Lay for the cat with their own hands

"Tili-bom, tili-bom, cat's house caught fire!" What does this line from the children's poem tell us? No, not that the cat violated the rules of fire safety. And not about the sluggishness of firefighters, which even the chickens with buckets ahead. The observant reader will make the only correct conclusion from this line - any decent cat has its own living space. Naturally, each of us considers his home favorite to be decent. Therefore, it is time to take care and make a bed for the cat with your own hands.

Fluffy pet beds: main types

Do-it-yourself cat bed: basic types

How to make a bed for the cat with your own hands? It all depends on the flight of your imagination. To push you to creative thinking, we will tell you about the main types of fur beds for pets.

What is the bed for? The fact is that once the animal has settled in your home, then sooner or later the cat will choose for itself some corner, which it will consider its legitimate territory. But will her choice coincide with your wishes? In order to foresee all disagreements and offenses, you will need a couch that you place where you see fit, and teach your kitten to it.

As a personal angle for the cat are offered beds such types:

  • hanging hammock, which stretches between the legs of the chair;
  • in the cold season it will be very useful to have a bed on the battery for cats with your own hands;
  • bedding in the form of a box;
  • basket;
  • various mattress shapes: round, heart-shaped, rectangular;
  • mattress on a stand;
  • houses from large cardboard boxes with a cushion inside also will not leave your pets indifferent;
  • hanging houses made of thick fabric.

Whichever option you choose, do not forget to take into account the peculiarities of the interior, where the stove bench should fit. Material for the bed should be practical enough, because from time to time it should be cleaned or washed. And now the workshops on making some types of beds with their own hands.

Bed for the cat do it yourself from a sweater

Necessary materials:

  • an old sweater, preferably without a high neck;
  • old pillow;
  • a synthetic winterizer, it is possible from an old jacket;
  • a piece of cloth about 20x40 cm in size;
  • threads, needles, scissors.

Bed for the cat do it yourself from a sweater

Process description:

  1. We sew the neck of the sweater.Bed for cats with their own hands from a sweater: a description of the process
  2. We sew a sweater across the entire width from sleeve to sleeve.Bed for cats with their own hands out of a sweater: making
  3. Sew sleeves to the body.
  4. We stuff the sleeves and the top of the sweater with a synthetic winterizer.
  5. Lay a pillow inside the sweater and sew it up from the bottom.Bed for cats with their own hands out of a sweater: how to do?
  6. Sew the sleeves between each other. We distribute the synthetic winterizer evenly along the entire length of the sleeves.Layer for the cat do it yourself from a sweater: the connection details
  7. We sheathe the junction of the sleeves with a cloth.Lay for the cat do it yourself: cloth trim
  8. The bed-pillow is ready.Layer for the cat with his own hands from a sweater: the finished version

Making a house for a kitten

Necessary materials:

  • Chipboard or plywood;
  • upholstery fabric;
  • foam rubber;
  • wood screws.

Manufacturing process:

  • From chipboard cut blanks:
  • base - 34x34 cm;
  • wall - 34x44 cm;
  • sidewall - 30.5x44 cm (2);
  • shelf - 30.5х30.5 cm;
  • vertical slats - 5.5 x 44 cm (2);
  • horizontal slats - 5,5x23 cm (2).Lay for the cat with their own hands in the form of a house
  1. On the upper part of the wall and sides, draw teeth 6.5 cm high. We mark the parts to be cut. Using the jigsaw, cut out the teeth.Lezhanka & quot; House & quot; for cat: tops
  2. As shown in the figure, we apply markings on one of the sides for cutting out the arched entrance. Jigsaw cut arch.Lezhanka & quot; House & quot; for cat: arched entrance
  3. Drill grooves on the wall to hide the screw head.Lezhanka & quot; House & quot; for cats: grooves on the wall
  4. Connect the wall with sidewalls with screws, we get a U-shaped design.
  5. Turning the design on the teeth, fasten screws to the base.Lezhanka & quot; House & quot; for cat: mount base
  6. At a height of 30 cm from the base we attach a shelf and fasten vertical and horizontal slats. The frame is ready.Lezhanka & quot; House & quot; for cat: shelf mount
  7. We glue the frame with upholstery fabric, not forgetting to glue the ends of the chipboard.Lezhanka & quot; House & quot; for cat: carpeting
  8. We cut out mattresses from foam rubber by the size of the base and the shelf and glue them over with a soft cloth.
  9. Finished mattresses laid on the top and bottom of the bed. House-turret ready to move.

The bed from the box is easy and convenient!

You can try to make a simpler version of the lounger from a regular cardboard box, for example, from under a printer. And having pasted it with a piece of old carpet covering, we will receive in addition also a scraper, thereby preserving our furniture intact.

Necessary materials:

  • boxes of cardboard;
  • carpet;
  • construction hydrobarrier material;
  • wide scotch

Manufacturing process:

  1. On one of the deaf sides of the box cut the entrance to the house.
  2. All free-opening parts of the box are fixed with adhesive tape.
  3. We insulate the box from the inside with waterproofing material.A bed for the cat do it yourself out of the box
  4. Carpet paste over the box outside. On the front, after the glue has dried in the carpet, we make an inlet by cutting it.
  5. Bend the free edges of the carpet inside the box and glue.
  6. You can put a litter or pad in the ready-made box-house for convenience. How to make a cat bed with your own hands out of the box?

Foam rubber bed

And now we will look at how the bed is made for the cat with your own hands on the pattern.

Lay for the cat with their own hands from foam rubber

Necessary materials:

  • foam rubber 20 mm thick;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • faux fur;
  • satin fabric;
  • Scotch.

Process description:

  1. Apply the foam drawing on the pattern.Layer for cats with their own hands from foam: a description of the process
  2. Cut out parts of the future bedroom for the cat.A bed for a cat from foam rubber: how to make?
  3. From the received details we collect a framework of a bed.Foam bed for cat: bed frame
  4. At the bottom of the beds, using the size of the pattern, sew a pillow from faux fur and fill it with padding polyester. Also on the pattern we cut out the details of the satin fabric and wears the frame, inside we trim it with artificial fur.Foam bed for the cat: finish
  5. The cover to the main body is fastened with adhesive tape. We hope your cat will like it.A bed for a cat from foam rubber: how to make the hands?

A cat is an animal that appreciates personal space very much. Therefore, do not be lazy and make at least a small but cozy refuge for her. A home-made cat house with an interior selected according to her character and habits will become your favorite corner of your cattery.

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