Lemon tree

Many of us love lemons, and some housewives constantly add this citrus to various dishes. However, it happens that the quality of fruit purchased in the store leaves much to be desired. To avoid such minor troubles, you can independently grow a lemon tree. Taking it home for beginners may seem like a difficult process. In practice, if you water in time, feed the plant and observe the correct temperature, everything is much easier than you can imagine.

Due care and attention to the lemon tree will provide you with your favorite citrus fruit all year round.

How to grow a lemon tree?

How to grow a lemon tree?

The difficulty in growing lemon tree at home can be a search for planting material. As you know, the plant multiplies in 2 ways: with the help of seeds and shoots. Each breeding method has its advantages and disadvantages. A tree growing from a seed will bear the first fruits after 8 years. A plant from the cutting reduces the flowering time in half.

How to grow a lemon tree from the stone at home?

If you decide to use this method, the choice of seed will not be easy. To do this, buy in the store or on the market a few large and ripe lemons. Torn, crumpled or broken fruits will not fit for planting.

After a decent copy is selected, the lemon tree should be planted in several stages:

  1. Carefully cut the lemon so as not to damage the seeds in any way, and remove all the bones. Ideally, you will need 10-15 pieces, then to choose the most viable shoots.
  2. Next, slightly moisten the ground and plant seeds 1-1.5 centimeters deep.
  3. If the apartment is cool, it is better to cover the pot with cling film. To germinate a tree, the room temperature should not be below 18 degrees.
  4. Spray the earth with a spray every 2-3 days.
  5. After 2-3 weeks, when the second pair of sprouts appear, the pot with the tree is moved to a warmer place and continue to care as usual.

Lemon tree, grown from seed, is much stronger than cultivated relatives. It grows more actively and is less exposed to pests.

How to grow a lemon tree from the stone?

Lemon tree from cuttings

If, when growing a lemon tree from a stone, it is clear where to get planting material, then how to get cuttings? They can be purchased in special gardening shops or ask friends who own an adult tree. Suitable for planting branches 4-5 mm wide and up to 10 cm in length. At the same time, pay attention that there are leaves and formed buds on the branch.

The process of planting the cutting should take place in the following sequence:

  1. Prepared a sprig of lemon tree is treated with a growth stimulator and submerged in water in half the length. Leave in this form for 2-3 days.
  2. In the meantime, prepare the ground for planting. In a temporary pot in equal quantities mix humus, sand and basic floral soil.
  3. After 3 days cuttings prikapyvaem soil to a depth of about 3 cm and remove in a warm place. The ideal temperature for growing lemon tree from the cutting should be at least 20 degrees.
  4. Until the seedling finally takes root, and this will take 1-1.5 months, it needs to be sprayed daily with water.
  5. After that, the tree can be safely transplanted into a larger pot or container.

A lemon tree planted with this method retains all the genetic properties of its parent, but is more susceptible to various diseases.

How to grow a lemon tree from cuttings?

How to care for a lemon tree?

In order for the lemon tree not to perish, to have a rich green color and to bear fruit well, it needs proper care. Even novice gardeners can cope with this task. Here are the main points to consider:

  • Lemon tree does not like the acidic alkaline environment. Therefore, for its cultivation suitable neutral soil of equal parts of humus, deciduous soil and sod land. It would also be useful if you add some sand and charcoal to the soil.
  • The plant loves a moderate temperature, so there is no need to arrange houses in the tropics. For good flowering will be enough temperature range from 10 to 22 degrees.
  • In the warm season from May to September, the lemon tree should be watered moderately every day. In winter, it will be enough 2-3 times a week.
  • From June to mid-September, fertilizer should be fed 2 times a month with organic and mineral fertilizers.

With all the rules and regulations, the lemon tree grows well and bears fruit at home.

How to care for a lemon tree?

Pests and possible diseases

Like most other indoor plants, lemon tree is subject to various diseases and pests. To make it easier to understand what actions need to be taken, you first need to understand the reasons for their appearance:

  • If the foliage falls, and the rest is covered with a brown crust, then the reason lies in the lack of moisture. It should be as often as possible to water the tree and spray his crown.
  • Pale light green leaves indicate a lack of light and food.
  • Lemon tree does not bloom because of the lack of space? Replant the plant in a wider container.

If the lemon tree has been exposed to pests - aphids, spider mites or shchitovki, then emergency measures are necessary. For this, the tree crown, twigs and soil are treated with special solutions or finished preparations. Infectious and viral diseases, such as malsekko, gommoz, root rot, unfortunately, are incurable.

Few dare to grow lemon trees in his apartment, because you need to exert maximum effort and patience before the plant begins to bear fruit. And brave souls will be rewarded for their efforts not only by the annual harvest of homemade lemons, but also by the constant citrus aroma that will fill every corner of your home.

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