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This shrub plant is perfect for you to decorate your site, because it does not change color and is considered evergreen.

In height, the Mahonian hollowwood will be no more than one meter. Thick framing is provided by active growth of root offspring.

The age of the hollow-leaf magonia can be determined by the color of the bark. The young plant has a pinkish tinge, and the old one already has the dirty gray colors of the bark, which is also separated by vertical stripes.

A Mahonia holmwood will first throw away the flowers that make up the inflorescences, and then produce a crop in the form of berries. Magonia berries of hollow-navy blue with a grayish tinge.

Place for the holly holland

Pick it up right

This may be sunny or slightly shaded area, protected from strong winds. However, what kind of sunny area would not have been chosen for your pet, it does not differ much in height, and it will take time.

Well, who does not like good fertile soil? Almost all plants love her. So the holly mahonia is no exception. Fertile, well-dug soil is the best condition.

The soil can be prepared in advance, for this, mix the humus, soil and sand in a simple ratio of 2: 1: 1.

Condense the soil when planting is not worth it otherwise, even without the protracted growth period will be delayed even.

If the soil in your area is heavy, drain. It will be a prerequisite for you before boarding.

Planting conditions of holonia hollywood magonia

Plant the magonium so that a clear one meter interval is maintained. If you have light, loose soil, the interval should be increased to two meters.

Pits for planting dig to a depth of forty to fifty centimeters.

Worst of all, the plant will transfer to the soil in late autumn. The upcoming winter frost will not allow the plant to take root and root as it should.

Do not land too deep. Calculate everything correctly and plant the plant so that the soil barely covers the upper part of the root neck.

Caring for holonwood magonia

Do not forget about dressings. It is better to hold them twice in the spring season.

Loosening will also help, provide the roots with oxygen. Take it when the soil is already too dense.

In the fall, hide your crops for the winter under dried leaves that will protect them from severe frosts.

Mahonia your will never be characterized by active growth, but, nevertheless, to ensure the density of planting (with the help of the expansion of the plant in width) you should cut the tip. It is better to do this after the mahonia has already faded.

If you suddenly do not have time for some reason, then postpone the procedure for the autumn period.

Do not cut the shoots under the root, as they say, and cut the branches no more than half. Then flowering will not be worse.

Breeding of Magonia holly

There are a number of ways, each of which, individually, has long been known to both experienced gardeners and amateurs. It is possible to plant new crops with the help of seeds or branches. And sometimes the vaccine helps.

If you have selected seeds as a way to get a harvest, then plant them after harvesting in the autumn. And best of all in the spring.

The optimum soil temperature for your plant plus five degrees.

When the first shoots appear, provide them with a shadow at first. Magonia will bloom only four years after you have planted a young plant or seed.

Reproduction by cuttings is permissible only in foggy time or when creating artificial fog.

Take segments only from young plants. Old plants will not bring you such benefit.

The use of the hollow-leaf magonia

In landscape design, the plant is used very actively.

Landing in rocky terrain is very good. It is also possible to plant a group of Padubal mahony near the trees or near the house. On the lawns, they also look great.

In order for planting to have a neat appearance, you should keep a distance of twenty-five to thirty centimeters between plants.

And how beautiful are the plantings of the holonia holonia with a rose in any color combinations.

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