Leek is a plant that has been used as food since antiquity. Its taste is much more tender than onions. The best thing it is grown seedlings, but it can also be planted with seeds, especially if you live in the southern strip.

How to grow leek from seeds?

Planting leek semen involves several steps. First of all, the soil is prepared, and then the seeds themselves. Last - landing in the ground.

Leek: growing from seed and seedling

  1. Soil preparation. For planting leek seeds you need a neutral or slightly acidic soil. Before direct planting, it should be well loosened and then moistened. Making universal fertilizer will be useful, but in a weak consistency.
  2. Seed preparation for planting. For planting, you can use the seeds of Russian production. But it was repeatedly noted that the best shoots and yields are provided by products of German and Czech producers.
  3. Some gardeners recommend pickle and harden the seeds before landing. But, this advice is not always helpful. The thing is that now the manufacturer is trying in every way to improve the seed material, using all sorts of ways for this, which are not known. Therefore, it is better not to process them additionally.
  4. However, before sowing seeds, soak them. To do this, pour the required number of seeds into gauze, tie the gauze to the knot, and immerse it in warm water. There should not be a very large amount of water, just to cover the seed.
  5. You can soak for 2 hours, and you can leave for the night. If you decide to leave the seeds overnight, cover the container with them, leaving a small gap for air circulation.

Sowing seeds of leek

  • The landing should begin in February.. In extreme cases, you can do it in March.
  • Take a special box and pour the prepared soil into it, but not up to the top!
  • Level the ground thoroughly, pour with warm water and start spreading the seeds in a row. If one of them is out of line, you can fix it with a toothpick.
  • The task may be slightly complicated by the fact that black leek seeds are black. And they are poorly visible on the ground. This problem can be solved with the help of snow. Type a handful of it so that it fills the entire surface of the box by 2 cm. While the snow is melting, you should have time to spread out all the seed.
  • After all the seeds are laid out, sprinkle them on top with a layer of earth about 2 cm. Cover the box with plastic film, plastic bag or clear glass and place in a warm place. It does not matter whether it is sunny or darkened.

Collection and storage of leek

  • Water every 2-3 days. As soon as small shoots appear, remove from the box what you have covered and place it on the sunny window sill.
  • As soon as it warms up on the street so that a constant positive average daily temperature will be established on your balcony, take out the drawers to the balcony. But carefully watch that the direct rays of the bright sun do not fall on the shoots!
  • As the leek grows, fill the top with more ground. Now you understand why we did not fill the box with soil to the top.
  • When the sprouts are about 55-60 days, you can plant them in open ground. This should be done in the first half of May, at a time when the soil is already warm enough.
  • Feed the plant every 15 days with a universal fertilizer, but in a lower concentration than indicated on the package.

Leek seedling: how to plant in the ground?

First of all, prepare the soil in which we will plant seedlings. To do this, it must be thoroughly burst with special garden tools, then thoroughly moistened. This is done in the spring, just before planting.

Do not forget that in the fall it is also necessary to prepare the soil. To do this, before digging it, you need to apply fertilizer based on the following amount. Per 1 sq.m. Soil will need about 20-30 g of ammonium nitrate, which can replace 15-20 g of urea.

After making the necessary fertilizers, dig the ground.

How to plant a leek in the ground?

  • You will need a garden shovel. With it, make, across the beds, trenches. The depth of the trench is about 15-20 cm. The distance between two trenches is 40-50 cm.
  • Should be planted on one stem of the leek seedlings, at a distance of 20 cm from each other. Each stem tightly compressed primer.
  • Regular watering onions with warm water. After 2-3 weeks it will be necessary to carry out the first feeding with complex mineral fertilizer. After that, at the same time intervals, feed the onions alternately, either with organic fertilizer or with organic fertilizer.

How to plant a leek in the ground?

  • A very good effect on the growth of leeks has a solution of chicken manure. To do this, take 1 kg of litter and insist with 15 liters of water.
  • If you want to get a high white base from the plant, do not forget to periodically spud it. The higher the ground covers the bow, the better

Collection and storage of leek

  1. Harvest this onion should be at the end of October. However, this must be done before the onset of frost!
  2. Carefully undermine each onion root and cut so that only 1 cm is left; remove the leaves by 1/3.
  3. Dry the onions thoroughly, put them in tall boxes, vertically. Transfer the plant with wet sand and store in a cool place.

There are several ways to store leek. Be sure to follow the rules of storage. They will help to preserve the beneficial properties of the plant throughout the winter!

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