Master class on making a christmas tree of sisal with a

Having a little imagination, a set of special materials, a desire and a bit of free time you can personally make an unusual New Year's interior decor. For example, a Christmas tree from sisal.

It is quite simple. We present a master class on making Christmas trees from sisal.

Christmas tree from sisal: master class

Sisal is a natural material, presented in the form of a mass of coarse fiber leaves of the plant agave. This material is widely used in the manufacture of various handicrafts. Once from such fibers produced quite strong ropes and ropes. The resulting mass is not specially treated, except that they are pressed into sheets or knocked into bunches, painted in different colors.

So, how to make a tree of sisal with your own hands? Note that for crafts does not matter what color the canvas. Decorative Christmas tree can be traditionally green, and blue, and pink, and orange, and snowy white, and even multi-colored.

The following materials will be used in the work:

  • What paper sheet (format depends on the future size of the product);
  • polyurethane foam;
  • wire (more accurate);
  • double sided tape;
  • Scotch tape is normal;
  • sisal mass;
  • pot or other stand;
  • tight and durable holder-barrel;
  • gun with silicone glue;
  • decorative colored threads;
  • all kinds of decorative accessories (beads, glitter, garland, rain, etc.).

Description of work

  1. A sheet of drawing paper is twisted into a cone and we properly glue the seam inside and out along the entire length. The diameter of the cone is at your discretion, but its wide edge should protrude beyond the edges of the stand (pot).Christmas tree from sisal: master class
  2. Fill the resulting funnel with foam and let it grab. When the foam is dry, remove the paper completely. Foam base weat, cut off exactly the bottom edge.
  3. We decorate the stick for the trunk, for example, with a colored thread or braid. Set in the center of the pot (stand), fill the container with foam to fix the barrel. Let the mass harden.Christmas tree from sisal: master class
  4. We turn directly to the production of Christmas trees. Cut off about 20 cm of wire. From one end we make the desired bend (hook, loop, spiral), we stick the straight end of the wire into the top of the Christmas-tree blank.
  5. Over the entire length of the workpiece, from the tip of the wire to the bottom of the foam base, we properly wrap it with double-sided tape.
  6. If you want your homemade Christmas tree from sisal to shine further, wind a garland with lanterns over the tape.

    Christmas tree from sisal: master class
  7. The next stage is winding sisal fiber. The material is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the workpiece so that there are no "bald patches" anywhere. It is more convenient to separate small strands of fibers from the bundle and wrap the base with them. You can use sisal in a bundle or web. In the second case, the product surface will be smoother in appearance, while the fibrous structure gives the tree some texture.Christmas tree from sisal: master class
  8. Since we used double-sided tape, the sisal, in theory, normally stuck to the cone. For greater confidence that the beams will not lag behind, you can go over the top winding decorative thread.
  9. We wind the cone with a leg.Christmas tree from sisal: master class
  10. The final stage - the decoration of the tree of sisal. It is desirable to select the decoration in contrast and in a combination of colors. Do not be too zealous with the decor, so that the Christmas tree does not turn out to be "coarse." Decorations are attached with a glue gun on the heated silicone.

Do you like our workshop on the sisal tree? Then go ahead, experiment! Thus, you can make not one product, but a whole set of various shapes and sizes. Note that this craft will be a great souvenir as a gift.

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