Making a papier mache doll

Papier-mache is one of the most interesting techniques for creativity. The material is made of improvised means available in every home. With the help of papier-mâché create masks, home decor and, of course, toys. Making dolls in which both adults and children can participate together is especially popular.

Features tpapier-mache machinery

Under the mysterious word papier-mache hides an unusual, but at the same time simple technique. It is based on using pieces of paper. Once this method was widely used only by decorators in theaters to create props. Now he has become popular among needlewomen and ordinary people.

papier mache dolls

The papier mache technique is the creation of things made from shredded paper mixed with glue. It is worth noting several of its features. Often used newsprint and toilet paper. They are torn into small pieces, placed in a separate container and poured with a small amount of glue. Soon the mixture turns into a thick gruel. With its help you can form any shape. Many masters make of her head, feet, legs of dolls. It is important to understand that to create individual parts, the mixture must be thick. Therefore, you need to follow a few rules.

  • Glue in paper is poured little by little. If it is too much, then you need to add more pieces and wait. To create the desired consistency will take several minutes.
  • If you used a newspaper, and the resulting mass became poorly molded, then you should try another material. It's all about newspaper paint. Oddly enough, a lot of lead ink newspapers used to be good. Soon they were replaced by a safer paint. As a result, the mass for papier mache of them began to form worse. Even the most usual trays from eggs will be suitable for replacement.
  • Glue is better to use wallpaper. It gives the mass the necessary plasticity. If it is not at home, you can replace the usual PVA or cook a paste from starch or flour. To do this, fill them with a small amount of hot water and boil down to a thick state.

The second method used in the papier mache technique allows you to create hollow shapes. It is also very simple. If you want to make a copy of the thing, then you need to cover its surface with vaseline. After that, pieces of paper soaked in glue or paste are applied to it. One layer is applied to the other. The paper is laid out until the thickness becomes necessary. Then the blank is allowed to dry. After that, the paper layer is carefully removed from the thing.

Also similar technology of papier mache is used when leveling products. Paper with glue is applied to smooth the surface and correct deficiencies.

How to make a papier-mache doll?

How to make a papier mache doll?

Papier Mache can make completely different dolls. They may look like ordinary figures or move thanks to the internal frame and hinges. Many combine technology. Some parts of the toy are made from papier mache, and the rest are made from self-hardening plastic. Also use and stuffing. The body of the doll is performed with the help of a cloth, and then special balls for toys are poured in there or any other bulk material. Another option may be used. The body is stuffed with pieces of unnecessary rags and sewn up.

Whatever method of manufacture you choose, special attention should be paid to the drawings and patterns. Before you start sculpting, you should consider the details. If you want to make a complex doll with hinges, it is better to draw it in several projections. You will need a front and side view. On all parts that have hinges, you need to note their contours.

For a rag puppet with a papier-mâché head, a torso pattern is made. It can be 2 ovals. By the same principle, the legs and arms are tailored. Do not forget to take into account the seam allowances.

For all types of dolls from papseshe mache, they think over hair and eyes in advance. Parts can be purchased at a specialist store or made from scrap materials. For the hair in the course are yarn and pieces of cloth. The material simply breaks into fibers, which then form strands. It is best suited for this pieces of satin, silk or furniture tapes.

Eyes for dolls are easier to make from small pearl beads. For them, notches are formed into notches. Then the eyes are glued. After making the dolls, you can paint them yourself with the help of acrylic paints.

Simple master class

For the first time you should choose a doll that is easier to make. Of course, the most impressive are hinged toys. But in order to make them, it will take a lot of time. In addition, this option is more suitable for an adult than a child. For children, you should choose something simpler. A great option - a finger doll in a mixed technique. With it, you can make a real theater at home!

papier mache dolls

papier mache dolls

You will need:

  1. Any fabric cut 40 cm.
  2. Toilet paper
  3. Glue
  4. Thread and Needle
  5. Orange yarn (acrylic or wool)
  6. Gouache
  7. Balloon

Instructions for making:

  • First you need to make a pattern of the body. It will be the same as that of the well-known Parsley. Part of the pattern looks like a shirt with solid sleeves. They should be quite long. You can draw a pattern arbitrarily by hand. To make it symmetrical, fold a piece of paper in half and draw a half, focusing on the fold. Remember that the neckline is better not to do. Otherwise, the head of the doll, made of papier mache, will not be attached.
  • Cut the pattern and pin it onto the fabric folded inwards. Circle chalk. From the lines, retreat 1.5 cm. For seam allowances.
  • Both parts stitch on the side and shoulder seams. Tuck the underbody and sleeves.
  • Head and hands are made in papier mache technique. For this paper torn to pieces and pour glue. She is allowed to stand to swell. The balloon is inflated to the desired size. Its shape should be rounded. Ball knotted. The surface can be smeared with petroleum jelly or covered with a thin food film. This will remove the paper without any problems.
  • Begin to lay out layers of adhesive paper on the ball. For better bonding, they can be alternated with dry. A rounded detail begins to form. Its bottom should be slightly wider than the rag throat of the body. Otherwise we will not be able to properly attach the head. Formed ball gently put to dry.
  • We proceed to the formation of hands. For this, it is better to use swollen paper pulp. We form from it small figures-mittens. The diameter of the bottom should be larger than the sleeve for proper fastening. If you are unable to mold the parts due to the strong plasticity of the mass, add some paper to it. You can also use a wire frame and make palms with fingers on it. The formed parts are set aside and allowed to dry.
  • The blank for the head is carefully removed from the ball. The lower part is coated with glue and glued to a rag neck so that it is located inside. The same is done with the hands.
  • From the remnants of paper with glue form the nose and attach it to the head. Give it to dry.
  • Head and hands covered with white gouache. Pencil outlines the eyes and mouth of the doll. Paint them with paint.
  • The threads are cut into equal parts and glued to the crown of the head. A cap is sewn from the rest of the fabric. Its diameter should be equal to the volume of the head. The doll is ready!

The papier mache technique helps to create many interesting things. Especially unusual look dolls. For their manufacture will not need special tools. Plastic mass is created from paper mixed with glue. Also, the figures can be made of foam, pasted with small paper pieces.

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