Mobile air conditioning

Mobile air conditioners are used to cool the air in the room. It is such a device a separate unit, which contains all the necessary components: condensate, compressor, filters, evaporator, fan. The device was so named due to the fact that it can be moved, for this it has special wheels. Of course, after the air duct is removed, the mobility will slightly decrease, but it will remain within a radius of half a meter.

This mechanism is located exclusively on the floor, it can not be fixed to the wall, but it is equipped with wheels. In addition to the standard model, there are also floor-mounted air conditioners without ductwork. Together with the convenience of use, because such a construction does not require pre-installation to ensure the removal of air, such a model is less efficient than the one in which a special channel is provided. The reason lies in the features of the work, because the mobile air conditioner without an air duct works on the principle of an air humidifier: its filter is porous, which contributes to the evaporation of air passing through the mechanism.

The main feature of this technique: the overall temperature increase along with its lowering next to the device itself. When taking into account this large minus, it is better not to purchase a mobile air conditioner without an air duct, besides, they are expensive, and the effect of their work does not justify the cost.

When purchasing a conventional mobile air conditioner, you need to decide on the issue of finding a place for the duct output. It is best to locate it in an area that is adjacent to a door or window.

Mobile air conditioners: the principle of operation

Mobile air conditioning: reviews

When deciding to purchase a mobile air conditioner, you need to know in advance how it works. For heating the air flow in the device there are 2 fans. The top of them is aimed at enhancing the movement of air flows from the space of the room to the mechanism. The bottom also helps to remove warm air to the street. The moisture evaporator itself is located at the top of the air conditioner, and the condenser is at the bottom.

The principle of operation of this device is similar to the action of a stationary split-system, and differs in that there is no distinction in 2 separate units, and all the mechanisms are assembled in 1. Given that the compressor is also located in a monoblock, the device owners need to be ready That the sound effect in the process will be high. If in a split system such a unit is located in a block outside, then mobile air conditioners operate directly in the room. This may prevent the owners from sleeping, especially if the device is used in a house with a small living space.

But how to choose a mobile air conditioner so that it works well? In the first place you should know exactly the area of ​​the room in which it will be located. The ratio of power technology and the size of the area - this is the main factor that affects the high results on cooling the air in the house. Choose such a technique should be based on the evaluation of all the disadvantages and advantages of such a device. The advantages of mobile air conditioners include the following indicators:

  • Immediately mobility itself. After all, it allows you to change the location of the equipment. Mobile air conditioning can be easily transferred to another room;
  • Mobile air conditioners with heating function can operate at different air temperatures, but split air conditioners cannot function at temperatures below minus 5 degrees;
  • You do not need to install a monoblock, because in the first place it is completely located indoors and occupies only a certain section of the floor, and secondly it is only necessary to bring a corrugated pipe out to the street so that warm air can escape from the room.

Mobile air conditioning: reviews

Of the minuses of mobile air conditioners, the experts point out the following parameters:

  • The noise level is very high, due to the fact that all the main components (including the compressor) are located in the 1st unit, which functions only indoors, and the silent operation of the split system is explained by the fact that the mechanism compressor is located in the outdoor unit , which is mounted outdoors;
  • To install a mobile air conditioner at home should organize condensate drainage. In some models there is for this a pallet, which regularly have to be cleaned. At installation of pr. Of options it is necessary to bring a drainage hose to the street;
  • Despite the small dimensions of the device, its installation contributes to the loss of a certain area of ​​the room. The internal unit of the split-system is located outside the room or under the ceiling, in this matter similar devices have a considerable advantage.

Installing a mobile air conditioner: features

This technique does not require a specific installation. You just need to rationally choose its location. By the way, installing the device in an area where there are obstacles to the movement of air (large appliances, furniture) is not recommended.

The installation of the mobile air conditioner itself consists in fixing the corrugated pipe in the window frame in such a way as not to violate its tightness and prevent the possibility of holes in the places where the pipe joins the window. In cold periods, it can help avoid heat loss from the air heating through the device.

If you decide to purchase a model in which there is a special condensate drain pan, then the entire installation of such an air conditioner will consist only of a corrugated pipe. And if there is drainage for the outflow of moisture, then it will also be necessary to think about its output to the street. If there is such an opportunity, then it is necessary to ensure that this drainage exits the room in the place of the pipe outlet.

Mobile air conditioner without duct: reviews

Mobile air conditioning: reviews

Many people have already installed mobile air conditioners without an air duct. You can read their reviews and finally make a decision: to purchase such equipment or it is better to refrain from buying.

  • Oleg: I prefer the split system. At such conditioner it is necessary to organize the heat sink, and this air vent will constantly interfere.
  • Irina: This technique is too noisy. Split system is much better for me personally.
  • Svetlana: We have a Daikin mobile air conditioner in our house, the installation was made by the same company. I have no complaints, a little noise, but it's not scary.
  • Alla: In our country hotel complex in the outdoor tent there are 2 mobile air conditioners Zanussi, a very high-quality and convenient thing!
  • Andrei: I have a Bork floor air conditioner in my house - creepy stuff. It is very noisy, not that it interferes with sleep, even the TV has to be watched at high volume. Constantly need to add water, then drain it, sometimes it even spills on the floor. After a year of work, it became worse to cool. Conclusion 1: at home it is better to install only the slit-system.
  • Inna: I advise everyone to Zanussi mobile air conditioners. Last summer, I regretted the money and did not buy such a device, although I wanted to. Now I felt all the proverbial "stingy pays twice." By the winter saved money bought. This mobile air conditioner was warming me on cold winter nights, and this summer saved me from the terrible heat. Very pleased and did not regret!

If you decide to purchase a mobile air conditioner, then think carefully about everything. After all, its installation requires a certain area of ​​space in the room. And also do not be stingy and do not purchase the cheapest models, because they are less functional and quite noisy at work!

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