Mannequin with his own hands. master class on making a

A mannequin is the real dream of every needlewoman. With it, you can create unique things, because it ensures a perfect fit of clothes on the figure. In the store, the price of the dummy starts from 3,000 rubles, which significantly hits the pocket. That is why, many girls are wondering - how to make a mannequin with your own hands? Technique of the product is simple, interesting and requires minimal investment.

Mannequin for sewing their own hands

Mannequin DIY

You will need:

  1. Metallic tape;
  2. Scissors;
  3. Cylinders with construction foam;
  4. Long T-shirt or stretch film.

Instructions for the implementation of the dummy:

  • Put on your friend a long unnecessary T-shirt or wrap the torso with stretch film. Cut pieces of 15 cm length out of tape. Stick tape to the chest from bottom to top to ensure the correct height of the breast.
  • Stick the strips in 2-3 layers in different directions so that there are no empty areas. When you finish pasting the torso, make a straight cut line on the back and remove the workpiece. Cut the excess tape and glue the cut.
  • Exactly cut the neck. From a piece of cardboard cut a circle with a diameter from the neck. Glue the circle to the neck with building tape. If you plan to hang your mannequin, you can make a hole in the circle for the hanger.
  • Cover the holes from the hands with circles of cardboard, attaching them with scotch tape. Place the workpiece on a flat surface covered with a newspaper and circle the bottom. On the blank, cut a piece of cardboard - this will be the bottom of the dummy.
  • Fill the blank with construction foam. To save money, you can alternate foam and crumpled newspapers. Before filling the mannequin with newspapers, you should wait for the foam to dry. When you have completely filled the dummy, attach the bottom using scotch tape.
  • The dummy can be left in this form, and you can sew a cover made of synthetic knitwear. In order to effortlessly stick the pins, wrap the product around with a thin padding polyester and put on the cover.

Your sewing mannequin is ready! It can be used for its intended purpose, to create beautiful outfits for themselves and customers.

DIY mannequin: master class

Master class on making a mannequin for sewing

You will need:

  1. Food or construction film;
  2. Construction and metallized adhesive tape;
  3. Scissors;
  4. Plaster bandages;
  5. Polyurethane foam;
  6. Toilet paper;
  7. Water;
  8. Glue;
  9. Batting;
  10. Biflex;
  11. Stand for mannequin.

Instructions for doing the dummy with your own hands:

  • In the process of creating a dummy, you will need help, because on your own you do not wrap yourself with tape and tape.
  • Put on your underwear. On top of the linen film is wrapped in several layers, observing the freedom of fitting. The body is wrapped from mid-thigh to chin and arm to elbow. When the film is fully applied, wrap two layers of metallized tape. The third layer, follow the construction tape. Glue adhesive tape layers without tightening the body. It is recommended to fix it in small pieces, carefully repeating the curves of the body.
  • When you form a dummy, you need to measure the same distance to the bottom line of the workpiece. Draw a line. Using a plumb line, mark the mid-back line. Mark several transverse lines.
  • Cut the workpiece in the middle of the back and carefully remove. Glue the cut area with several layers of tape. Remove the inner film without damaging the integrity of the workpiece. From the cardboard, cut the bottom of the dummy.
  • When the workpiece is completely ready, you can proceed to plastering. The process of plastering must be conducted from the bottom up, and inside the dummy to put spacers in the arms, thighs and chest. Gypsum coating should be carried out carefully so as not to spoil the workpiece.
  • Wait until the gypsum is completely dry. Now you can pour foam from the inside. Before filling the dummy with foam, sprinkle it inside with water using a spray bottle. To reduce foam consumption, add foam. While the foam is not dry, stick into the dummy rack and leave to dry for a day. After hardening, gently cut the foam along the edge.
  • Now comes the crucial moment - you need to remove the plaster. Cut the plaster on the side and humeral lines with a construction knife. After that, cut the tape. Pull out the foam piece and correct it using papier-mâché.
  • To create papier-mâché, use toilet paper and hot water. 10 minutes after steaming, squeeze out the water and knead the paper. Add PVA glue to the mass and dilute to the desired consistency. Paste the finished papier-mâché on the dummy, forming a figure. Adjusting the dummy can take about a week, so you should be patient.
  • The papier-mâché form is solid enough, so the soft dummy layer is made of batting or padding polyester. Sew a batting case that follows the shape of the dummy. The parts of the batting should be sewed together butt so that the seams could not be seen.
  • To give your mannequin an aesthetic look, sew a upper supplex case. Put both covers on the mannequin. Done! Now you can sew beautiful and trendy outfits for yourself and friends.

A DIY mannequin is a great way to save money, but not time. To create it, you will spend more than one hour, that is, be patient. Using a dummy you can sew beautiful dresses, sweaters and skirts. You will be able to dress yourself without any effort, because the standard of your figure will always be at hand.

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