Making a dog out of a sausage ball

Kids love balloons very much. Much more fun is the game when the ball has an unusual shape. In order to make something exclusive, the standard copy will not work. Need a long balloon ball sausage. Due to this shape, it is easy to twist, cross, interconnect, interweave.

What only figures from the ball in the shape of sausages are not found: flowers, animals, fabulous creatures, helmets and crowns, even entire costumes. Let's find out how to make a dog out of a long ball?

How to make a dog out of sausage balls?

Dog sausage ball: scheme

Making a dog is very simple. This is one of the most common air animals. Figures from the ball in the form of dogs can have individual features:

  • "curls" of small bubbles, like a poodle;
  • elongated torso, like a dachshund;
  • long or short ears;
  • long or short snout and tail.

Each craftsman selects body proportions independently. However, a certain phasing of production remains. Below is a scheme for making a dog out of a sausage ball, and a description of the process.

Making a dog out of a sausage ball: scheme

  1. The selected color long balloon should not be fully inflated, because the dense ball will simply burst when the figure is formed. Unfilled air should remain tip 5-7 cm.
  2. It should start with a muzzle. The knot on the end will symbolize the nose of the dog. At some distance from the knot we double scroll the ball, then after some distance again and in the same way again. We have three separate "sausages": a muzzle and two ears.
  3. Fold the second and third fragments, cranking them together relative to the body. The head of the ball is ready.
  4. Again we digress a little from the mix and form three more “sausages”: the neck, the front legs. We remind you that you can create your own proportions.
  5. The fifth and sixth fragments are joined and scrolled in the “foot-down” position.
  6. Take the ball from the other end and form three "sausages": the tail and hind legs. We try to keep the proportions of the limbs so that the animal is stable.
  7. The eighth and ninth fragments are joined similarly to the fifth and sixth. The ball dog is ready.
  8. If you wish, you can arrange your face by drawing eyes with a marker. Stylize the tail and somehow still decorate the craft.

The moms and dads who stuffed their hands spend a few minutes on making. Now you know how to make a dog out of a long ball. By the same principle, other air products are “constructed”. Having a few colored long balls in the arsenal, you can make for the child a whole inflatable menagerie. Properly twisted and carefully used toy from a balloon can "live" for quite some time.

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