width of the eaves and put on paper six times the length.
  2. Mark on the drawing the length of the window opening to the middle of the window sill and connect the segment with a point 50-70 centimeters below this level. The pattern of the base fabric is ready.
  3. For the pattern of lambrequin, you will need to build a trapezoid, the upper base of which will be equal to the width of the eaves, and the lower one - to exceed it five times.
  4. On the fabric after cutting out the base, it is necessary to bend 80-90 cm outwards on each side in order to produce multi-level ruffles.

It is enough to devote a couple of hours to the pattern, so that the ready-made curtains delight not only the skilled needlewoman, but also arouse admiration from her relatives and friends, who will happily spend time in her kitchen.

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