Making a panel with your own hands

Mural- This is a great decoration for the apartment. It will be twice pleasant to look at the panel, which is made by hand.

Making a panel with your own hands is easy enough, the main thing is patience and desire. To make a panel with your own hands, do not need any special skills or abilities. Despite the ease of manufacture, panels can perfectly decorate the house, giving it comfort and individuality.

Panel on the wall with their own hands

As a rule, wall panels are made of patches of fabric, knitted ropes, colored glass, ceramic mosaic and other improvised materials. The main thing is that the panel style fits into the general background of the room.

Panel on the wall with their own handsPanel on the wall with their own hands

You will need:

  1. Frame - you can buy it in the store or make it yourself.
  2. PVA glue.
  3. Materials for the panels - they can be very different.


  • You can choose materials for the panel in accordance with the hobbies of family members or upcoming holidays. Serpentine, confetti, seeds, coins, cereals, pasta, rhinestones, beads, beads, sequins, etc. are excellent materials. You can take seashells and sea stones and make a panel with your own hands in a nautical style.
  • When you decide on the materials for the panel, it will be just right to do frame. If you want the panel to serve a long service to your home, you can make a capital frame that will be made with high quality. This frame is best made of wood or durable cardboard and glaze so that the panel does not crumble and does not accumulate dust. But the glazed frame somewhat infringes upon the fantasy. If you make a panel for a short time, on the occasion of some event, the usual pizza box will suit you as a frame.
  • When the frame is made and the material is selected, you can proceed to the direct production of the panel with your own hands. You can post details arbitrarily., experimenting. When an interesting picture is folded, you can glue the materials to the frame. It remains only to wish you creative success and inspiration, and then the wall panel with your own hands will turn out original and beautiful.

DIY decorative panel

Decorative panels decorate any room. You can make a decorative panel in two completely different ways..

DIY decorative panelDIY decorative panel

Decorative panels do it yourself out of frames. Take the 13 frames (they should not vary significantly in size) and a regular alarm clock. In the twelve frames, make the application on the principle of patchwork (applications are made using bright and fun pictures). In the thirteenth frame, make a hole in the middle, insert the clock mechanism, attach the arrows from the clock. Attach the arrows to the mechanism through the hole, but do not screw it tight so that the clock can show time. In an arbitrary character, attach the frame with the appliqués to the wall, and place the frame with the clock in the center.

DIY decorative panel

Decorative panel do-it-yourself triptych.Take three identical subframes and tie them with a multi-colored fabric. The fabric should be multi-colored, but be combined with a pattern or color. This decorative panel is called textile decoration. You can see it in the article Panel on the wall with your own hands.

We make a panel with our own hands from flowers

Panel can be made with your own hands any colors.

First make the basis for the panel. If the texture of the base is beautiful, then the effect can be enhanced by covering it with varnish. If the base is faded and withered, paint it with paints or make decoupage.

Dry flowers are glued on top of the prepared base. In addition to the colors, you can use beads and beads, perfectly decorating the panel with these elements.

We make a panel with our own hands from flowersWe make a panel with our own hands from flowers

You can also make a panel from knitted flowers. Tie a few flowers with colored threads, use buttons of different size as a core, pasting them in the middle of a crocheted flower. Glue the resulting flowers on the base. Panel of flowers ready!

You can make a panel with your own hands from any available materials with a little imagination and patience. This original panel can decorate one of the rooms of your home.

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