Lay for the dog with his own hands

Owners of domestic dogs know how difficult it is sometimes to resist the temptation to buy a new suit, collar or toy for their pet. However, for some reason, many people do not even think about the need to purchase a bed. But the dog should have its place in the apartment, where it can hide from prying eyes or just relax. Make a special corner for the animal at no extra cost.

So, the topic of today's conversation: do-it-yourself dog bed.

Choosing a model of bed for a four-legged friend.

How to make a dog bed with your own hands?

Before we get to work, let's determine the size of the dog bed. To do this, watch your pet like to sleep:

  • if the dog is sleeping, curled up, then choose the patterns of dog beds made with your own hands from the sweater;
  • if the dog likes to stretch, then the bed should be large.

A bed for the dog with his own hands: master classes with patterns

When choosing fabrics, give preference to natural materials and fibers - this will protect your pet's hair from unnecessary electrification. It is not necessary to buy a new fabric in the store, you can easily use things you do not need: sweaters, curtains, rugs, pillowcases, etc.

Pet bed from a sweater

Do you have an old faded sweater, and you do not know where to use it with benefit? From such things it is absolutely easy to make a new bed for your little dog. To do this, you will need only a few hours of free time and a thread with a needle.

How to make a dog bed out of a sweater?

Necessary materials:

  • scissors;
  • thread, needle;
  • centimeter;
  • an old sweater or sweatshirt;
  • a piece of cloth;
  • pillow;
  • sinteponovy filler;
  • safety pins.

Process description:

  1. To begin, prepare all the necessary materials. Comfortably sit on the floor or at the table.How to make a dog bed from a sweater: instructions
  2. Turn the sweater inside out. Collect and sew the edges of the collar, leaving a small space at the end.How to make a bed for the dog: sew the edges of the collar
  3. Measure with a centimeter and draw a line with English pins from one armpit to another. Sew the target distance and remove the pins.How to sew a dog bed?
  4. Sew the sleeves and the side of the sweater as shown in the picture, but do not touch the cuffs.How to make a bed for a dog out of a sweater: sew the sleeves
  5. Fill the sleeves through the holes with pieces of sintepon to form the edge of the bed.How to make a dog bed: filling with padding polyester
  6. Put a pillow in the middle of the sweater.How to make a dog bed: insert a pillow
  7. Sew the bottom of the sweater as shown.How to make a dog bed from a sweater: sew bottom
  8. Now join the sleeves together and also sew with large stitches.How to make a dog bed: the connection details
  9. We decorate the cuffs, sewed on top of the sleeves a piece of fabric.How to make a dog bed from a sweater: decorating cuffs
  10. Now call your pet so that he can fully enjoy the work of your hands.

Comfortable foam rubber bed

Rookery for a dog is especially necessary in homes where there is no floor carpet. So that the dog does not look for a place where you can take a nap, for example, on your bed or sofa, make a separate bed with plywood and a couple of pieces of unnecessary foam rubber.

A bed for the dog with foam

Necessary materials:

  • 2 pieces of plywood;
  • foam rubber;
  • a piece of thick cloth;
  • heat gun with glue;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • sawing wood;
  • thread and needle;
  • office pins.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. To begin with, we make the necessary measurements for the bedding and cut out an oval from plywood.Foam rubber bed for the dog: description
  2. If you are not sure of your ability to cut "by eye", first draw an oval consisting of two circles on paper.
  3. Now we do the edge of the bed. To do this, cut the foam and glue it in the middle.A bed for a dog from foam rubber: fringing
  4. We try on the edging on the bottom of plywood and trim the foam rubber to the desired length.A bed for a dog of foam rubber: the bottom
  5. Cut a piece of fabric 2 cm longer than the foam edge.A bed for a dog from foam rubber: how to make?
  6. Glue the fabric to the side, leaving an allowance on one side.A bed for a dog from foam rubber: sides
  7. With the help of a thermogun we apply glue to the plywood and attach the rim.
  8. Glue the seam allowance to the bottom of the plywood on the back side.
  9. We fix the whole structure with the second oval of fiberboard.Foam rubber bed for the dog: fixing parts
  10. Cut a soft foam base several centimeters smaller in diameter than a plywood base.Foam rubber bed for the dog: soft base
  11. We sheathe a soft pad with a cloth cut to size.
  12. Apply glue to the entire plywood base and glue a soft lining. The bed for the dog is ready.

Beds for large dogs

Large dogs give their owners special problems with the choice of beds. After all, it is not always possible to choose the appropriate bed size from the proposed choice in the store. However, even this problem is easily solved. Sew a cozy corner yourself from a pair of old unnecessary pillows.

Beds for large dogs do it yourself

Necessary materials:

  • 2 pillows;
  • thread and needle;
  • safety pin;
  • old curtain or piece of material.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Fold 2 cushions together in width and fasten with pins.
  2. Sew pillows together and remove the pins.Beds for large dogs: description
  3. We measure the fabric on the pillows and cut out the size, making 2 cm for the allowance on each side.Beds for large dogs: fabric fitting
  4. Secure the stock with pins.
  5. Sew on the machine allowance and remove the pins. If there are no cars, then this can be done manually.
  6. We measure the fabric on the pillows and fasten the lower and upper edges, leaving the material overlapped on the principle of pillowcases.Beds for large dogs: how to sew?
  7. We sew the edges, remove the pins and turn out the pillow case on the front side.
  8. Fill the pillowcase with pillows and bedding for a large dog is ready.

Now it will be easy and simple for you to make a bed for your dog with your own hands on the already prepared master classes. Believe me, your dog will be extremely happy with such a gift. And you will not need to figure out where to cut out extra money to buy a cozy rug. Handy materials will always be in any house.

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