Mirror decoration with your own hands. how to decorate a

A mirror is not only an object that helps to evaluate your appearance, it complements the interior, gives style and performs aesthetic functions. With the help of an originally designed mirror, you can significantly change the image of your home and give the house a complete look and peculiar style.

How to decorate the mirror with seashells?

How to decorate the mirror with seashells?

You will need:

  1. A variety of seashells;
  2. Pearls of different sizes;
  3. Sea pebbles;
  4. Glue "Moment";
  5. Clear varnish;
  6. Sand, beads, tinsel, etc.
  7. Self-adhesive paper;
  8. Ammonia;
  9. Water;
  10. Mirror.


  • First of all, it is necessary to degrease the surface of the mirror, shells, stones and pearls with water and liquid ammonia. Using self-adhesive paper, make a mirror frame of the desired shape and size.
  • When you make a frame, you can begin the most fascinating process - decorating. First, it is recommended to symmetrically glue large shells. They can be fixed on the sides or corners of the mirror. If you use starfish when decorating, be careful, they are quite fragile.
  • Place between the large shells and fill with small shells, pearls and pebbles. You can also add sea sand, salt, beads or glitter. Do everything neatly and carefully, carefully considering where you stick the elements.
  • At the end of work, shake off excess sand, remove any glue residue and cover the frame with a colorless varnish (if the mirror hangs in the bathroom, cover it with varnish in 2 layers). This will give reliability and will not allow the elements to crumble, while maintaining the appearance.
  • When the mirror is fully ready, you can hang it in the place that is provided for it.

Bead mirror

How to decorate a mirror with beads with your own hands?

You will need:

  1. Mirror;
  2. Transparent silicone sealant;
  3. Beads;
  4. Masking tape;
  5. Alcohol.


  • First you need to prepare the surface of the mirror: for this process it with alcohol. Using scotch tape, separate the part of the mirror from the one you will be decorating. Kaimu should not be made too wide, otherwise the decor will look alyapisto and heavy. Scotch tape line can be uneven and arbitrary, the main thing is to observe symmetry.
  • Apply a thin layer of sealant on the limited part of the tape. Carefully sprinkle the beads on the surface with a sealant, aligning it. Beads should lie evenly with no visible gaps.
  • Instead of beads, you can take transparent stones of different sizes. Thus, decorate the entire separated surface of the mirror.
  • When you make a frame of beads, carefully remove the tape and let the sealant dry.

DIY mirror: decor options

The easiest way to decorate a mirror with ordinary paint. You need to choose a suitable paint not only by color, but also by the nature of the frame material. The frame of the mirror can be painted in a neutral solid color or bright, with contrasting patterns. The only thing worth considering is the harmony of the color scheme of the interior.

DIY mirror decoration

Mirror can be decorated with artificial flowers. You can take flowers of different sizes and stick them in random order. The gaps between them can be filled with beads, sequins, glitter or beads. A mirror decorated in this way will look beautiful in the bedroom.

A good option to decorate the mirror - this ribbon. You can make a lot of colorful bows of different sizes and attach them to the frame. In addition to the bows, you can cut small squares of multicolored ribbons and place them on the frame, creating a patchwork canvas. This mirror will look great in the hallway.

To design a mirror in the bathroom, use ceramic tiles or CDs. Make a mirror can be in the technique of mosaic. For showiness, use bright or mirror tiles. This option is quite time consuming and long, but the result is worth it.

Mirror for a child's room can be decorated with a puzzle. Buy a children's puzzle and paste its elements on the frame, creating a picture. This way is original and bright, your child will be delighted!

Decorate the mirror for the new year You can with the help of rain, tinsel, garland, paper snowflakes and angels. In addition, you can buy a special store of artificial snow, and spray it on the surface.

You can make a frame of cardboard, stick figured pasta and paint them with acrylic paint. This mirror will look perfect in the kitchen. Instead of pasta, you can take beautiful buttons and stick them in random order.

The mirror is an indispensable piece of furniture that is in every home. The problem is that not every home can see an interesting mirror, as a rule, they are standard. With the help of scrap materials, you can create a real work of art, diversifying the interior with a stylish accessory in any room.

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