Leather flowers

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Flowers in any form: living, artificial, created from different materials and different techniques, have always aroused interest and admiration. Any thing that is made by hand is considered exclusive in the fashion world and is worth its weight in gold, but even if you do not have anything to do with the world of fashion and design, no one bothers to create a unique image that will set you apart from the society of standardly dressed people.

The manifestation of creativity, especially when creating accessories, will be rewarded with a million interested, and often admiring glances. So if you want to give yourself pleasant moments, become a model of style and elegance and conquer the hearts of men, a master class in creating skin colors for you.

How to make a flower brooch made of leather?

A brooch made in the shape of a flower can now be used on any part of the clothing. She will decorate with her presence a handbag, a bezel on her hair, a bracelet made by herself, a shoe clasp, or she will simply become an elegant accessory on a dress or suit, if it is traditionally used on a lapel. The main thing is to choose the right tone of the future flower.

leather flower brooch

  • Prepare an elastic skin, it is better if it is natural and thin, PVA glue and Moment, you can use a universal, white or silver helium pen, tweezers, a candle, scissors, cardboard, metal accessories.
  • From the cardboard, make templates for future petals. Lay the pattern on the wrong side of the skin and cut out 10 petals of different lengths. The number of petals can be determined independently. It depends on the size of the flower that you want to get in the end.
  • Then put on the middle of the inside of the petal a little universal glue and, folding it in half, clamp it on the front side so that a small fold forms.
  • Now dissolve 1 to 1 white glue with water. Apply it on the wrong side of all the petals and leave to dry. Take the petal by the edge of the tweezers and slightly hover over the candle. Use only the bottom of the seamy side. Do this with each petal. Their edges will bend and become patterned.
  • Cut out the basis for gluing the petals out of the skin - a circle with a diameter of 3 cm. Spread the tips and the circle for the petals with universal glue. Begin to stick large petals, placing them in a circle. Make the next circle of petals, sticking them between the first.

flowers leather do-it-yourself

  • Using three petals, make a rose. To do this, connect the edges of the small petal and glue the resulting rim. After wrap the halo with 2 petals, squeezing the bottom and bending the edges to the sides. The parts of the skin that will be connected, glue together tightly.
  • Pin for brooches or hairpin, also paste over the skin and attach it to the back of the resulting flower. When the rose will be collected, grease it with glue. Using tweezers, press the rosette firmly and hold it for a while.

How to make a cute flower step by step to decorate your wardrobe, see the video file.

How to paint a flower made of leather, made by hand?

The flower can be made from any skin color. If you want it to become bright, you just need to tint it. To do this, take aniline dyes, or spray paint for shoes, you can take color hair spray. Following the instructions, you can easily get the color that will be needed. When the skin gets the desired color, take a compass and use it to make circles of different diameters on the skin. After cut them. Putting it together, thread a needle through the center to connect it. You can decorate the center with a beautiful button or bead.

How to paint a flower made of leather?

You can complicate the model of a future flower by making petals of different lengths and outlines. Connect the parts with universal glue or thread. To complete the flower model decorate it with edging. To do this, prepare a long thin strip. Roll the tube out of it, gluing it together. It will perfectly decorate the middle of the flower. Or decorate the edges of the flower with this edging, attaching so that the cut is not visible. Ready flower wipe with vinegar to remove fingerprints. After polishing the petals with petroleum jelly or shoe polish, your flower will be lacquered.

How to decorate the bezel with a flower made of leather?

  • Using only small pieces of fur and leather, you can create a unique flower that will be a wonderful decoration.You can make a hair band and decorate it with a flower made of leather and fur.
  • Prepare a thin bezel of plastic, long strips of leather of the desired color, small pieces of fur and leather, if the skin is dark, you will need paint.

leather flower on the rim

  • Cut 2 thin strips 7 mm wide. Fold one in half, tie a second to its fold. Where the strips are connected, fasten the place still. From the junction of the strips make a pigtail. The length of the pigtail should correspond to the length of the rim, leave 3 cm on the bends. Pigtail ends glue together, you can sew them. Glue the pigtail on the bezel, fasten the second end on the inside of the bezel. Let the rim dry.
  • Now you need to make a flower out of leather, which will decorate the bezel. Spread out pieces of leather and think about what shape you want to make a flower. Cut the petals of leather of different lengths. For the base of the flower cut a large circle. Begin to stick to it from larger to smaller petals, so that the ends overlap each other. Move to the center of the flower in a spiral. Between the petals, glue small pieces of fur, and decorate the middle of the flower with a larger piece. Dry the flower and glue it on the bezel. Glue carefully so as not to damage the petals.

Leather flowers are a versatile adornment that can be used for clothing, accessories, and hair.Leather for its manufacture can be taken from any unnecessary things from gloves to boots. Now it only remains to decide what you want to decorate with them, choose your favorite option and do it!