Laurel noble

Everyone knows such a seasoning as bay leaf. It is added to dishes to give them a new shade of taste and flavor. The fact that the laurel has become an inevitable attribute of our bags with spices for the kitchen, happened thanks to its leaves and fruits. They contain specific essential oils, and they have long been loved by people.

As a plant, laurel is very unpretentious and decorative. In room conditions, laurel feels great. His crown lends itself well to shaping. Therefore, the green bush laurel noble can be given the shape of a ball, a pyramid or a cone. When the plant grows, you can pick leaves from its crown and use it in cooking.


Noble laurel - small evergreen tree. In the indoor environment is usually a beautiful bush. The height in natural conditions reaches five to six meters, and in rooms it usually grows 50-60 cm, but it can reach almost two meters. Leaves are green, leathery. The flowers are small, white or cream color. They are located in the axils of the leaves.

Noble laurel: cultivation

The fruit of the laurel - black berry with a bluish tint. About one and a half centimeters in volume. Live the laurel in room conditions can up to fifteen years, of course, subject to the conditions of his detention.

The location of the laurel in the house

Laurel loves cool rooms. He needs rooms with lower temperature, than the rest. The plant tolerates both sunny places and places with a lack of light. But the best for him would be a bright light room.

In the summer, it is good to place laurel on the balcony or in the garden, on the open loggia. The plant at an older age is extremely useful for the winter garden.

Many believe that the best place for a laurel is a kitchen. Because at hand will always be fresh spice, which can be added to any dish. But we must not forget that in the kitchen during cooking it is very hot that your pet may not like it.

Noble laurel: cultivation

Laurel care

  • Lighting:laurel prefers bright. However, it should be shaded from direct sunlight. Bright lighting is more necessary for clipped laurel. If you do not cut the plant, then he will be fine in the shade.
  • Temperature during the winter period it should not fall below 5 ° С. The optimum temperature is the temperature of 10 ° C-15 ° C.
  • Air humidity need quite high. Laurel should also be regularly sprayed.
  • Watering moderate. It is important not to flood the plant. The land must have time to dry between watering. In winter, laurel watered less. If the room where the plant grows temperatures below 5 ° C, then watering should be completely stopped.
  • Breeds laurel cuttings, seeds, root suckers and layering.
  • Transplanted Laurel usually in the spring, if the roots begin to climb out of the pot. Mixed soil is used for transplanting: leaf ground, turf ground and sand in equal proportions.

Laurel care

Pests and laurel diseases

The laurel is damaged by shields and cherries. For information on how to get rid of these enemies, read in the articles Universal Favorite Monsterai Primrose, or Primula, in your home.

With insufficient watering, laurel leaves turn yellow. With excessive watering the leaves become spotty.

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If you have a laurel in your home, it is not necessary to buy in a store now seasoning "Bay leaf". You can do it yourself. At the end of autumn - the beginning of winter, collect sheets from the plant (just don’t tear off everything!). Then dry the leaves in the shade for seven to ten days. After that, put in a plastic bag and store. And use in your culinary masterpieces.

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