About the technique of weaving macrame heard, perhaps, many. Original things are created from threads, iron rods, plastic tapes, fabrics. Macrame is based on knotting. Different types of knots allow you to create decor items of indescribable beauty. Many needlewomen make pots for flowers. Such suspended structures allow not only to free up space in the room, but also to decorate it in accordance with the design innovations. Do you also want to do macrame?

Flower pots will be a great trial product. But first you need to master the basics of this art.

Macrame for beginners: pots for flowers do it yourself

Macrame: pots for flowers do it yourself

Before you start making pots for a vase or flowerpot, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of features of this technique. Experienced needlewomen, as well as those for whom macrame has become a favorite hobby, are happy to share their advice with the beginning craftswomen:

  • for weaving you need to use only strong threads, for example, twine;
  • for fixing pots you need a carbine;
  • to measure the width of the weave, you can use any metal utensils of the desired diameter, otherwise you risk breaking the pot;
  • calculate the load correctly, it is better not to put the pot in the pots too heavy;
  • for fixing it is not necessary to use glue or tape, all fixing elements are in the form of knots;
  • before you start weaving pots, familiarize yourself with the technique of making knots;
  • for the decor, you can use metal rings, fringed fabric.

Cachepo, woven in macrame style, decorate any interior. You can not only make room on the windowsill, but also place the flowers according to your preferences. It is possible to fasten pots to eaves, special hooks in the ceiling, shelves. It all depends on the size of the pot and its weight.

In this article we want to present some of the best workshops on weaving pots for macrame flowers. Weaving schemes you can find in any manual macrame technique. The main thing is that you must master the methods of tying knots and braids; otherwise, even weaving the simplest pots will not be enough.

Simple pendant for flowers in macrame style

Before you begin to weave a flowerpot, be sure to get a strong twine, it should not crumble. We also need any adhesive tape for temporary fixation of weaving in order to correctly calculate the diameter of the pot.

Necessary materials:

  • thread-twine - 50 m;
  • scissors;
  • pot;
  • adhesive tape.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. So, take the twine and scissors, using the measuring tape cut nine strips of 5 meters.Ornamental pot: simple flower pendant
  2. Then lay out three strands side by side.Ornamental pot: simple flower pendant
  3. Weave three ordinary pigtails, and then fasten them together with a knot. It is important that the pigtails are very tight.
  4. Visually retreat 3 cm from the knot and make a loop. Then begin to weave three braids together into one bundle. The length can be any, it all depends on the size of the flowerpot or pot.Ornamental pot: simple flower pendant
  5. Next, secure the carbine in the resulting loop. It will serve as an additional fastener for pots.Ornamental pot: simple flower pendant
  6. Take a metal dish and use adhesive tape to braid one braid across the diameter. Then pull it down at a right angle. With the rest of the pigtails follow the same steps.Ornamental pot: simple flower pendant
  7. Then fasten the pigtails between the nodes, making it parallel.

    Ornamental pot: simple flower pendant
  8. Braid the bottom of the pot, threading each of them through the top row. Thus, you should have a cross-weave on the bottom of the flowerpots.Ornamental pot: simple flower pendant
  9. Twist the pigtails in the middle of the pot and fasten them with knots, you can do it in a chaotic order.Ornamental pot: simple flower pendant
  10. Bring the remaining length of braids down and braid them in one braid or rope. End secure with a tight knot.

Cache pot with interesting engraving

If you want to make a simple, not too elaborate planter, then it will be enough to run several knots. So woven threads will not cover the entire area of ​​the flower pot. Decorate the front wall of the pot can be applique.

Macrame: flowerpots

Necessary materials:

  • metal rings;
  • copy paper;
  • hook;
  • pattern for application;
  • cord (suede or harness);
  • marker of golden or other color;
  • flowerpot.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Attach copy paper to the front wall of the pot, and fix the selected applique from above.Macrame: flowerpots
  2. Using a pen or pencil, gently circle the outline of the appliqué, gently pressing on the rod. Then remove the copy paper.Macrame: flowerpots
  3. Using a marker of any color, carefully trace the outline of the appliqué. This action must be performed at least twice.Macrame: flowerpots
  4. The threads you have chosen (harness or suede) cut into four equal parts. Each strip fold in half, aligning the edges.Macrame: flowerpots
  5. Take a metal ring of the desired diameter and with the help of knots fix on it four threads, folded in half.Macrame: flowerpots
  6. At the base of the ring, fasten all cords with a thread of the same color. For decoration, you can choose a different thread and the texture and color.
  7. Then proceed to modeling pots. Pair the threads with knots. This can be done in a chaotic order or in parallel approximately at the same distance from each other.Macrame: flowerpots
  8. After you wove the knots along the length of the threads, depending on the size of the pot, gather all the threads together and make one large knot. Be sure this node must be durable, otherwise the pot can fall out and break.Macrame: flowerpots
  9. Spread the weave and insert a flower pot or pot inside. The threads should not cover the application made on the front wall of the pot.
  10. It is necessary to hang such a pot by the ring. If you wish, you can additionally make a knot.

The proposed workshops are perfect for beginners. In the future, you can complicate the weaving technique and use threads of various textures and colors, as well as decorate pots with various elements. Before you start making flower pots, do not forget to learn the basics of macrame weaving techniques. The main thing is to learn how to tie knots. Believe me, this decorative item will harmoniously fit into any interior and decorate the room, it all depends on your imagination and skills.

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