Men's jumper

There is nothing more comfortable knitted things. Especially this concerns sweaters and jumpers, made by own hands. Such things can be a great gift. So, a knitted sweater is a great surprise for a beloved man, dad or brother for the New Year or February 23.

Men's Cardigan: knitting technology

Men's cardigan: how to knit?

First of all, it is worth considering the knitting mechanism. Knowing him, you can knit any jumper without a description. To begin, select the thread. Usually used yarn of medium thickness. You can knit and thin, but then the work will be delayed for a long time. Thick yarn (up to 150 m. Per 100 g.) Is not recommended - the finished product will be too bulky and inconvenient to wear.

As for the composition of the thread, for spring jumpers it is worth choosing cotton. Winter option - wool or its mixture with acrylic. Mixed wool yarn is preferable for people who do not tolerate the prickly texture of thread.

Jumper can be knit in a circle. In this case, you will need 2 sets of knitting needles. Big things often knit on circular. There is nothing complicated about it. The advantage is the lack of a seam. The main thing to note the first loop marker ring. It can be replaced with a normal pin. To knit cuffs on the sleeves need stocking spokes. Their size should be slightly less circular. This will tie the gum tighter.

Most patterns start knitting from the bottom up. On the circular needles dial the required number of loops, which are closed in a ring. Some models provide gum below. Therefore, it is also necessary to use circular needles that are smaller than the main ones. Men's sweaters often knit right without additional waist tapering. After that, they have armholes for the sleeves, shoulder bevels and neck.

Also, jumpers knit and individual parts. In this case, choose straight needles. Circular can also be used without closing the knitting. After the parts are completed, the assembly of the product begins. It stitch knit stitch on the sides and along the shoulder bevels. Then the sleeves are stitched. After that, they are inserted into the armholes. In the end you need to tie the collar around the neck.

How to knit a stylish jumper with needles (size M)?

Men's cardigan: how to knit?

You will need:

  1. Yarn of medium thickness - 700-750 g.
  2. Straight №5 and 4,5
  3. Needle for stitching

Manufacturing instruction:

  • The density of knitting will be about 17 loops in 10 cm. In this case, knitting needles should be chosen No. 5. This sweater is suitable for men slim build with a chest volume of about 100 cm.
  • To begin, we collect on straight knitting needles No. 4,5 90 loops. We knit the 1st row with a 1 in 1 rubber band. Repeat this step to a height of 8 cm. Go to the straight knitting needles No. 4.5. We knit a cardigan with a front satin stitch (in even yards, all the loops are facial, and in odd ones, wrong ones) right up to a height of 42 cm.
  • We proceed to the formation of armholes for the sleeves. To do this, at the beginning and end of the row, close the 4 loops 1 time. Knit a series without changes in the picture. Then diminish 2 loops 1 time through the row. Finish the formation of the armhole, diminishing through the row through the 1 loop 2 times. Knit the cardigan with the front satin stitch until the armhole reaches a height of 20 cm.
  • We proceed to the formation of the shoulder bevels and the neck. To do this, close the average 26 loops. You got 2 parts. The right will have to knit separately. For this we fix a separate thread.
  • Knit by drawing. In the front row we decrease from the edges for bevels inside the neck by 1 loop. We do this through a series. Knit this way until the bottom of the armhole for sleeves until knitting is 22 cm. Close the remaining loops. The back is ready.
  • The front of the jumper fits in almost the same way as the back. The only difference is the depth of the neck. It should be made at the level of 13 cm from the beginning of the armhole. In this case, the neck has inside the rounding. For a start, we close the average 18 loops. Then we subtract 1 loops inside on both sides 6 times through the row. At 22 cm from the armhole, close the remaining hinges.
  • We carry out the sleeves. To do this, on the needles No. 4, 5, we collect 44 loops. We knit a rubber band 1 by 1 8 cm. We turn to the front surface. Knit it with needles number 5. In each 8th row we add 1 loop on both sides. We do it 4 times. Then add 1 loop 11 times. We knit up to a height of 49 cm. Close 6 loops, then 3 loops through a row. Then we do the same with 2 loops, but already 10 times. At the end of another 3. The remaining loops close at the same time.
  • The details are steamed with an iron through a rag. We sew the sidewall front and back, shoulders. We sew the stitched sleeves. Circular knitting number 5 recruit from the neck loop. Knit an elastic band 8 cm. Men's jumper knitting ready!

Jumper with buttons: description schemes

Another option - a jumper with buttons. It is perfect for everyday wear. This model is interesting because it is very easy to fit. There are no complicated patterns in it.

Men's cardigan: how to knit?

You will need:

  1. A yarn of average thickness (about 200 m. In 100 gr.) - 950 gr.
  2. Circular needles number 5 and 6
  3. Hosiery number 5
  4. Buttons with a diameter of 2 cm. - 11 pcs.

Manufacturing instruction:

  • The needles number 5 dial 124 loop. We knit a rubber band 1 by 1 3 cm. And do a decrease. To do this, after the elastic we knit together 42 loops with facial ones. We have 84 loops left.
  • Go to the garter stitch. To do this, we perform loops in all rows. At the level of 51 cm. We form armholes for sleeves. Decrease 4 loops on both sides. In each 2 row - 3, and then 2 loops 1 time. Reduce 1 loop 3 times. We knit to a height of 23 cm from the armhole.
  • Close the average 22 loops. For shoulder bevels - 19 on both sides. The remaining transfer to the additional thread. You got the back.
  • Shelves fit separately on the mirror principle. At the same time on one of them should be slots for buttons. Recruit needles number 5 60 loops. Then we knit with a rubber band of 3 cm. In the last row we reduce 20 loops to fit. Knit to a height of 51 cm. Garter stitch. Next, knit the same way as the back, but with one-sided decreases. The right shelf of the sweater fits in the same way.
  • For the sleeve dial on the spokes number 5 60 loops. Knit 3 cm. Elastic. Go to the front surface, diminishing 22 loops. Go to the front surface. In the 13th row from the beginning make additions on both sides - 1 loop in each 12th row, and then 11 more times. Continue the facial smoothness. At a height of 60 cm. Close the loop: 4 on both sides. Then in each 2 rows 3 times 1 times, in 4 rows - 1 loop 7 times, and 2 - 2 loops 2 times. Close the remaining hinges. The other sleeve is performed on the same principle.
  • We combine all the details with a knitted stitch. We carry out the bar. To do this, we type on the left side of 11 loops. We continue to knit facial satin. On the left we make the slots - front, 2 loops close, 8 facial. The cuts are made in each 5 row. In total, they should be 11. We tie a strap to the neck and the right side. We sew buttons. Jumper ready.

Men's knit jumper can be knitted in a circle or in pieces. In the first case, there will be no seams. The easiest option is to make a sweater with a rubber on the cuffs and on the bottom. The main part of the back and front can be performed by the front surface. Also quite simple pattern - rice. It should be borne in mind that spring models are best made of cotton. Men's sweater for winter, on the contrary, knit from warm yarn - wool or mixtures with acrylic.

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