Medium dogs

A group of medium dogs has more than 200 representatives. Each breed has its own distinctive features. These pets can be excellent watchmen, hunters, and most importantly, true friends. It remains only to choose the breed that suits you best.

Peculiarities of medium sized dog breeds

American Staffordshire

American Staffordshire - service dog with an impressive appearance, trusting character. The breed is perfectly trainable. These dogs interact well with children. In general, the behavior of Staffordshire depends on the owner. Pets tend to please him in everything, so in bad hands they can be quite dangerous. When walking these dogs it is better to keep on a leash, and when strangers appear, the behavior of the dog will have to be controlled. These dogs can live, as in country houses, and in city apartments. The only thing you need to take into account - they need frequent and long walks.

English bulldog

English Bulldog - smooth-haired dog of medium size. Despite its rather affectionate nature, the bulldog can easily replace the watchdog due to its menacing look. These pets are devoted to the owner and readily show their love. Bulldog will be a good friend for children, because it is a very friendly, affectionate and calm dog. The nature of the animal is independent. Bulldogs are very independent, calm balanced creatures.

English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized hunting dog. The nature of the animal is cheerful and sociable. Nevertheless, Cocker Spaniels are wary of strangers. These dogs get along with children and love to play with them. A pet of this breed may be suitable for maintenance, both in the family and for a lonely person. However, if the family is large, the spaniel is likely to obey one person who will become the owner for him.

These funny Shar Pei and Dalmatians!


Shar Pei are representatives of the watch and hunting breeds. These dogs have an unusual appearance - deep folds on the skin and blue-black tongue. The character and behavior of the Shar-Pei depends on the owner of the dog. These animals are very sensitive, and will be sad and happy with you. Shar Pei devoted to the owner and all the people with whom he lives.

This breed is not conflict, they have no desire to dominate people or other animals. Shar Pei get along well with children, try to be careful with them. When training a pet, you need to remember that you do not need to push it. It is better to let the dog rethink what you said or demonstrated. She will surely understand you, because this breed is distinguished by quick wit, although it is a rather sluggish reaction.

No matter how gentle and kind Shar Pei, he remains an excellent guard. If the dog notices a stranger entering your territory, you will immediately find out about it by rude barking.


Dalmatians are known primarily for their color. It is a white dog with numerous black spots. This breed is prone to outdoor games, inquisitive and cheerful, although a little nervous. Dolmatins are very fond of children, ready to play with them all day, especially outdoor games.

Tips on keeping dogs in the apartment

For city apartments are perfect not only small, but also medium dogs. If you intend to have such a breed in an urban setting, remember that the main events with it will take place on the street, and at home it will rest. Therefore, even in a one-room apartment, animals can feel quite comfortable. Of course, the room where the dog will live should not be too cluttered with furniture.

If your pet will live in a confined space, do not forget to walk with him more often so that the animal receives enough physical exertion.

Choosing a medium-sized dog, you get not just a pet, but a true loyal and devoted friend. Try to give the animals more attention, monitor their health and often walk with them. For your care they will repay you with kindness and tenderness.

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