Macrame bracelets

Bracelets made of thread are especially popular today. They are not on the 1st, and beautiful rows of several pieces. On the hands of such decorations look original and stylish, fitting in almost any image. You can significantly save on such bracelets, if you learn to weave them yourself.

Macrame: weaving bracelets with your own hands

With the help of macrame techniques make interesting curtains, panels, toys, decorations.

Macrame bracelets: weaving technique

Bracelets made in this manner, cause no less admiration. In order to be fashionable and attract the interest of others, you may need floss threads, chains, beads, buttons, silver nuts, rings, sharp scissors, duct tape. This is enough to create the most relevant and daring model. It is possible to weave a beautiful elegant bracelet in just a couple of hours, for this, however, you will have to learn a few macrame lessons for beginners.

In woven bracelets from an arbitrary number of threads 1 are considered workers, others are nodular. The even number of knots is tied with a working thread on the nodules, while the nodular thread is taut. During weaving, workers and knotted threads change their places, functions — a working thread can become knotted and vice versa.

Although the texture and patterns of bracelets are very diverse, to create these jewelry you need to be able to do, in fact, only 3 knots.

Macrame bracelets: weaving technique

Right loop knot

F1 - working thread.

F2 is a knotted thread.

Stretch the knotted thread F2 with your left hand. Right, lay the working thread F1 from left to right around F2. Pull the end through the loop and slide the knot up. Also perform the 2nd knot and push it tightly to the 1st. Double nodule is. Now the threads have changed working functions.

Left loop knot

F1 - knotted thread.

F2 - working thread.

Stretch knotted thread F1 with your right hand. Put the working thread F2 from left to right around F1, pull the end through the loop and move the knot upwards. Also make the 2nd knot and push it tightly to the 1st. Double nodule is. Again, the threads have changed their working functions.

Knot "Tatting"

F1 - working thread.

F2 is a knotted thread.

Tension the knotted thread F2 with your left hand. The right should be tied with thread F1 right knot. F1 shift to the right. F2 pull right hand. Use left thread F1 to tie the left knot on thread F2. The resulting knot "Tatting" tightly slide up.

It is necessary to keep track of the alternation of threads all the time, it is easy to get confused, especially if you had to interrupt work for some reason.

After you weave the braid, fasten the ends of the threads. Just braid them in 1 or more braids, tie them in a knot. You can make a loop at the end for your convenience, think it over before starting work.

Macrame bracelets: a lesson for beginners

Macrame bracelets: weaving technique

It will take:

  1. Lace
  2. Pillow (it is better to weave on it, it is possible without it)
  3. Pins


  • Take 2 twines 1-1.4 m each. 2 fold the ropes together, leaving a distance from the edge equal to the planned length of the future bracelet, plus a 10 cm margin for the knots. Tie ropes at the intended point to form a small loop (clasp).
  • Pin secure the thread on the pillow. Put the short ends in the middle - this will be the base, on the sides along the long end - the working threads (they are knotted with knots).
  • Next, the right working thread to throw through the base. Left to lay on the right, and skip it under the base.
  • And now bring the left thread out between the base and the right thread. Tighten the knot.
  • After that, the right and left threads changed their places. Tie the next knot in the same way.
  • After a few knots, you will notice that the chain begins to twist. Rotate the chain around its axis 90 degrees. Secure with a pin and continue to weave. Knots can tie and on the right side, then the chain will twist in others.
  • When approaching the end of the warp, tie a large knot (the size of the loop, you can tie a bead or a button) on the main threads. In order to fix the weaving, tie a simple knot to the working threads.
  • Turn the bracelet over and tie another 1 simple knot. Cut off the long ends, process them with glue or flame from a lighter so that they do not bloom. Simple bracelet ready!

For needlewomen who own the basic techniques of macrame, weaving bracelets will not present any difficulty. It will be enough to choose an interesting alternation of knots for the pattern and original threads for the warp. Those who are just starting to get acquainted with this type of creativity, it is best to stop focusing on simple weaving, having worked out their new skill on it.

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