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Landscape design of a small plot

Most cottages usually do not involve a lot of space. Often we plant it with fruit and garden plants, not at all thinking about beauty, about design. But a beautiful person should be surrounded by beautiful things. This also applies to places where it happens.

In the summer at the cottage, we spend a lot of time. We come there to work with the land or to be alone, or to celebrate someone's birthday with friends, etc. When we often have guests, we want to have a beautiful not only house, but also a summer cottage.

Now it is quite fashionable to contact specialists about design issues. However, we will try to create for ourselves first the landscape design of our small area. If you succeed, you will be proud.

We plan to design a small area

  • In a small area, design needs to be thought through especially well.
  • An extremely important impression of the site is made by its design, as well as of plant species.
  • If you are a busy enough person, choose unpretentious plants for decoration. Most often this includes the cover group of plants, as well as liana plants.
  • Undeniable decoration of your site will be decorating flowering plants. Give preference to easy-care petunias, asters, peonies, etc.
  • When planning a design, remember to take into account the growth rate and possible sizes of shrubs and trees. Trees especially, because it will be the hardest to get rid of them.
  • Many ornamental shrubs require haircuts and regular pruning.
  • The design of a small area can include elements of bonsai - miniature trees of graceful forms. Bonsai is characterized by low size trees, usually high and medium sizes. This is achieved through transplantation and timely truncation of the main and lateral roots.
  • It is likely that deciding for yourself to issue your small area, you will develop your own individual style in landscape design.

Design a small plot: tips

  • It only seems to mean that it is very easy to arrange a small area. In fact, the opposite is true. After all, there is little space, everything has to be done very compact, and one is not always combined with another. The small-sized site suggests more attention, as design errors will be very noticeable here.
  • Nevertheless, do not be afraid of experiments, because you are developing your individual style, trying to decorate the site to your liking.
  • There is no need to plan a global restructuring or location of expensive objects. To begin, start with something not too difficult. It is better to give beauty to the site with the help of vegetation, rather than buildings.
  • If you are planning something particularly ambitious, striking beauty and taste, do not feel sorry for the time, such work is expensive. In one season you do not invest.

Step-by-step instructions for the design of a small area

  • To start, look at magazines and websites, find pictures that you like to create in your head an image of what you want to get.
  • Try not to get involved in complicated, intricate photos. After all, you have not so much space for all kinds of flower beds, rose gardens, curbs, alpine slides, etc.
  • Choose something simple and necessarily the same style. Styles can be tried and mixed, but so that harmony is not broken.
  • Plan your plot on paper. Set aside for several days and look again as if from the side. Show to others. But don't be too guided by their reviews, because everyone has different tastes. And only after some time, having thought about the design of the site well, proceed to its implementation.

Do not forget the basic guidelines for the design of your small area and go for it! Feel free to translate into reality all your thoughts and ideas about what should be your little site.

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