Microfiber bedding is very popular, as it has a number of undeniable advantages. First of all, it is the favorable price and convenient durable use. Microfiber was invented not so long ago, but it has already firmly entered the life of many people.

Mikrofibra: what is this fabric?

Microfiber (microfiber) - hypoallergenic fabric, which consists of polyester fibers, nylon and other polymers. The fabric has gained widespread use in the production of upholstery for furniture, clothing, including the top, bed linen. The basis for its manufacture are thin fibers, the diameter of which is 0.06 microns. The Japanese invented microfiber back in 1976, but its mass production was established in the eighties of the last century.

What are the main advantages of microfiber?

Microfiber: bedding

  • Does not damage the surface, there are no scratches from its impact.
  • Well removes oil stains and dirt.
  • After washing it dries quickly.
  • Absorbs a lot of moisture compared to other fabrics.
  • Suitable for reusable use.

Since microfiber filaments are thinner than conventional fibers, the density of the material increases. Clothing made of this material provides excellent wind resistance and retains heat well. Because of this, such a fabric is in demand in the central part and in the north of Russia.

Microfiber filaments have a small cross section. This explains the water repellency of the material used, for example, for sewing raincoats. The fabric is able to effectively resist even a very heavy downpour. Microfiber does not delay the air exchange at all. The ability of the fabric to "breathe" prevents excessive sweating.

Microfiber lingerie: reviews and care

Microfiber: bedding

Sheets and pillowcases made of microfiber combine practicality, durability and affordable cost.

Each thread that makes up the fabric is made up of microscopic fibers. Their number varies from 50 to 150 pcs. Due to the unique production technology of this type of fabric, pillowcases and sheets are easy to wash, they do not fade, perfectly retain their original color even after repeated washings, do not stretch and do not interfere with normal air circulation. These properties of the material encourage buyers to give only positive feedback on microfiber.

This fabric is not demanding in the care. For example, in order to maintain in good condition upholstered furniture upholstered with this material, it is enough to periodically clean with a dry sponge or occasionally vacuum. In order to eliminate stains from spilled coffee or tea, you can use a sponge moistened in a normal soap solution.

Chocolate stains, ink or berry stains are excreted using water-based products. Microfiber cloth is machine washed at 40 degrees in delicate mode. Hands to survive material is not recommended.

Microfiber dries very quickly. However, for the drying of this fabric should not use a radiator and other sources of intense radiation. Otherwise, the material will lose consumer properties. It is also not recommended to remove stains from this fabric with the help of strong chemical agents and similar compositions of solvents.

Another advantage of the fabric is that it is almost impossible to bruise, even if you try very hard.

The linen is very soft and soft to the touch, usually seamless. A little overflow. Microfiber, however, is afraid of clues, but to make them, with careful handling, is difficult.

Microfiber: photos of fabric

Microfiber: bedding

Microfiber: bedding

Microfiber: bedding

Microfiber: bedding

Microfiber bedding can afford to buy one. Even 1 set will serve you for a very long time, because the fabric is very unpretentious in maintenance and durable. It also has hypoallergenic properties, high hygroscopicity and a comfortable soft surface. Sleeping in such clothes is a pleasure!

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